Map Legend by Author

Ahoy there me hearties, seadogs, and fellow explorers . . .

In order to help ye peruse me Captain’s Logbook, here is the legend to help ye chart these unfamiliar waters and find the yarns of yer heart desires.  May ye have fair winds in yer sails for all yer travels.  Arrrrr!

The Categories (in no particular order):

Here be Dragons – must have at least one dragon in it . . . preferably more

Ports for Plunder – lists of books that I must commandeer and read

Curiosities of the Deep –  books whose story of acquisition is unusual

Dead Men Tell No Tales – stories containing the undead and other unsavories

Sailing to the Stars – novels that take place in the great expanse of space

Walk the Plank – yarns that made this Captain angry so overboard they go

3 Bells – 3 days straight, 3 books in a row, showcasing a trilogy

Dry Dock – westerns with a sci-fi or fantasy twist

Abandoned Ship – novels that I just could not finish

Broadside – a highlight of a favorite specific author and their work

On the Horizon – a review of an ARC for an upcoming novel

Off the Charts a non sci-fi, fantasy, or young adult novel

Tidings from the Crew – reviews from yer Captain and one of her crew, usually the First Mate

Parley with an Author – an author communique

Second Reflections – a second look at a previously enjoyed with me second reflections, as it were, upon visitin’ it again

The Captain’s Log – a general category that is further split into sci-fi, fantasy, and/or young adult respectively

The Haul – A Running Tally of Plundered Contraband and Booty (alphabetical by author’s last name):

A is for Ahoy!

  • Albert, Melissa – the hazel wood (On the Horizon – Young Adult Fantasy eArc)
  • Allan, Nina – the race (Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi)
  • Anderson, Laurie Halse – fever 1793 – (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Historical Fiction)
  • Andrews, Ilona – magic bites (Dead Men Tell No Tales – Urban Fantasy)
  • Applegate, Katherine – crenshaw (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Fantasy)
  • Ashton, Brodi – my lady jane (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Historical Fantasy)
  • Ayliff, John – belt three (Sailing to the Stars)

B is for Ballast!

  • Beagle, Peter S. – in calabria (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)
  • Black, Holly – white cat (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Urban Fantasy)
  • Brown, Jeremy K. – zero limit (Abandoned Ship on the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)
  • Brown, Peter – the wild robot (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Sci-Fi)
  • Burke, Sue – semiosis (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)
  • Burnett, Frances Hodgson – a little princess (Second Reflections – Young Adult Classic)

C is for Cutlass!

  • Caskabel, C.A. – the sieve (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)
  • Chee, Traci – the reader (Abandon Ship – Fantasy)
  • Cheney, J. Kathleen – iron shoes (Captain’s Log – Fantasy)
  • Chupeco, Rin – the bone witch (On the Horizon – Young Adult Fantasy eArc)
  • Clarke, Cassandra Rose – star’s end (Sailing to the Stars – Young Adult)
  • Clark, D. Nolan – forsaken skies (Abandoned Ship On The Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)
  • Connolly, Kate – no good deed (On the Horizon – Young Adult Historical Fantasy eArc)
  • Cordova, Zoraida – labyrinth lost (On the Horizon – Young Adult Fantasy eArc)
  • Cornwell, Betsy – mechanica (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Fantasy)
  • Creech, Sharon – the wanderer (Captain’s Log – Young Adult)
  • Crewe, Megan – a mortal song (On the Horizon – Young Adult Fantasy eArc)
  • Crouch, Blake – dark matter – (Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi)
  • Crouch, Blake – run (Off the Charts – Thriller)

D is for Doubloon!

  • Dahl, Roald – the witches (Second Reflections – Young Adult Fantasy)
  • Davis, Sophie – the syndicate (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)
  • Dennard, Susan – truthwitch (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Fantasy)
  • Duncan, Dave – irona 700 (Captain’s Log – Fantasy)
  • Durst, Sarah Beth – vessel (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Fantasy)

E is for Ebb!

  • Elliott, Kate – black wolves (Captain’s Log – Fantasy)

F is for Fathom!

  • Fine, Sarah – reliquary (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)
  • Forde, Patricia – the list (On the Horizon – Young Adult Dystopian eArc)
  • Francis, Diana Pharoah – path of fate (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)

G is for Galleon!

  • Grant, Michael – front lines (Captain’s Log – Young Adult)
  • Gregory, Daryl – afterparty (Captain’s Log – Sci-fi)
  • Gregory, Daryl – spoonbenders (Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi)

H is for Hull!

  • Hand, Cynthia – my lady jane (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Historical Fantasy)
  • Hartman, Rachel – seraphina (Here be Dragons)
  • Hinton, S.E. – the outsiders (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Classic)
  • Holmberg, Charlie N. – the fifth doll (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)
  • Houghton, Jude – autonomy (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)
  • Huckelbridge, Dane – castle of water (Off the Charts – Literary eArc)

I is for Irons!

J is for Jolly Roger!

  • Jae-Jones, S. – wintersong (Abandoned Ship on the Horizon – Fantasy e-Arc)
  • James, Vic – gilded cage (Abandoned Ship on the Horizon – Fantasy e-Arc)
  • Jones, Holly Goddard – the salt line (Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi)

K is for Keelhaul!

  • Kaufman, Amie – illuminae (Sailing to the Stars – Young Adult)
  • Kaufman, Amie – these broken stars (Sailing to the Stars – Young Adult)
  • Krasnostein, Sarah – the trauma cleaner (Off the Charts / On the Horizon – Biography eArc)
  • Kristoff, Jay – illuminae (Sailing to the Stars – Young Adult)

L is for Landlubber!

  • Lafferty, Mur – six wakes (Sailing to the Stars)
  • Landers, Melissa – starflight (Sailing to the Stars – Young Adult)
  • Larke, Glenda – the aware (Captain’s Log – Fantasy)
  • Lawrence, Mark – red sister (Captain’s Log – Fantasy)
  • Lee, Fonda – jade city (Abandon Ship / On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)
  • Levithan, David – everyday (Captain’s Log – Young Adult)
  • Lindsey, Erin – bloodbound (Walk the Plank – Fantasy)

M is for Marooned!

  • Marks, Laurie J. – fire logic (Captain’s Log – Fantasy)
  • Marsden, K.S. – the lost soul (On the Horizon – Young Adult Fantasy eArc)
  • Mead, Richelle – soundless (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Fantasy)
  • Meadows, Jodi – my lady jane (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Historical Fantasy)
  • McCaffrey, Anne – the coelura (Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi)
  • McIntosh, Will – burning midnight (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Fantasy)
  • McIntosh, Will – hitchers (Dead Men Tell No Tales)
  • McIntosh, Will – faller (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)
  • McIntosh, Will – soft apocalypse (Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi)
  • McQuein, Josin L. – arclight (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Fantasy)
  • McQuein, Josin L. – premeditated (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Thriller)
  • Miéville, China – railsea (Walk the Plank – Sci-Fi)
  • Miller, Lindsey – mask of shadows (Walk the Plank On the Horizon – Young Adult Fantasy eArc)
  • Miller, Rowenna – torn (Abandoned Ship on the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)

N is for Navigate!

  • Newitz, Annalee – autonomous (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)
  • Newman, Peter – the vagrant (Captain’s Log – Fantasy)

O is for Overboard!

P is for Pillage!

  • Palmgren, Tristan – quietus (Abandoned Ship on the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)
  • Parrish, Rhonda – equus (Abandoned Ship / On the Horizon – short stories eArc)
  • Pinborough, Sarah – 13 minutes (On  the Horizon – Young Adult Thriller eArc)

Q is for Quartermaster!

R is for Rigging!

  • Rees, Celia – witch child (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Historical Fiction)
  • Reintgen, Scott – nyxia (On the Horizon – Young Adult Sci-Fi eArc)
  • Roach, Mary – gulp (Off the Charts – Non-Fiction)
  • Robinson, Jeremy – xom-b (Dead Men Tell No Tales)
  • Rohn, Jennifer – cat zero (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

S is for Starboard!

  • Sachar, Louis – holes (Captain’s Log – Young Adult)
  • Sanford, John – saturn run (Sailing to the Stars)
  • Shapiro, Laurie Gwen – the stowaway (Off the Charts and on the Horizon – Historical Non-Fiction eArc)
  • Simmons, Kristen – metaltown (Abandon Ship – Young Adult Dystopian)
  • Sloan, Robin – sourdough (Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi and Magical Realism)
  • Sullivan, Michael J. – age of myth (On the Horizon – Fantasy Arc)
  • Sullivan, Michael J. – age of swords (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)

T is for Tack!

  • Tintera, Amy – reboot (Dead Men Tell No Tales – Young Adult)
  • Tudor, C.J. – the chalk man (Off the Charts and on the Horizon – Thriller eArc)

U is for Under Sail!

V is for Vessel!

  • Valente, Catherynne M. – radiance (Abandon Ship)
  • Vaughn, Carrie – martians abroad (On the Horizon – Young Adult Fantasy eArc)
  • Vaughn, Carrie – bannerless (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

W is for Wench!

  • Weir, Andy – artemis (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)
  • Weisenberg, Marit – select (On the Horizon – Young Adult Sci-Fi eArc)
  • Wilde, Fran – updraft (Captain’s Log – Young Adult Fantasy)
  • Willis, Connie – crosstalk (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)
  • Wrede, Patricia C. – shadow magic (Abandoned Ship – Fantasy)

X is for X Marks the Spot!

Y is for Yardarm!

Z is for Zephyr!