Shiver Me Timbers! A Tally . . .

Ahoy there mateys!  Me noggin’ has a lot to keep track of like pillaging, plunder, and booty!  So today’s goal be a tally.  Ye see, recently I again be pondering the important list of the 16 titles of the 2015 John W. Campbell award finalists.  I finally made it to the half-way mark but realized that many of said titles had never been entered into me log.  I get tired of having to always look things up in various sources.  So I decided to remedy this so that all of the information finally be in one place . . .

Books That Be Plundered – book titles link to Goodreads

  1. the race (Nina Allan) – this be the eighth and most recent book off the list.  For me review – click here.
  2. defenders (Will McIntosh) – this was a fun book from one of me favourite authors that deals with machines that humans create to defeat aliens.  But then the machines begin to fight humans!  I have reviewed four of Matey McIntosh’s novels here in me log but have read six of them altogether.  I still have two 2017 novels, one 2018 novel, and all of his novellas (five) to read.  To see me reviews of his work to date – click here and head to the letter “M is for Marooned!”
  3. afterparty (Daryl Gregory) – this be one of the earliest titles logged here.  Though I thought the topic would not be to me taste, the excellent writing and fun plot made this a very good read.  For me review – click here.  Also reviewed his novel spoonbenders which was excellent.  For that review – click here.
  4. the three-body problem (Liu Cixin, Ken Liu: translator) – this be sad to admit but I abandoned ship on this novel about 2/3 of the way through. The beginning was wonderful.  But then it was so slow and bogged down with what I think was the hard science fiction part.  I wish I could have finished it but didn’t feel intelligent enough to do so.  Weird.
  5. station eleven (Emily St. John Mandel) – one of the best post-apocalyptic books I have ever read.  Period.  I am just sad that I don’t have a log post of me impressions of the first time I read it.  I must read more of her work.
  6. lock in (John Scalzi) – I have read most of Scalzi’s work and featured him in me Broadside No. 5.  This is was just an okay read for me and not one of me favourites by him.  To see me reviews of his work to date – click here and head to the letter “S is for Starboard!”
  7. the martian (Andy Weir) – this was an absolutely fantastic book about a man who gets stranded on Mars.  It is funny and dramatic.  It had a surprisingly good movie adaptation too.  Though I do think the book is leaps and bounds better.
  8. area x – the southern reach trilogy (Jeff VanderMeer) – I tried this book and got to the lighthouse section in part one before bailing in despair.  This book has been described as “New Weird.”  I describe it as “No Plot.”  It has an interesting premise and some cool ideas and then does nothing useful with them.  Just confusion.  With more confusion in how they could possibly be making this into a movie.  Ugh.  I was extremely happy to abandon ship.
  9. a darkling sea (James L. Cambias) – okay so I apparently have read this one and promptly forgotten all about it.  I did enjoy it, at least so says me Goodreads rating.  A perusal of other crew members’ reviews did remind me of most of the plot and politics.  But forgetting about it completely afterwards doesn’t truly bode well for it.  Ugh.  On the upside that means that I have read nine of the sixteen books so I am further along then I thought.  Arrrr!

Books To Be Plundered – book titles link to Goodreads

  1. peripheral (William Gibson) – I didn’t remember what this book was about until I just looked it up again.  A game or a murder?  Yup that still sounds like fun.  Plus the first mate and I just had a great discussion about the author and his work.  This one has just moved up the list to be read.
  2. europe in autumn (Dave Hutchinson) – this is a spy thriller in the future described as “a thriller of espionage and the future which reads like the love child of John le Carré and Franz Kafka.”  I’m in.
  3. wolves (Simon Ings) – this is about augmented reality and I have to admit that it doesn’t sound super appealing.  And I don’t have any trusted crew reviews for this one to show me otherwise.  But I shall read it nonetheless.
  4. the first fifteen lives of henry august (Claire North) – okay I own this one and have tried to read it twice.  I made it partway through once and something distracted me and I had to put the book down.  Lots of time pasted before I could get back to it and by then me mood had changed.  But I genuinely believe that I will like this book once I fully read it.  I was introduced to her through the book touch which I enjoyed.  I have at least five of her novels on me ports for plunder list.
  5. the bees (Laline Paull) – it’s been described as both “The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Hunger Games” and “Charlotte’s Web meets the Game of Thrones.”  Either of those sound oddly appealing.  Plus most of me crew gave it hearty endorsements.
  6.  bete (Adam Roberts) – the blurb about animal intelligence makes me not want to read this book.  It sounds not to me taste.  But me crew seems to like it and it’s on the list so I will give it a try.  I did read an odd book of his called jack glass which I enjoyed and was super odd.  Hopefully this novel will be more of the same.
  7. echopraxia (Peter Watts) – this is book two of a series.  I do own book one called blindsight and hope that I like it enough to read this one.  I will not however read this one just to cross it off the list if book one turns out to not float me boat.  But I have high hopes.

Arrrrr me scads!  And there be the list.  Always remember:

Pillage first, then burn!

x The Captain

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