Series Shakedown

/Ahoy there mateys!  Me Series be spiraling out of control! Many of me crew lament and wail about how series never seem to be finished and are hard to keep track of.  That got me to thinking about what series still be languishing in the hold hoping for love and completion.  Now here be the thing, when I started the official tally, I realized that subcategories would be needed due to the sheer volume or me noggin would self-destruct.  The seven (!) categories:

Completed Series that I have not finished (Much to me shame!):

Total 37 Series with 110 Books Included Re-Reads

Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner – Starbound

  • These Broken Stars – review
  • This Shadowed World
  • Their Fractured Light

Brian Staveley – Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne

  • Skullsworn (#0.5)
  • The Emperor’s Blades  – reread
  • The Providence of Fire – reread
  • The Last Mortal Bond

C.A. Caskabel – Drakon

  • Drakon: The Sieve  – review
  • Drakon: Uncarved
  • Drakon: First Blade
  • Drakon: Butterfly

Cindy Pon – Kingdom of Xia

  • Silver Phoenix – reread
  • Fury of the Phoenix
  • Serpentine – reread
  • Sacrifice

Connie Willis – Oxford Time Travel

  • Doomsday Book
  • To Say Nothing of the Dog
  • Blackout
  • All Clear

Daniel O’Malley – The Checquy Files

  • The Rook  – review
  • Stiletto

David Anthony Durham – Acacia

  • Acacia – reread
  • The Other Lands
  • The Sacred Bond

Dean Koontz – Jane Hawk

  • The Silent Corner  – review
  • The Whispering Room
  • The Crooked Staircase
  • The Forbidden Door
  • The Night Window

Ellen Kushner – Riverside

  • Swordspoint – reread
  • The Priviledge of the Sword
  • The Fall of Kings

Fran Wilde – Bone Universe

  • Updraftreview
  • Cloudbound
  • Horizon

Gail Carriger – Finishing School

  • Etiquette & Espionagereview
  • Curtsies & Conspiracies
  • Waistcoats & Weaponry
  • Manners & Mutiny

Glenda Larke – Isles of Glory

  • The Awarereview
  • Gilfeather
  • The Tainted

Iain M. Banks – Culture

  • Consider Phlebas
  • The Player of Gamesreview
  • Use of Weapons
  • The State of the Art
  • Excession
  • Inversions
  • Look to Windward
  • Matter
  • Surface Detail
  • The Hydrogen Sonata

Isobelle Carmody – The Obernewtyn Chronicles

  • The Seeker – reread part one
  • The Rebellion
  • The Dreamtrails

Jason M. Hough – Dire Earth Cycle

  • The Darwin Elevator
  • The Exodus Towers
  • The Plague Force
  • Injection Burn
  • Escape Velocity

Jen Williams – The Copper Cat

  • The Copper Promisereview
  • The Iron Ghost
  • The Silver Tide

Joe Haldeman – Forever War

  • The Forever Warreview
  • Forever Peace
  • Forever Free

K.E. Ganshert – The Gifting

  • The Giftng – reread
  • The Awakening
  • The Gathering

S.K. Dunstall – Linesman

  • Linesman
  • Alliance
  • Confluence

Kate Elliott – Court of Fives

  • Court of Fivesreview
  • Poisoned Blade
  • Buried Heart

Lois McMaster Bujold – World of the Five Gods

  • Curse of the Chalionreview
  • Paladin of Souls
  • The Hallowed Hunt
  • Penric’s Demon
  • Penric and the Shaman
  • Penric’s Fox
  • Penric’s Mission
  • Mira’s Last Dance
  • The Prisoner of Limnos

Marie Brennan – Memoirs of Lady Trent

  • A Natural History of Dragons
  • The Tropic of Serpents
  • Voyage of the Basilisk
  • In the Labyrinth of Drakes
  • Within the Sanctuary of Wings

Mark Lawrence – Book of the Ancestor

  • Red Sisterreview
  • Grey Sister
  • Holy Sister

Marko Kloos – Front Lines

  • Terms of Enlistmentreview
  • Lines of Departure
  • Angles of Attack
  • Chains of Command
  • Fields of Fire
  • Points of Impact

Maryrose Wood – Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place

  • The Mysterious Howlingreview
  • The Hidden Gallery
  • The Unseen Guest
  • The Interrupted Tale
  • The Unmapped Sea
  • The Long-Lost Home

Max Gladstone – Craft Sequence

  • Three Parts Deadreview
  • Two Serpents Risereview
  • Full Fathom Fivereview
  • Last First Snowreview
  • Four Roads Cross
  • The Ruin of Angels

Mercedes Lackey – Hunter

Nicole Kornher-Stace – Archivist Wasp Saga

  • Archivist Waspreview
  • Latchkey

Patrice Kindl – Keeping the Castle

  • Keeping the Castlereview
  • A School for Brides

Peter Watts – The Sunflower Cycle

  • The Freeze Frame Revolutionreview
  • Hotshotreview
  • The Island
  • Giants

Rhett C. Bruno – Children of Titan

  • Titanborn
  • Titan’s Sonreview
  • Titan’s Wrath

Rob Reger & Jessica Gruner – Emily the Strange

  • The Lost Daysreview
  • Stranger and Strangerreview
  • Dark Timesreview
  • Piece of Mind

Rosemary Kirstein – Steerswoman

  • The Steerswoman – reread
  • The Outskirter’s Secret – reread
  • The Lost Steersman
  • The Language of Power

Sarah Tolcser – Song of the Current

  • Song of the Currentreview
  • Whisper of the Tide

Scott Reintgen – The Nyxia Triad

  • Nyxiareview
  • Nyxia Unleashedreview
  • Nyxia Uprising

Sebastien De Castell – Spellslinger

  • Spellslingerreview
  • Shadowblack
  • Charmcaster
  • Soulbinder
  • Queenslayer
  • Crownbreaker

Sharon Shinn – Elemental Blessings

Wesley Chu – Time Salvager

  • Time Salvager – reread
  • Time Siege

Series that I be caught up on but am waiting on the author to supply me with the next volume (Write faster dang it!):

Total 32 series and 38 known books!

with approximate publication dates where known

Becky Chambers, S.L. Huang, Rivers Solomon, Yoon Ha Lee

I don’t know if there is going to be a season two but I want one!

  • The Vela: Season Onereview
  • The Vela: Season Two

Brandon Sanderson – Skyward

There have been some updates on the author’s website.

  • Skywardreview
  • Starsight – expected 2/3/19
  • Untitled #3 – expected 2021
  • Untitled #4 – expected 2022

Brandon Sanderson – Rithmatist

  • The Rithmatistreview
  • The Aztlanian – ?

Brent Weeks – Lightbringer

  • The Black Prism 
  • The Blinding Knife
  • The Broken Eye
  • The Blood Mirrorreview
  • The Burning White – expected 10/22/19

Dianna Sanchez – Enchanted Kitchen

  • A Witch’s Kitchenreview
  • A Pixie’s Promisereview
  • Untitled #3 – ?
  • Untitled #4 – ?

E.S. Bell – Chronicles of Lunos

  • The Dark of the Moonreview
  • Untitled #2 – ?

Elizabeth Bear – Lotus Kingdoms

  • The Stone in the Skullreview
  • The Red-Stained Wings – expected 5/28/19

Elizabeth Bear – White Space

  • ancestral nightreview
  • machine – ?

Emma Newman – Industrial Magic

  • Brother’s Ruinreview
  • Weaver’s Lamentreview
  • Untitled #3 – ?

George R.R. Martin – Song of Ice and Fire

  • A Game of Thrones
  • A Clash of Kings
  • A Storm of Swords
  • A Feast for Crows
  • A Dance with Dragons
  • The Winds of Winter – ?
  • A Dream of Spring – ?

Jason Denzel – Mystic

  • Mysticreview
  • Mystic Dragonreview
  • Mystic Skies – ?

Jasper Fforde – Shades of Grey

  • Shades of Grey
  • Untitled #2 – ?

Jenn Lyons – A Chorus of Dragons

  • The Ruin of Kingsreview
  • The Name of All Things – expected 10/29/19

Jessica Townsend – Nevermoor

  • Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crowreview
  • Nevermoor: The Calling of Morrigan Crowreview
  • Untitled #3 – ?

Julie Kagawa – Shadow of the Fox

  • The Shadow of the Foxreview
  • Soul of the Sword – expected 6/18/19
  • Untitled #3 – ?

Kate Elliott – Black Wolves

  • Black Wolvesreview
  • Dead Empire – expected 12/15/20
  • Untitled #3 – ?

Katherine Addison – Goblin Emperor

  • The Goblin Emperor
  • The Witness for the Dead – ?

Katherine Arden – Small Spaces

  • Small Spacesreview
  • Dead Voices – expected 8/27/19

Kelley Armstrong – Rockton

  • City of the Lostreview
  • A Darkness Absolutereview
  • This Fallen Preyreview
  • Watcher in the Woodsreview
  • Untitled #5 – ?

M.H. Boroson – The Daoshi Chronicles

  • The Girl with the Ghost Eyesreview
  • Ride a Mule (#1.5)review
  • The Girl with No Face – expected 10/1/19

Makiia Lucier – Tower of Winds

  • Isle of Blood and Stonereview
  • Song of the Abyss – expected 8/27/19

Marie Brennan – Ree Varekai

  • Cold-Forged Flamereview
  • Lightning in the Bloodreview
  • Untitled #3 – ?

Myke Cole – The Sacred Throne

I had mixed feelings about the armored saint and thought I was going to abandon the series.  But then I saw the second book in the library and realized that I did want to find out what happened next.  Book two was great fun.  And book three comes out this year!

  • The Armored Saintreview
  • The Queen of Crowsreview
  • The Killing Light – expected 10/1/19

Neal Shusterman – Arc of a Scythe

  • Scythereview
  • Thunderheadreview
  • The Toll – expected 9/3/19

Patrick Rothfuss – The Kingkiller Chronicle

  • The Name of the Wind
  • The Wise Man’s Fear
  • Doors of Stone – ?

R.S. Ford – War of the Archons

  • A Demon in Silverreview
  • The Hangman’s Gate – expected 6/18/19

Robert Jackson Bennett – Founders

  • Foundrysidereview
  • Shorefall – expected 2020

Seanan McGuire – Wayward Children

  • Every Heart a Doorwayreview
  • Down Among the Sticks and Bonesreview
  • Beneath the Sugar Skyreview
  • In an Absent Dreamreview 
  • Come Tumbling Down – expected 2020

Sue Burke – Semiosis Duology

  • Semiosisreview
  • Interference – expected 10/22/19

Tade Thompson – Molly Southbourne

I want an e-Atc of this so badly!!

  • The Murders of Molly Southbournereview
  • The Survival of Molly Southbourne – expected 7/9/19

Tyler Whitesides – Ardor Benn

  • The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Bennreview
  • The Shattered Realm of Ardor Benn – expected 11/3/2020

Zoraida Córdova – Brooklyn Brujas

  • Labyrith Lostreview
  • Bruja Bornreview
  • Untitled #3 – ?

Series that are not finished but I haven’t caught up with all the released books yet (Why?):

Total 11 Series with 17 Published Books Out!

Brandon Sanderson – Mistborn: The Alloy Era

This is the Mistborn series following Wax and Wayne.  I read the first two out of the quartet. I have not read bands of mourning yet even though it came out in 2016.  I think I will wait for #4 to come out before finishing this.

  • Alloy of Law
  • Shadows of Self
  • Bands of Mourning
  • The Lost Metal

Brandon Sanderson – Stormlight Archive

I have not yet read oathbringer for two reasons – 1) it’s so long; and 2) I don’t really remember much of book two even thought book one’s details are fresh.  Me noggin is strange.  I know this will be good.  I know I have to read it before book three comes out.  I need motivation for this!

  • The Way of the Kings
  • Words of Radiance 
  • Oathbringer

Deborah A. Wolf – The Dragon’s Legacy

Though I didn’t love the first book, I really did like enough of it to try the next one in the series.  The author claims that there are at least three books so I will have time to make up me mind about how things turn out.

  • The Dragon’s Legacyreview
  • The Forbidden City
  • The Seared Lands – expected 9/10/19

Josiah Bancroft – The Books of Babel

This is scheduled to be a four book series.  I read the first book and really loved it.  Books two and three are already out.  These are slow reads so I am in no rush.

  • Senlin Ascendsreview
  • Arm of the Sphinx
  • The Hod King
  • Untitled #4

K.V. Johansen – Gods of the Caravan Road

This is a five books series and books one to four are already out.  I didn’t know this was a series and apparently read book two.  Oops!  I need to start this one over again and then catch up.

  • Blackdog
  • The Leopard – reread
  • The Lady
  • Gods of Nabban
  • The Last Road

Larry Correia – Saga of the Forgotten Warrior

The first mate and I both loved book one.  He has book two on audio book and really enjoyed it.  I need to make time to listen to it and catch up!

  • Son of the Black Swordreview
  • House of Assassins

Michael J. Sullivan – The Legends of the First Empire

I read age of myth and age of swords and really loved them.  This series is completed and is slowly being released by the author.  I haven’t read book three, age of war, and don’t own it yet.  Though I did pre-order book four, age of legend, in a kickstarter.  I will pre-order five and six through the next kickstarters too.

  • Age of Mythreview
  • Age of Swordsreview
  • Age of War
  • Age of Legend
  • Age of Death
  • Age of Empyre

R.F. Kuang – The Poppy War

I read the poppy war and enjoyed it.  This series is on the list because I snagged an eArc of the dragon republic.  Me review will be posted on 8/5/19.  I have to read book two before then!

  • The Poppy Warreview
  • The Dragon Republic

Scott Lynch – Gentleman Bastard

I loved the lies of locke lamora and red seas under red skies.  I am a latecomer to this series.  Book three is out.  Books four to seven are not yet.  Plenty of time to catch up.

  • The Lies of Locke Lamorareview
  • Red Seas Under Red Skiesreview
  • The Republic of Thieves
  • The Thorn of Emberlain
  • The Ministry of Necessity
  • The Mage and the Master Spy
  • Inherit the Night

Sophie Davis – Timewaves

I really enjoyed the syndicate and then never checked up on when the next book was out.  Apparently books two and three are out.  No word on book four yet.  This is about time travel and is self-published.  I will pick up the next one and some point and go from there.

  • The Syndicatereview
  • Atlic
  • Legends Untold
  • Dust into Gold

Tade Thompson – The Wormwood Trilogy

I really loved rosewater but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read the whole trilogy.  Then the excellent reviews started coming in.  I have book two in me mitts.  So aye, have to catch up now.

  • Rosewaterreview
  • Rosewater Insurrection
  • Rosewater Redeption

Series that be completed that I haven’t even started yet (Oh my!):

Work In Progress

Series that are not finished that I haven’t started yet (Sigh!):

Work In Progress

Series that I am gonna toss overboard for a myriad of reasons (Dun Dun Dun!):

Work In Progress


Elizabeth Bear – Eternal Sky

Nnedi Okorafor – Akata Witch


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