The Captain’s Log – the girl who could move sh*t with her mind (Jackson Ford)

Ahoy there me mateys!  With a title like that, ye know I had to check it out.  This book stretched believability a whole bunch but I didn’t care because the story was so darn fun.  A wonderful popcorn book with a heart.  This book be 447 pages and flew by!

The story follows Teagan Frost who has no choice but to work for a shady government organization due to her psychokinesis in exchange for freedom on a leash.  Well a simple job goes bad, then really bad when a guy is murdered, and then Teagan gets the blame.  She has 22 hours to figure out who-dun-it or she goes back into government hands and maybe disappears forever.

The beginning was explosive!  I was sucked right in.  This book was a wonderful mess in a good way.  I absolutely loved Teagan – her attitude, her soft(ish) interior, her spunk, etc.  I loved that while this is very much an action-based non-stop plot, the characters are nuanced.  Even the secondary ones.  Watching Teagan’s relationships with them evolve is fantastic and even the reader’s perceptions of them change too.  This was no mean feat when ye have so much chaos, characters running for their lives, and unexpected plot points.  There be humor here too!

I loved that Teagan’s powers had limitations and side-effects.  I enjoyed that both the good guys and bad guys make mistakes.  This slight realism somewhat balanced out the silliness of some of the more ridiculous plot points especially involving Teagan getting the blame and her origin story.  Then again who doesn’t like hellfires, gangs, secret organizations, hacking, chase scenes, a hint of romance, snark, and late-90s rap?

The climax and ending were absurd but I didn’t care too much because I am team-Teagan all the way.  Book two is out in 2020 and has another excellent title, “random sh*t flying through the air.”  I want it.  Arrr!

Side note: Jackson Ford is a pseudonym for an author who has written 16 bestselling novels.  I don’t care who really wrote it.  It be fun!

Check out these reviews from the crew:

Matey Drew @ thetattooedbookgeek – “Sometimes you just want to kick back, relax, turn off from the world and enjoy a book. You want to read a book that is full of attitude, that is bold, brash and loud. A book that is pure and unadulterated fun and that is what The Girl Who Could Move Sh#t With Her Mind is. It is a book that is barmy, bonkers and brilliant.”

Matey Tammy @ books, bones,&buffy – “I knew The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind was going to be a fun read as soon as I heard the title, but I was not prepared for its over-the-top action and frenetic pacing. I also didn’t expect this story to have so much heart and emotion, which it did in spades. Jackson Ford, a pseudonym for a bestselling novelist, has written a super-charged story that starts with two women falling from the 82nd floor of a building, and never lets up after that.”

Goodreads has this to say about the novel:

For Teagan Frost, sh*t just got real.

Teagan Frost is having a hard time keeping it together. Sure, she’s got telekinetic powers—a skill that the government is all too happy to make use of, sending her on secret break-in missions that no ordinary human could carry out. But all she really wants to do is kick back, have a beer, and pretend she’s normal for once.

But then a body turns up at the site of her last job—murdered in a way that only someone like Teagan could have pulled off. She’s got 24 hours to clear her name—and it’s not just her life at stake. If she can’t unravel the conspiracy in time, her hometown of Los Angeles will be in the crosshairs of an underground battle that’s on the brink of exploding…

Full of imagination, wit and random sh*t flying through the air, this insane adventure from an irreverent new voice will blow your tiny mind.

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the girl who could move sh*t with her mind – Book

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18 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – the girl who could move sh*t with her mind (Jackson Ford)

  1. Thank you for a lovely review, Cap. I was put off by the swearword in the title, as at times I’ve found those kind of shock tactics stand in for decent writing, so I’m really pleased it turned out to be a solidly enjoyable read, even if the ending is a tad absurd:)

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    1. Actually most of it is absurd but I liked the characters enough to keep reading. And really the highlight is the relationships. There is a big of shock value factored in because of the main character but how others react to it is lovely.
      x The Captain

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s amazing how daft a plot can get and keep readers on board, so long as the characters and their relationships ring true. And I also think the reverse applies – it doesn’t matter how authentic the worldbuilding is if the characters and their actions are unrealistic.

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    1. This is super silly and not life-changing but I very much enjoyed it. I think the title is actually perfect when ye get to know the main character. She be a hoot! I do recommend. Thanks for visiting.
      x The Captain


    1. I know that objectively the book is so absurd but emotionally I had so much fun with it. I can’t usually suspend me disbelief. But aye, this one worked somehow. I loved yer quote and so had to commandeer it. Arrrr!
      x The Captain


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