Wayfare Wednesdays! A Travelogue of Ports Unknown! Scotland Day One

Ahoy there me mateys!  Welcome to the newest installment on me Log, Wayfare Wednesdays!  As ye scalawags know, yer Captain always be spending me time dreaming of the next far off ports and searching of a good adventure.  So I thought I would give the crew some insight into the fascinating people, places, and things I saw while ye all were wallowing in port in some filthy tavern, swilling grog, and missin’ the sights.  Ye know in case ye miscreants ever get the chance to plunder visit these destinations in the future . . .

way·​fare |  ˈwāˌfa(a)|(ə)r-ˌfe|

 archaic : an act or course of journeying (source)

As some of ye may know, I recently had a line on a rumor of a bit of Viking treasure, Scottish ruins, and Elizabethan artifacts.  The sea was a’ calling.  So off I went.  After eighteen days of adventurin’ in Iceland, Norway, Scotland, and England, I be back to share me tales.  I shall be splittin’ these stories into several installments due to yer befuddled, swill-saturated noggins.  The first foray was Iceland then Norway.  Next stop – Scotland!

If ye missed day one of Iceland click here.  For day two of Iceland click here.

For day one of Norway (Bergen) click here. For day two of Norway (Geirangr) click hereFor day three of Norway (Lofoten) click hereFor day four of Norway (Tromsø) click here.  For day five of Norway (Honningsvåg) click here.

Scotland was the land of castles, history, and lovely scenery.  We (me and the ma) spent three full days there.  The first day was in the Shetland Islands.  There are 100 islands here but only 15 are inhabited  We saw:

The Drongs

These are an awesome sea stack viewed across the Braewick Bay.



Esha Ness Lighthouse

While I love the sea, the Ma loves the lighthouses that protect the pirates.  Here is a beautiful one on a majestic cliff.  The lighthouse is 12 meters high and stands 61 meters above sea level.  Latitude 60°25.35’N and Longitude 1°37.65’W.  It was designed by David A. Stevenson, the grandfather of Robert Lewis Stevenson of treasure island fame.  Arrrr!







Tangwick Haa Museum

This is a museum that shows the history of Northmavine.  The Ma spent time inside.  I spent all me time by the water!





Meal Beach

It lies just to the south-east of the village of Hamnavoe, on West Burra.  I sat and listened to the waves.




Shetland Ponies

Ponies were me first love before the sea stole me heart (and I got allergic).  So of course I loved seeing the Shetland ponies.  I wish I could have pet them.  When I told the staff I was allergic there were mixed reactions of pity and horror.  I agree.  Especially when they be so cute.







Bressay Lighthouse

This is a lighthouse that we saw by ship as we headed away from Shetland Islands.


Keep a weathered eye out for more of me wayfare adventures.  Next stop Orkney!  Arrrr!

x The Captain

Side note:  The Wayfair Wednesday featured image (source) is of two sailing vessels “dressed overall” with their international signal flags.  Signal flags are the flags used to contact other ships.  Well unless ye be a pirate in which case the Jolly Roger and yer cannons speak well enough.  A ship dressed overall “consists of stringing international maritime signal flags on a ship from stemhead to masthead, from masthead to masthead and then down to the taffrail. It is a sign of celebration, and is done for occasions, anniversaries, and events, whether national, local or personal.”  (source)  Well, Wayfare Wednesday is certainly a celebration, occasion, and event no matter how ye look at it.  Arrrrr!

23 thoughts on “Wayfare Wednesdays! A Travelogue of Ports Unknown! Scotland Day One

  1. Hooray for Scotland! It’s another land I want to return to! I didn’t get to see a big part of it when I was there, but you can’t beat the people for sheer friendliness. I just got back to the US from Iceland (currently waiting for my connecting flight), so be on the lookout for lots of photos from Iceland in the coming days!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so sad on your behalf for being allergic to the ponies. At least you got to see the cute in person! (They are adorable!) But wait — does this mean you were allergic to the reindeer from before, too? Oh noes!

    I don’t blame you though for sitting and listening to the waves. Museums are neat, but there’s something about the pull of the sea. (Especially in such a lovely place as that.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aye, I be allergic to almost all things with fur. Not cats though. I couldn’t cope with that. Though if I be scratched those hurt like the dickens and stay around forever. But scars show survival. Arrr!
      x The Captain
      PS The sound of the sea is always lovely. But I prefer me beaches to have stones and not sand. Sand sticks.


      1. I am glad that there’s at least something with fur that you’re not allergic to! I don’t think I could stand to be allergic to all furry creatures either.

        PS I also prefer my beaches to be the stony variety, though I will take either. But the stones make a better sound than the sand. More interesting wave crashes, too.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! Another crew member in the same boat. Sad. When I was younger I would ride anyway when I could (county fairs mostly) and then just recover for several days. I can’t do that anymore. Now they just want to kill me. But damn are baby ponies cute. I loved watching them run and play.
      x The Captain


    1. I don’t get sick of looking at them even though I am not really a great photographer. But it was kinda hard to take bad photos with that kinda scenery. Plus I share them to encourage people to go if they be inclined towards travel.
      x The Captain

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would love to travel more- and most of the destinations you’ve shared so far are places on my list anyway. Unfortunately I just don’t have the funds right now. Maybe someday 😢

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful! Such a shame that you’re allergic to the ponies. D:
    I recently found out that I may have some Scottish in my blood but I’ve got to take one of those DNA tests to find out for sure. Apparently, you take after one parent more than the other when it comes to your DNA. I strongly take after my dad’s side physically and the Scottish blood is on my mother’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I be a mutt. French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, and likely other things. I want to do a DNA test to find out more. I do not take after the Italian side at all. People in Italy were confused that that Ma and I were related. I wanted to run the creepy married men hitting on the Ma with me cutluss. She can handle herself just fine though. I certainly adored Italian food. Yum.
      x The Captain

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