Completed Series I Haven’t Begun

Series that be completed that I haven’t even started yet (Oh my!):

Total 67 series with too many books to count!

All authors whose works I have never read are marked with a *

  1. A.G. Riddle – The Long Winter * – sci-fi thriller duology about climate change;
  2. Adrian Tchaikovsky – Children of Time – I have read two of his standalones and be ready to try this sci-fi series.
  3. Alex London – Proxy – a sci-fi duology, the whipping boy for grown-ups;
  4. Aliette de Bodard – Obsidian & Blood – I have read several of this author’s novellas and loved them.  I have an omnibus of this series on standby.
  5. Andrew Taylor – Marwood and Lovett * – historical thriller trilogy where the first book be set during the Great Fire of London in 1666;
  6. Andrew Mayne – Station Breaker * – a sci-fi duology with space and mystery;
  7. Andrew Shvarts – Royal Bastards * – a trilogy where bastards take center stage;
  8. Anna Smith Spark – Empires of Dust * – I don’t know much about this series to be honest except the author’s debut got good reviews from mateys MogsyDrew, and Lisa;
  9. Annette Marie – Red Winter Trilogy * – a Japanese based fantasy about a girl who is supposed to become the human host of a goddess;
  10. Barbara Sleigh – Carbonel * – a fantasy trilogy about a young witch and her talking cat.  Love me some talking cats;
  11. Brian McClellan – The Powder Mage Trilogy * – the crew has been trying to get me to read this series for years;
  12. Candace Robinson – Glass Vault Series * – this series was written by a member of the crew and I own both books.  I suck for not reading these already;
  13. Charles de Lint – Newford * – These just sound cool;
  14. Chris Beckett – Dark Eden * – Sarah @ brainfluff put this sci-fi trilogy on me list.  Also crew member Mogsy @ thebibliosanctum gave the first book a five star review;
  15. Claire Fayers – The Accidental Pirates * – a story about a sea voyage and magic.  Arrr!  I own the first book of this duology;
  16. Clare Legrand – Foxheart * – This is a cute sounding middle-grade series involving a orphan/thief/witch.
  17. Corey J. White – The Voidwitch Saga * – a sci-fi trilogy about a psychic supersoldier;
  18. Daniel Cole – Fawkes and Baxter * – This is another genre change for me and is a murder mystery series;
  19. David D. Levin – Adventures of Arabella Ashby Series * – this trilogy has been described as steampunk sci-fi;
  20. Deb E. Howell – Touch * – a fantasy duology where a woman can heal but only at the cost of those around her;
  21. Diane Duane – Feline Wizards – cause cats!
  22. Django Wexler – The Shadow Campaigns * – I own the first book in this five book series.  I haven’t started the series yet because it be five books.  I need more time;
  23. Django Wexler – The Wells of Sorcery * – I can’t read this fantasy series until I read the other one on me list. Ghost ships in this one.  Arrrr!
  24. Duncan M. Hamilton – Dragonslayer * – Dragons!
  25. E.D.E. Bell – Shkode Series * – Dragons!  I can blame this one on Sarah @ brainfluff;
  26. E.K. Johnston – The Story of Owen – Dragonslayer!  Plus I loved the author’s a thousand nights;
  27. Ed McDonald – Raven’s Mark Series * – this dark fantasy trilogy sounds awesome and involves raven tattoos coming to life;
  28. Elle Casey – Drifter’s Alliance * – Another Sarah @ brainfluff recommendation.  This sci-fi series starts with “This book plunges straight into a card game with the highest stakes – a nineteen-year-old girl betting her virginity against a ship. I’m not giving too much away when I reveal that she wins.” Plucky indeed;
  29. Emily Devenport – The Medusa Cycle * – This is a sci-fi duology about AI.
  30. Emily Skrutskie – The Abyss Surrounds Us * – pirate ships and sea monsters.  Arrrr!  (Plus I own book one of the duology);
  31. Glenda Larke – Watergivers – I already have another of the author’s series on me list to finish.  This is a fantasy series about water magic;
  32. J.Y. Yang – Tensorate * – I own the first of this novella quartet that seemingly defies classification.  I just have to find the right mood to read it;
  33. James Islington – The Licanius Trilogy * – Many of the crew has raved about this fantasy trilogy.  I hope to join them someday;
  34. Janet Edwards – Scavenger Alliance * – Guess what?  A Sarah @ brainfluff recommendation.
  35. Jeff Salyards – Bloodsounder’s Arc * – a dark fantasy trilogy where the blurb is kinda vague but which the crew seems to love;
  36. Jennifer Ellis – Derivatives of Displacement * – a YA series featuring four books and time travel.  The first book was recommend by guess who?  Sarah @ brainfluff;
  37. Joanne Hall – The Art of Forgetting * – Yet again Sarah @ Brainfluff strikes again.  A fantasy duology about a cavalryman.  I love ponies;
  38. Joe Abercrombie – Shattered Sea – with a series title like that and owning all the books, I should have devoured this fantasy trilogy already;
  39. Jon Skovron – Empire of Storms * – a fantasy trilogy with pirates and an excellent review by Mogsy @ thebibliosanctum;
  40. Jonathan French – The Lot Lands – Orcs!
  41. Jule Owen – The House Next Door * – a cli-fi series about flooding where the main character has been “confined to his house with only his cat, his robot and his holographic dragons for company.”  Time travel may also be involved;
  42. Karina Sumner-Smith – Tower Trilogy* – I have heard good things about this and it features female friendships and ghosts;
  43. Kristy Cambron – Hidden Masterpiece * – This is a historical fiction duology dealing with the Holocaust in the past and also an art historian in the present.  I learned about this one from Amanda @ cover2covermom
  44. Lesley Livingston – The Valiant * – a trilogy highly recommended by me nephew.  He since has became a teen and has given up reading.  But any book that captured his attention back then is worth a visit now;
  45. Mark Alder – Banners of Blood * – a history fantasy series that deals with the Hundred Years War;
  46. Mark Gelineau – Echoes of the Ascended * – This is a series of eight fantasy novellas.  I own the first book.  How this goes will determine if I spend money on the rest of the series;
  47. Mary Robinette Kowal – Glamourist Histories – I have liked everything I have read by her so I want to give this one a shot even if it be more romance oriented than I normally read;
  48. Melissa Caruso – Swords and Fire * – a fantasy trilogy where a lucky 13 of the crew has given it 4 stars or more on Goodreads;
  49. Michael R. Miller – The Dragon’s Blade * – a dragon trilogy.  Arrrr!;
  50. Michael R. Fletcher – Manifest Delusions * – Mogsy @ thebilbliosanctum lead me to this trilogy which she described as “my first thought . . . ‘Damn, that shit was a hundred different kinds of awesome.’”;
  51. Minette Walters – Black Death * – historical fiction duology about the Black Death;
  52. Mitchell Hogan – Sorcery Ascendant Sequence * – a fantasy trilogy;
  53. Paul Crilley – Delphic Division * – this duology deals with “the occult investigative unit of the South African Police Service.”;
  54. R.J. Barker – The Wounded Kingdom * – a fantasy trilogy about assassins;
  55. Rick Yancey – The Monstrumologist – This is a YA horror quartet about monsters.  I am sort of on the fence about this but super intrigued at the same time;
  56. Rob J. Hayes – Best Laid Plans * – Pirates!  A duology and I own the first book;
  57. S.A. Chakraborty – The Daevabad Trilogy – Cause I read one of her books with pirates and need to read more of her work.
  58. Sabrina Chase – Sequoyah Series * – Sarah @ brainfluff told me about this sci-fi trilogy.  It sounds awesome;
  59. Shirley Rousseau Murphy – The Dragonbards Trilogy * – Singing dragons and talking otters plus the three books are available in an omnibus;
  60. Simon Morden – Down Station * – a fiery apocalypse takes down London in this duology.  Apparently it is a portal type fantasy;
  61. S.J. Pajonas – Hikoboshi * – Yet another Sarah @ brainfluff book I can’t keep up with her.  But this sci-fi series sounds great;
  62. Steven Brust – Vlad Taltos * – dragons and I think I own the first book.  I don’t plan on reading all 15 at this point though;
  63. Tanya Huff – The Quarters Novels * – I own this fantasy quartet.  It has assassins.  I should read it;
  64. Taran Matharu – Summoner Series * – Me nephew loved this back in the day and gave me his copy.  I have to give this a shot;
  65. T. Kingfisher – The World of the White Rat – Cause I have to read everything she writes
  66. Weina Dai Randel – Empress of Bright Moon * – This is a historical fiction duology about a concubine with ambitions; and,
  67. Wesley Chu – The Lives of Tao – I own this series.  I just need to read it!