Wayfare Wednesdays! A Travelogue of Ports Unknown! Norway Day Two

Ahoy there me mateys!  Welcome to the newest installment on me Log, Wayfare Wednesdays!  As ye scalawags know, yer Captain always be spending me time dreaming of the next far off ports and searching of a good adventure.  So I thought I would give the crew some insight into the fascinating people, places, and things I saw while ye all were wallowing in port in some filthy tavern, swilling grog, and missin’ the sights.  Ye know in case ye miscreants ever get the chance to plunder visit these destinations in the future . . .

way·​fare |  ˈwāˌfa(a)|(ə)r-ˌfe|

 archaic : an act or course of journeying (source)

As some of ye may know, I recently had a line on a rumor of a bit of Viking treasure, Scottish ruins, and Elizabethan artifacts.  The sea was a’ calling.  So off I went.  After eighteen days of adventurin’ in Iceland, Norway, Scotland, and England, I be back to share me tales.  I shall be splittin’ these stories into several installments due to yer befuddled, swill-saturated noggins.  The first foray was Iceland.  Next stop – Norway!

If ye missed day one of Iceland click here.  For day two of Iceland click here.

For day one of Norway click here.

Norway was the land of fjords, natural wonders, and the midnight sun.  We (me and the ma) spent six full days there with one full day at sea (Arrr!).  The second day was in Geirangerfjord (Geirangr).  This town has 250 permanent residents and is an UNESCO World Hertiage Site.  Seriously stunning scenery.  We saw:

Ørnevegen or “The Eagle Road”

There is the crazy road in this town that goes up the mountainside.  The road consists of 11 hairpin turns at 620 metres (2,030 ft).  This road is only open from May to September due to wicked killing avalanches.  The turns are all named.  There were several sites visited along this road.




This be a gorgeous 2-square-kilometre (0.77 sq mi) lake at 1,016 metres (3,333 ft) above sea level.




Ørnesvingen or “Eagle’s Bend”

This be the highest hairpin turn with a spectacular view. that includes the fjord and a waterfall.  It be awesome.




This overlook showcases a gorge and the 1,502-metre Laushornet peak and the 1,629-metre Eidshornet peak.



Westerås Hytteutleige

After the tour of the Ørnevegen, the ma and I were back in the city center prepared to hike to this cool farm and restaurtant.  It dates to around 1603 and be about 4 km away from the center.  The guide gave us hiking poles and dang did I need them.  Talk about steep.  I have to admit that this hike was a struggle but the views were worth it.





Fossevandring or “Waterfall Walk”

On the way down the mountain (so much easier!), the hike was finished by going down this amazing walkway alongside the waterfalls.  There be 327 steps and the water is loud and beautiful.  The waterfall is called Storfossen.





Other Waterfalls

And then here are some of the waterfalls that ye see as ye sail in or out of the fjord.  Seriously this town was waterfall central!  There is a waterfall that ye can walk behind but we sadly weren’t able to do that because of a time crunch.  I could have totally spent more than one day here for sure!



Keep a weathered eye out for more of me wayfare adventures.  Next stop Lofoten!  Arrrr!

x The Captain

Side note:  The Wayfair Wednesday featured image (source) is of two sailing vessels “dressed overall” with their international signal flags.  Signal flags are the flags used to contact other ships.  Well unless ye be a pirate in which case the Jolly Roger and yer cannons speak well enough.  A ship dressed overall “consists of stringing international maritime signal flags on a ship from stemhead to masthead, from masthead to masthead and then down to the taffrail. It is a sign of celebration, and is done for occasions, anniversaries, and events, whether national, local or personal.”  (source)  Well, Wayfare Wednesday is certainly a celebration, occassion, and event no matter how ye look at it.  Arrrrr!

29 thoughts on “Wayfare Wednesdays! A Travelogue of Ports Unknown! Norway Day Two

    1. We had a funny driver that was a pro. No so the rest of them. Our driver had to keep backing up to make room for the others on the turns. And sometimes he had to flip the mirrors in so they wouldn’t be sheared off. But those views were so worth it. I would go back there in a heartbeat.
      x The Captain

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    1. Our driver rocked. He was an understated funny man. He was a local and so gave better information about the area then the tour guide. She was nice but not local and rather ineffectual.
      x The Captain


    1. I am so glad that others are enjoying these posts. I enjoy when I am finished writing one because it refreshes me memories and gives me something to look back on. But man do they take longer to do then a book review.
      x The Captain


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