Captain’s Log – spoonbenders (Daryl Gregory)

Ahoy there me mateys!  This was the absolute perfect read for the last book of 2017.  I was first introduced to this author with his book afterparty.  That book was a sci-fi dealing with illicit drug use which I found to be fun, thought-provoking, and twisty.  Those same adjectives could also be used to describe this one.  This book kinda reminded me of a prayer for owen meany, only a lot less sad.

This book follows the Telemachus family who have paranormal abilities.  The family is zany and endearing.  Seriously I would write more but I have been beaten to the punch by me crew who frankly explains this one better than I ever could.

So check out this review by Mogsy @ thebibliosanctum for an excellent take on this novel!

Goodreads has this to say about the novel:

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14 thoughts on “Captain’s Log – spoonbenders (Daryl Gregory)

  1. I completely agree – on the strength of Mogsy’s review, I went looking for Spoonbenders and really enjoyed it. Thank you for featuring the book and her great review. Happy New Year, Cap:))

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    1. Seriously yer reviews are startling indicators of how I might enjoy books. So thank ye for being awesome and sharing yer thoughts with the world. I will certainly be readin’ his other books. He is so interesting.
      x The Captain


    1. I love Mogsy’s reviews. She usually beats me to the books on me list and her reviews are are good personal indicator about how I feel. Scary. This novel’s review is crazy because I honestly don’t have words to describe it. But it was just perfect for that moment in time. I love when that happens! Can’t wait to hear what ye think.
      x The Captain

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