The Captain’s Log – a single shard (Linda Sue Park) – a Newbery Winner!

Ahoy there me mateys!  I picked up this book because of me ongoing goal of reading all of the Newbery winners.  This novel won in 2002 and was inspired by a 13th-century Goryeo celadon vase designated as Korean National Treasure No. 68 located at the Kansong Art Museum.  It was a very enjoyable historical fiction tale.

Tree-ear is an orphan who lives under a bridge in Ch’ulp’o, a village famed for its celadon pottery.  He becomes enamored with secretly watching Min the Potter make pots and harbors a wish to learn how to make his own one day.  However, when Tree-Ear ends up damaging a pot, he becomes Min’s helper to pay for his mistake.  His life is forever changed.

I thought Tree-ear was an extremely lovely character.  He is so thoughtful and hardworking.  I also loved Crane-Man and his life philosophy.  I thought the friendship between the two was the highlight of the book.  I also loved the look into pottery making of the period.  The audiobook narrator, Graeme Malcolm, did a nice job.  The minor quibble is that I thought the book was a bit too short when dealing with Tree-ear’s journey and the event that was the title’s theme.  That said, no regrets about this one.  Arrrr!

Side note:  The author has a lovely page that discusses her real life inspirations.  To see the list of the other Newbery books I have read check out me Newbery page!  I hadn’t read a book off this list since 2020.

Goodreads’ website has this to say about the novel:

To visit the author’s website go to:
Linda Sue Park – Author

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a single shard – Book

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6 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – a single shard (Linda Sue Park) – a Newbery Winner!

  1. I’ve also been doing a poor job of keeping up with my goal to read the Newbery Award books. (As an interesting timing coincidence, I have one of them waiting on hold for me at the library because I’ve planned to start working at this challenge again.)

    This one sounds interesting! I thought I’d read it before based on the title, but it must have been a book with a similar title because based on your review this book is completely new to me.

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    1. I read a whole slew of these Newbery winners and got bogged down. The older ones don’t always age well and the newer ones, I sort of forget to read. Which one came in at the library? Did ye review it yet?
      x The Captain


      1. Some of the older ones really don’t age well. I got Shen of the Sea from my library and read it (it is one of the ones that aged poorly) so I didn’t write a full review of it.

        Unrelated note: I finally finished the Sharon Shinn Shifting Circle series, and posted a review of that one on my blog last week. It’s a series that you might enjoy, if you’re looking for a contemporary story with shape-shifters. It’s not actually an urban fantasy story, no matter now it’s marketed.


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