The Captain’s Log – finder (Suzanne Palmer)

Ahoy there me mateys!  I didn’t know that this was the first book in a series but y’all I be so glad cause dang this was fun.  The book follows Fergus Ferguson who is sent to repossess a sentient AI ship from Arum Gilger the man who stole it.  Gilger lives in a backwaters colony called Cernee.  It is supposed to be a slightly tricky but doable job for Fergus.  It so isn’t.  It’s a mess.

This is one of those stories where Fergus should die multiple times and doesn’t because of zany things that are improbable but not impossible. And fun!  This book has a little bit of everything – scary aliens that kidnap people, space battles, gang warfare, smuggling, humor, fantastic characters, and bad guys that it be fun to cheer against.  Even though the story is lighter toned, it also has excellent character development, extremely believable world-building, realistic but not overbearing politics, and heart-felt relationships.  I also really enjoyed the cultural differences of the various groups of spacefarers.  I loved Cernee and the glimpses ye got of other places too.  It be a world I wouldn’t mind exploring with a good guide.

It was wonderful to follow Fergus and I loved the way the author provided the reader with backstory and explanations in a manner which folded them into the story without derailing the action or plot.  There are cool flying pogo sticks (seriously this makes sense).  I want one.  I loved all the secondary characters too – snarky teen Mari in particular.  And no romance!!  By the end of the book, I was sad because I didn’t want to leave the characters and wanted to know more.  Luckily I will get me wish.  Arrr!

Side note: the e-book of book one is super cheap on Amazon US.  Maybe ye should get a copy asap.

Goodreads has this to say about the novel (edited because of spoilers galore):

Fergus Ferguson has been called a lot of names: thief, con artist, repo man. He prefers the term finder.  His latest job should be simple. Find the spacecraft Venetia’s Sword and steal it back from Arum Gilger . . . Fergus locates both Gilger and the ship in the farthest corner of human-inhabited space, a gas-giant-harvesting colony called Cernee. But Fergus’ arrival at the colony is anything but simple . . . Foolhardy. Eccentric. Reckless. Whatever he’s called, Fergus will need all the help he can get to take back the Sword and maybe save Cernee from destruction in the process.

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23 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – finder (Suzanne Palmer)

  1. I feel like I saw a lot of mixed reviews on this one when it was first released- but I love your review! I think I’ll add it back to my TBR. (And I want a flying pogo stick!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What’s not to love? All me crew gave it four or five stars on Goodreads. Of course me opinion is the right one dang it! Seriously I do hope if ye choose to read it, it works for ye. Fingers crossed.
      x The Captain
      I still want a flying pogo stick!

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      1. I added it back to the TBR. My crew was a little split- average rating of 3.6, but then, I apparently have a very harsh group of reader buddies. They almost always rate lower than the average GR rating (which is still really positive).

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      2. Aye, I think 3.6 is a decent rating. I think many of me followers love everything. I mean I want people to love every book they read. But I be picky and love harsh reviews too. They are useful to me.
        x The Captain

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well we’re buddies and I definitely don’t feel like I’m easily impressed. Lol.

        And 3.6 isn’t bad.. I just hesitate more when it gets to that level. I feel better if it’s 3.75+. On the other hand- I really shouldn’t pay much attention to those since I disagree with most of them.

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