The Captain’s Log – how the multiverse got its revenge (K. Eason)

Ahoy there me mateys!  I really, really enjoyed book one and was excited to get ahold of the next book in this duology.  I was, however, tempered by Matey Tammy @ books,bones&buffy’s review which had this to say:

Last year I was surprised by how much I loved How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse, so I was very excited to read the sequel. And for the most part, I enjoyed it. Rory Thorne was more upbeat and character focused, and I thought those things were mostly missing in the sequel. Revenge is a darker story that has a more tightly focused setting and whose plot leans more towards political maneuvering and impending war. I have to admit I missed the sparkling “personality” of the first book, and I didn’t think the pacing was as good. However, having said all that, I do think it was a successful conclusion to the duology, and I thought Eason managed to wrap up her big, sprawling story in a satisfying way.

Even though I was warned, I really, really missed the humor and tone of the first book.  This book had major pacing issues and I did not find the ending satisfying at all.  That is not to say that I didn’t really enjoy some aspects of this story.  Rory took a back seat in this one and I loved getting to see more of Thorsdottir.  I also really enjoyed that the characters get separated at various points of the book and so ye get to see the conflict evolve on both sides.  Many of the action scenes on the various ships were excellent.  I loved the secret weapon though how the subplot unfolded made me grumpy.  I thought it was a bit too easy.  I continued to love Rupert, Grytt, and Zhang.  Jaed grew on me as a character and I did like how the author changed his trajectory from where he ended up in book one.  I have to admit that I did get many of the xeno characters confused and couldn’t tell many of them apart.  I did love Rory’s relationship with one of the “aliens” though I cannot remember her name.  I disliked the Chronicler immensely this time around and wish that framing had been removed.  I overall thought that the ending was too rushed and unfocused.  It felt like the author skipped over several books worth of material and world building because she didn’t want to write about it and just gave a whirlwind summary.

I do enjoy the world immensely and Matey Tammy says that the author is writing more set in the world.  Though I didn’t love this installment, I would be interested in trying another book in the multiverse.  I just hope it recaptures the delight of the first book.  Arrr!

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3 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – how the multiverse got its revenge (K. Eason)

  1. Awesome review, Captain! And I appreciate the shout out. You made a good point about her skipping over a lot of the worldbuilding. It’s always tough when you love the first book in a series but only like the second book😁


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