Unfinished Series – Didn’t Start to Read Yet

Series that are not finished and I haven’t started them yet (Sigh!):

Total 22 series with too many books to count!

  1. Barbara Kloss – The Gods of Men * – This was one of the 10 finalists in the SPFBO 2018 contest.  The second book isn’t out yet.  I am on the fence about this fantasy series.
  2. Ben Aaronovitch – Peter Grant * – This fantasy series sounds good but it is so darn long.  Book eight is scheduled for 2020.  Plus there are tons of novellas.  And it be urban fantasy which I have problems with.  Conflicted.
  3. Brian Lee Durfee – The Five Warrior Angels * – There are currently two books in the five book series.  The first book was the author’s debut.  It apparently involves the “Gladiator. Assassin. Thief. Princess. And the Slave.”  Assassin is likely what put this series on me list.
  4. Clare Legrand – Foxheart * – This is a cute sounding middle-grade series involving a orphan/thief/witch.  The companion book is scheduled for sometime this year.
  5. Damien Black – Devil’s Night Dawning * – This is a five book fantasy series.  Books one to three are out.  I picked it because of the dragon on the cover.  I know nothing else about it.
  6. Daniel Cole – Fawkes and Baxter * – This is another genre change for me and is a murder mystery series.  Three books in this series are now out.  I don’t know if there will be more so it will stay on this list for now.
  7. David Daglish – The Keepers – It has dragons and I like the author’s work.
  8. David Mealing – The Ascension Cycle * – The first two book of this epic fantasy series are out.  There is no date for the last.
  9. Devin Madson – The Reborn Empire * – The cover of book one led me to this fantasy series debut.  Only two books of the quartet are out yet.  No word on the rest of the books.
  10. Django Wexler – The Wells of Sorcery * – I can’t read this fantasy series until I read the other one on me list.  Book three has no date.  I have time.  Ghost ships in this one.  Arrrr!
  11. Duncan M. Hamilton – Dragonslayer * – Dragons!  Book one is out.  Book two is out as of 11/2019.  No date on book three yet.
  12. Jacqueline Koyanagi – Tangled Axon * – This is a f/f sci-fi romance series.  I don’t normally like the books that lean more towards the romance side but this sounds kinda fun.  But only book one is out.
  13. Janet Edwards – Scavenger Alliance * – Guess what?  A Sarah @ brainfluff recommendation.  Of course her name had to pop up on this list.  Books one and two of this trilogy are out.  No word on the third.
  14. Jeff Minerd – Sky Riders of Etherium * – This is a steampunk fantasy with airships.  I own the first book.  The second book is out.  No word on the third.
  15. Josh Rhoades – Skysail Saga * – Me notes say that I own the first book of this series.  I don’t know where it be.  But steampunk fantasy can be fun.  Only thing is none of the other books are out yet.
  16. Kim Smejkal – Ink in the Blood * – This YA fantasy series deals with tattoo magic.  But the first book doesn’t even come out until 2020.
  17. Kristi Charish – Kincaid Strange * – I won the first book of this urban fantasy series from Matey Tammy.@ books,bones,&buffy.  I have to read this one too!  Book two is out but no word on book three.
  18. Robert V.S. Redick – The Fire Sacraments * – Mistaken assassins and a giant cat on the cover.  Sign me up.  But only the first book is out so far but I have another quartet by this author to read first.
  19. Sean Danker – Evagardian * – Sci-fi series with cool premise.  Books one to three are out but not four.
  20. Susan Kaye Quinn – Debt Collector Season One * – I have no idea if this series is complete.  It is a future noir where I downloaded the first season for free.  So I will explore this series further at some point.
  21. Tamora Pierce – The Numair Chronicles – Only book one is out.  Once all of the books in this series be finished, then I will likely read them all.
  22. Todd Lockwood – The Evertide * – Dragons!  Only the first book is out so far with no word on the rest.