The Tally – NetGalley Rejections!

Ahoy there me mateys!  For those scalawags new to the crew, me blog started in January 2016.   It originally took several months for me to learn about NetGalley and then attempt to use it.  In fact, my first review was submitted to NetGalley on April 3, 2016.  Weirdly, I didn’t post a review of that book on me blog at the time.  Now, of course, I am a NetGalley junkie and am continuously perusing the loot and raising a celebratory glass whenever I get approved.  It hasn’t gotten old.  But even this pirate Captain has been declined at times.  While trying to plan me eArc readin’, I was curious about how often I had been rejected so of course a tally was needed.  When I originally tallied that number was 44 but has since increased to 89 (as of 10/30/19).  Well me scalawags, so far I have done nine parts of explorin’ the rejections and seeing what me thoughts be all these days later.  This be surveying rejections 1 through 45 so far.  Hope ye like it.  If not sod off cause I be enjoying meself . . .

10 ports visited and loved

9 ports visited and unloved

14 ports to still plunder

12 ports quarantined never to be visited

Side note: all book titles link to Goodreads.  The titles in bold be ones I still want to read.

1. a green and ancient light (Frederic S. Durbin)review here

2. roses and rot (Kat Howard) – It has great reviews from me crew but it is about the fae.  So I have not read it and currently do not plan to.

3. like a boss (Adam Rakunas) – I shared me second reflections of book one.  This book was a disappointment.  The whole sad story can be found here.

4. company town (Madeline Ashby) – I still very much like the sound of it – murder mysteries, bio-engineered enhancements, possible other timelines.

5. the stars at oktober bend (Glenda Millard) – I didn’t realize it might be a contemporary romance.  I don’t really do those so it will remain unread.

6. a shadow bright and burning (Jessica Cluess) – Looking at the reviews of me crew, it seems to be not well loved.  So, no.  Off the ports for plunder list!

7.  wolf by wolf (Ryan Graudin) – The duology is complete and I haven’t been in the mood to read this yet.  I finally admitted to meself that I never will.

8.  fool’s gold – the dragon lords book 1 (Jon Hollins) – Described as “Guardians of the Galaxy planning a heist on Smaug’s gold.”  Only one review from me crew member and she wasn’t thrilled with it.  Off me list!

9.  zoo city (Lauren Beukes)review here – The blurb says “Zinzi has a Sloth on her back . . .”  

10.  the wildings (Nilanjana Roy) – Like watership down with cats instead of rabbits and is set in India.  This is not a high priority but still on list.

11.  nevernight (Jay Kristoff) – I adore assassins.  And mehaps a talking cat?  But then I read Amial @ bookshelvesandpaperback’s review. So, no.

12.  splinter (Sarah Fine) – I read book one and apparently wrote a spoiler rant about it.  And then requested book two?  What was I thinking?

13.  butter: a rich history (Elaine Khosrova) – Yes butter.  I still want to read about butter one day.  Arrrr!

14. cannibalism: a perfectly natural history (Bill Schutt) – Aye, I still wants to read it!

15.  the echo of twilight (Judith Kinghorn) – I have forgotten about it twice so not gonna read it now.

16.  unquiet land (Sharon Shinn) review here

17.  confluence (S.K. Dunstall) – It is the third in the Linesmen series. I now own it and must finish this!  I will get to it . . . eventually.

18.  daughter of the pirate king (Tricia Levenseller) – Can ye mateys believe that this pirate captain was denied this book?  I shall be gettin’ to this one and its mate in due course.

19. spindle (E.K. Johnston) – This be the second book in the A Thousand Nights series.  To read me review of the first five stars book – click here!

20.  red sister (Mark Lawrence) – review here – Killer nuns’ school

21.  flame in the mist (Renee Ahdieh) –  The reviews of me crew for this one tend to be mixed and I forgot about this rejection.  Off the list!

22.  the space between the stars (Ann Corlett)review here – walked the plank!

23.  skullsworn (Brian Staveley) – This be a prequel book written after the initial trilogy was completed.  The goal be to reread the trilogy then read this.

24. empress of a thousand skies (Rhoda Belleza)review here – tossed series overboard.

25.  the ship beyond time (Heidi Heilig) review here – fun sea yarn

26.  the legion of flame (Anthony Ryan) – This is book two.  I read book one and eventually tossed the series overboard.

27.  beyond the bright sea (Lauren Wolk) – review here lovely sea-yarn

28.  becoming bonnie (Jenni L. Walsh) – Historical fiction about Bonnie and Clyde that sounds fun.  I don’t know if I would purchase this but tempted.

29. welcome to the slipstream (Natalka Burian) – I knew the author before I became a pirate.  She wouldn’t remember me but I wanted to support her.

30.  warcross (Marie Lu)review here – tossed series overboard

Song of the Current (Song of the Current, #1)

31.  song of the current (Sarah Tolcser)review here – stunning sea yarn

32.  royal bastards (Andrew Shvarts) – The crew seems to love this book with all four and five star ratings.  I can’t help but still want to read this adventure.

Tool of War (Ship Breaker, #3)

33.  tool of war (Paolo Bacigalupi) – I tried book three at least four times in both hardback and audiobook format.  So this is just chalked up to being a miss.

34. the core: book five of the demon cycle (Peter V. Brett) – Why would I not read the last book?  I read Matey Mogsy’s review of the last book and just couldn’t bear reading it.

35.  invictus (Ryan Graudin) – I tried to read this in audiobook and hardback copies multiple times.  Frankly, I want an adult sci-fi with this premise and no love story.  Arrrr!

Last Star Burning (Last Star Burning #1)36.  last star burning (Caitlin Sangster) – When I reread the synopsis for book one it made me realize that I have no interest in this series anymore.

The Notations of Cooper Cameron37.  the notations of cooper cameron (Jane O’Reilly) – Obviously a child on a pirate raft is what captured me attention.  He has a pet frog and a rock collection.  So did I when I was little.  Must read.

Akata Witch (Akata Witch, #1)38.  akata witch (Nnedi Okorafor)review here

The Forgotten Book39. the forgotten book (Mechthild Gläser – review here

Tempests and Slaughter (The Numair Chronicles, #1; Tortall, #8)40.  tempests and slaughter (Tamora Pierce) – Once all of the books in this series be finished, then I will likely read them all.

Marabel and the Book of Fate

41.  marabel and the book of fate (Tracy Barrett) – Unicorn on the cover!  I adore girl power and twisted tropes.

Aru Shah and the End of Time (Pandava Quartet, #1)42.  aru shah and the end of time (Roshani Chokshi)  – A Rick Riordan Presents book.  I have abandoned two series from this author so maybe her work is not for me.

Before Mars43.  before mars (Emma Newman)review here – fantastic quartet

Grey Sister (Book of the Ancestor, #2)44. grey sister (Mark Lawrence)review here – killer nuns two

The Wild Robot Escapes (The Wild Robot, #2)45.  the wild robot escapes (Peter Brown)review here –  robots with cool pics!