Map Legend

Ahoy there me hearties, seadogs, and fellow explorers . . .

In order to help ye peruse me Captain’s Logbook, here is the legend to help ye chart these unfamiliar waters and find the yarns of yer heart desires.  May ye have fair winds in yer sails for all yer travels.  Arrrrr!

Map Legend Review Sub-Menus

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The Log Sub-Categories (in no particular order):

Here be Dragons

must have at least one dragon in it . . . preferably more

Ports for Plunder

lists of books that I must commandeer and read

Curiosities of the Deep

books whose story of acquisition is unusual

Walk the Plank

yarns that made this Captain angry so overboard they go

Abandoned Ship

novels that I just could not finish

3 Bells

3 days straight, 3 books in a row, showcasing a trilogy


a highlight of a favorite specific author and their work

On the Horizon

a review of an ARC for an upcoming novel

Off the Charts

a non sci-fi, fantasy, or young adult novel

Tidings from the Crew

reviews from yer Captain and one of her crew, usually the First Mate

Parley with an Author

an author communique

Second Reflections

a second look at a previously enjoyed with me second reflections, as it were, upon visitin’ it again

The Captain’s Log

a general category that is further split into sci-fi, fantasy, and/or young adult respectively