The Captain’s Log – the ship beyond time (Heidi Heilig)

Ahoy there me mateys!  If ye haven’t read the first book in this series, the girl from everywhere, then ye might want to skip this post and go read the first book.  Worth the read.  If ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril . . .

The first novel in this duology was one of me favorite reads of 2016.  I was so excited to get me mitts on the sequel.  And sadly this was just an okay read for me.  For about 3/4 of the novel I was engaged and happy.  I loved getting back into Nix’s world.  Reading the author’s new blend of myths and storytelling was a joy.  I went on several journeys into the interwebs while reading the book to get the historical facts to enrich the remainder of me reading of the novel.  Check out Donald Crowhurst and Ker-Ys for example. These forays into history lessons did not throw me out of the story but rather increased me excitement and awe at the author’s wit and devious mind.  Her ability to explain why the myths diverge in our time were especially well done.

In addition, I loved the villain in this story.  He is seemingly complex and as he is based on a real person this was awesome.  I continue to love the crew and got more glimpses of Rotgut and Bee.  I fact I would love Bee to have her own book frankly.  It was interesting to get some point-of-view chapters from Kash.

So what then was the problem?  The last quarter just felt disjointed.  The parent/daughter relationship seems worse than ever after the hopeful ending of book one.  I know Slate has issues but he was annoying in this book.  Also Blake became highly frustrating and his motivation seemed almost a caricature.  Nix lost most of her spunk and wallows about the situation.  She is so filled with angst about how to deal both with the villain and her love life.  The story was too bogged down by angst.  I feel that Nix should have been a fighter all the way.  Also the ending in particular was so open ended.  The author’s website states this was the conclusion to the story but not much was decided.  I can see lots of possible paths for another book to go in.

I guess frankly, the ending was just not to me taste but I seem to be in the minority.  I wouldn’t mind more books about the further adventures of Nix but would prefer her to be more mature, focused, and clever about how the adventures evolve.

The author’s website has this to say about the book:

Nix has spent her whole life journeying to places both real and imagined aboard her time-traveling father’s ship. And now it’s finally time for her to take the helm. Her future lies bright before her—until she learns that she is destined to lose the one she loves.

Desperate to change her fate, Nix sails her crew to a mythical utopia to meet another Navigator who promises to teach her how to manipulate time. But everything in this utopia is constantly changing, and nothing is what it seems. Not even her relationship with Kash: best friend, thief, charmer extraordinaire.

Heidi Heilig weaves fantasy, history, and romance together to tackle questions of free will, fate, and what it means to love another person. At the center of this adventure are extraordinary, complicated, and multicultural characters who leap off the page, and an intricate, recognizable world that has no bounds. This sequel—and conclusion—to The Girl from Everywhere includes five black-and-white maps of historical and mythical locations.

To visit the author’s website go to:

Heidi Heilig – Author

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the ship beyond time – Book

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8 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – the ship beyond time (Heidi Heilig)

  1. What a bummer! I also read the first book last year and really enjoyed it… Happy to hear that we get more Rotgut and Bee in this book. Maybe she will do a spin off for Bee?! Ugh! I am not a fan of heavy angst… also not a fan of conclusions that leave a lot unresolved 😦

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  2. A time traveling ship sounds so fun, and I’ve seen some other good reviews as well. I am looking forward to reading these, and glad they’re a duology, although the iffy ending has me a little concerned. Thanks for a great review!

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  3. Thank you for a thoughtful, nuanced review, Cap. I somehow seem to have missed this duology, which sounds right up my alley. Many thanks – I shall be putting it on my wishlist once my TBR isn’t in danger of engulfing a small country…

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    1. The first book certainly deserves the praise and can be read as a standalone in me world. It’s only fair that I add to yer ports fer plunder list as I think there are at least 7 recent additions to mine that can be traced back to yer blog. Thanks fer the thoughtful comments as usual.
      x The Captain

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  4. Hey, Captain! Congratulations, you won the $25 Amazon gift card from my blog giveaway! I replied to your comment on my post, but you might have comments turned off. Hopefully you will get this message! Can you send your email to so I can send the gift card your way? Thanks, and congrats again. 🙂

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