Ports that be Plundered – a Swag Tally

Ahoy there mateys.  Now yesterday's log led me to revisiting a very old list of ports that this pirate wanted to plunder.  So I thought that today I would do a tally to see what swag I managed to snag and what other ports remain to be discovered.  So there be 20 ports total . … Continue reading Ports that be Plundered – a Swag Tally


Ports for Plunder (me booty haul)

Ahoy there mateys!  I recently sailed on the tides in the ports of Portland, Camden and Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  Land of lobsters, lighthouses and blueberries.  Oh and the Boothbay Harbor Memorial Friends of Library used bookstore.  Where I scored an awesome treasure trove of book booty (17 books!) for only 20 bucks.  Arrrrrr!  So I … Continue reading Ports for Plunder (me booty haul)