Map Legend by Author

Ahoy there me hearties, seadogs, and fellow explorers . . .

In order to help ye peruse me Captain’s Logbook, here is the legend to help ye chart these unfamiliar waters and find the yarns of yer heart desires.  May ye have fair winds in yer sails for all yer travels.  Arrrrr!

The Categories (in no particular order):

Here be Dragons – must have at least one dragon in it . . . preferably more

Ports for Plunder – lists of books that I must commandeer and read

Curiosities of the Deep –  books whose story of acquisition is unusual

Dead Men Tell No Tales – stories containing the undead and other unsavories

Sailing to the Stars – novels that take place in the great expanse of space

Walk the Plank – yarns that made this Captain angry so overboard they go

3 Bells – 3 days straight, 3 books in a row, showcasing a trilogy

Dry Dock – westerns with a sci-fi or fantasy twist

Abandoned Ship – novels that I just could not finish

Broadside – a highlight of a favorite specific author and their work

On the Horizon – a review of an ARC for an upcoming novel

Off the Charts a non sci-fi, fantasy, or young adult novel

Tidings from the Crew – reviews from yer Captain and one of her crew, usually the First Mate

Parley with an Author – an author communique

Second Reflections – a second look at a previously enjoyed with me second reflections, as it were, upon visitin’ it again

The Captain’s Log – a general category that is further split into sci-fi, fantasy, and/or young adult respectively

The Haul – A Running Tally of Plundered Contraband and Booty (alphabetical by author’s last name):

A is for Ahoy!

Adeyemi, Tomi

Albert, Melissa

Allan, Nina

Alten, Steve

Anderson, Laurie Halse

    • fever 1793 – (Captain’s Log – YA Historical Fiction)

Anderson, M.T.

Andrews, Ilona

Anthony, Piers (Broadside No. 15)

Applegate, Katherine

    • crenshaw (Captain’s Log – YA Fantasy)

Arden, Katherine

Armstrong, Kelley

Arnett, Mindee

Ashton, Brodi

Ashton, Edward

Auxier, Jonathan

Avery, Sarah

Ayliff, John

B is for Ballast!

Backman, Fredrik

Bacigalupi, Paolo (Broadside No. 17)

Bailey, Elisabeth Tova

Bailey, Teri Bailey

    • girl at the grave – (Walk the Plank / On the Horizon – YA Gothic Historical Fiction eArc)

Bancroft, Josiah

Bangs, J.S.

Banks, Iain M.

Bashardoust, Melissa

Beagle, Peter S.

Bear, Elizabeth

Beatty, Robert

Belcher, R.S.

Bell, E.S.

Belleza, Rhoda

Benjamin, Chloe

Bennett, Robert Jackson

Beukes, Lauren

Bigelow, Susan Jane

Black, Holly

Blume, Judy

Bobet, Leah

Bodeen, S.A.

Boggs, Johnny D.

Bolender, Mirah

Boone, Ezekiel

Boroson, M.H.

Bowen, Lila

Bracken, Alexandra

Brennan, Marie

Brown, Jeremy K.

    • zero limit (Abandoned Ship on the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

Brown, Peter

Bruno, Rhett C.

Buckell, Tobias S.

Bujold, Lois McMaster

Burke, Sue

    • semiosis (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

Burnett, Frances Hodgson

C is for Cutlass!

Cameron, Miles

Carew, Leo

Carey, M.R.

Cargill, C. Robert

Carosella, Amalia

Carriger, Gail

Carson, Rae

Cashore, Kristin

Caskabel, C.A.

    • the sieve (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)

Castroman, Nicole

Chambers, Becky

Charbonneau, Joelle

Charlton, Blake

Chbosky, Stephen

Chee, Traci

Chen, Curtis C.

Chen, Jacqueline

Cheney, J. Kathleen

Chokshi, Roshani

Chu, John

Chupeco, Rin

Clanton, Ben

Clarke, Alessandra

Clarke, Cassandra Rose

Clark, D. Nolan

Clark, P. Djèlí

Clayton, Jo

Cleary, Beverly

Colby, Kate M.

Cole, Myke

Connolly, Kate

    • no good deed (On the Horizon – YA Historical Fantasy eArc)

Constable, Kate

Cordova, Zoraida

Corlett, Anne

Cornwell, Betsy

Correia, Larry

Creech, Sharon

Crewe, Megan

Crichton, Michael (Broadside No. 7)

Cronin, Justin

Crouch, Blake

    • dark matter (Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi)
    • run (Off the Charts – Thriller)


Cypess, Leah

D is for Doubloon!

Dahl, Roald

Dalcher, Christina

    • vox (Walk the Plank / On the Horizon – Sci-Fi Dystopian eArc)

Darnielle, John

Davis, Sophie

Dawson, Deliah S.

Dayton, Arwen Elys

de Bodard, Aliette

de Castell, Sabastien

Dennard, Susan

Denzel, Jason

Dickinson, Seth

Donoghue, Emma

    • the wonder (Off the Charts – Historical Fiction)

Doore, K.A.

Dorren, Gaston

    • babel (Abandoned Ship on the Horizon – Non-Fiction eArc)

Doughty, Caitlin

Dragt, Tonke

Dunbar, Erica Armstrong

Duncan, Dave

Durbin, Frederich S.

Durst, Sarah Beth

    • vessel (Captain’s Log – YA Fantasy)

E is for Ebb!

Egan, Greg

    • phoresis (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

Elison, Meg

Elliott, Kate (Broadside No. 12)

Ellision, Jennifer

Elwood, Tessa

Ember, Julia

Exo Books

F is for Fathom!

Fabiero, Dante

Farizan, Sara

Fenn, Jaine

Fforde, Jasper

Fine, Sarah

Fletcher, C.A.

Flynn, Gillian

Ford, R.S.

Forde, Patricia

    • the list (On the Horizon – YA Dystopian eArc)

Francis, Diana Pharoah

Freuman, Tamara Duker

G is for Galleon!

Gailey, Sarah

Gaiman, Neil (Broadside No. 11)

Gardner, Erika

George, Jessica Day

Gilman, Laura Ann

Gladstone, Max

Gordon-Reed, Annette

Gortner, C.W.

Grann, David

Grant, Michael

Grant, Mira

Green, Simon R.

Gregory, Daryl

Grigsby, Sean

Gruner, Jessica

H is for Hull!

Haig, Matt

Haldeman, Joe

Hale, Shannon

Hall, Araminta

Hamilton, Alwyn

Hand, Cynthia

Hannibal, James R.

Hardinge, Frances

Hart, Joe

    • obscura (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

Hartman, Rachel

Hearne, Kevin

Heilig, Heidi

Heinlein, Robert A.

Herman, Eleanor

Hiassen, Carl

    • scat (Captain’s Log – YA Contemporary Humor)
    • the downhill lie (Off the Charts – Sports Non-Fiction)
    • hoot (Captain’s Log – YA Contemporary Humor)
    • flush (Captain’s Log – YA Contemporary Humor)
    • chomp (Captain’s Log – YA Contemporary Humor)
    • squrim (Captain’s Log – YA Contemporary Humor)

Hibbert, Christopher

Hicks, Micah Dean

Hill, Joe

Hinton, S.E.

Holmberg, Charlie N.

Holt, K.A.

Honeywell, Antonia

    • the ship (Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi Dystopian)

Houghton, Jude

    • autonomy (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

Howey, Hugh

Howrey, Meg

Huckelbridge, Dane

Huang, S.L.

    • the vela (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

Hurley, Kameron

Hutchinson, Dave

    • acadie (Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi)

Hutchinson, Shaun David

I is for Irons!

Install, Deborah

Ireland, Justina

Ishiguro, Kazuo

Itaranta, Emmi

Ivey, Eowyn

J is for Jolly Roger!

Jae-Jones, S.

James, Vic

Jeminsin, N.K.

Johnson, Kirk W.

Johnston, Cameron

Johnston, E.K.

Jonell, Lynne

Jones, Holly Goddard

Juster, Norton

K is for Keelhaul!

Kagawa, Julie

Kang, Han

Kaufman, Amie

Kaufmann, Katie

Kavanagh, John Patrick

    • sixers (Abandoned Ship On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

Keck, David

Kennedy, Jeffe

Kesey, Ken

Khoury, Jessica

Kindl, Patrice

King, Emily R.

Kirstein, Rosemary (Broadside No. 14)

Kloos, Marko

Koontz, Dean (Broadside No. 9)

Kornher-Stace, Nicole

Kowal, Mary Robinette

Krasnostein, Sarah

Kress, Nancy

Kristoff, Jay

Kuang, R.F.

Kwan, Kevin

L is for Landlubber!

Lackey, Mercedes (Broadside No. 8)

Lafferty, Mur

Landers, Melissa

Landy, Derek

Larbalestier, Justine (Broadside No. 10)

Larke, Glenda

Lawrence, Mark

Lawson, Jenny

Leckie, Ann (Broadside No. 16)

Lee, Fonda

Lee, Mackenzie

Lee, Yoon Ha

Levithan, David

    • everyday (Captain’s Log – YA Fantasy)

Lim, Celeste

Lindsey, Erin

Llwelyn, Morgan

Logan, Kirsty

Lu, Marie

Lucier, Makiia

Lundquist, Jenny

Lynch, Scott

Lyons, Jenn

M is for Marooned!

MacDonald, Helen

Mackintosh, Clare

Malerman, Josh

Mandel, Emily St. John

Marks, Laurie J.

Marsden, K.S.

Mattern, Joann

Mead, Richelle

Meadows, Jodi

Meyer, Kai

McCaffrey, Anne

McClellan, Brian

    • war cry (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)

McGuire, Ian

McGuire, Seanan

McIntosh, Will

McIntyre, Vonda N.

McKinley, Robin (Broadside No. 6)

McLemore, Anna-Marie

McQuein, Josin L.

Michaelides, Alex

Miéville, China

Miller, Lindsey

Miller, Rowenna

Miller, Sam J.

Mitchell, J. Barton

Miodownik, Mark

Montgomery, Lucy Maud (Broadside No. 18)

Montgomery, Sy

Moon, Elizabeth

Morden, S.J.

    • one way (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia

Morgan, B.B.

Morrall, Clare

Morris, Heather

Morris, Jim (Parley with an Author)

Moskowitz, Hannah

    • salt (Abandoned Ship On the Horizon – YA Fantasy eArc)

Meyer, Joanna Ruth

Myer, Ilana C.

N is for Navigate!

Nabhan, David

Neithercott, Tracey

Neuvel, Sylvain

Newitz, Annalee

Newman, Emma

Newman, Peter

Nix, Garth (Broadside No. 1)

Novik, Naomi

O is for Overboard!

O’Brien, Stacey

O’Dell, Scott

O’Malley, Daniel

O’Neal, Ellis

O’Neill, Katie

O’Neill, Louise

Okorafor, Nnedi

Oppel, Kenneth

Otsuka, Julie

Ouimet, Linsey

P is for Pillage!

Palmgren, Tristan

    • quietus (Abandoned Ship On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

Parr, M.J.R. (Parley with an Author)

Parrish, Rhonda

    • equus (Abandoned Ship / On the Horizon – short stories eArc)

Patrick, Den

Pearson, Luke

Pedreira, David

Pierce, Tamora (Broadside No. 4)

Pinborough, Sarah

Power, Stephen S.

Preston, Douglas

Q is for Quartermaster!

R is for Rigging!

Rakunas, Adam

Rajaniemi, Hannu

Redgate, Riley

Rees, Celia

Reese, Jenn

Reid, Taylor Jenkin

Reintgen, Scott

Reger, Rob

Riordan, Rick

Roach, Mary

    • gulp (Off the Charts – Non-Fiction)

Robinson, Jeremy

    • xom-b (Dead Men Tell No Tales)

Rohn, Jennifer

    • cat zero (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

Rosenberg, Joel

Rosenberg, Liz

Ruby, Laura

    • the bone gap (Captain’s Log – Magical Realism with Fantasy)

Ryan, Anthony

S is for Starboard!

Sachar, Louis

    • holes (Captain’s Log – YA Fantasy)

Sanchez, Dianna

Sanderson, Brandon (Broadside No. 3)

Sanford, John

Scalzi, John (Broadside No. 3)

Schwehn, Kaethe

Secchia, Marc

Sedgwick, Helen

Selby, Adrian

Shapiro, Laurie Gwen

    • the stowaway (Off the Charts and On the Horizon – Historical Non-Fiction eArc)

Shea, Hunter

Shepherd, Megan

Shepherd, Peng

Shinn, Sharon (Broadside No. 2)

Shreffler, T.L.

Shusterman, Jarrod

    • dry (Walk the Plank – YA Sci-Fi)

Shusterman, Neal

Silverberg, Robert

Simmons, Kristen

Sinisalo, Johanna

Skaife, Christopher

Slaughter, Karin

Sloan, Robin

    • sourdough (Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi & Magical Realism)

Smith, Betty

Snodgrass, Melinda M.

Solomon, Rivers

    • the vela (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

Speare, Elizabeth George

Sperry, Armstrong

Spooner, Meagan

Steele, Allen

Stephens-Davidowitz, Seth

Stiefvater, Maggie

Stokes, Paula

Stone, Hayley

Stroud, Jonathan

Sullivan, Michael J.

Suma, Nova Ren

Sykes, Sam

T is for Tack!

Taylor, Dennis E.

Teffeau, Lauren C.

Thompson, Tade

Tintera, Amy

    • reboot (Dead Men Tell No Tales – YA Sci-Fi)

Tolcser, Sarah

Townsend, Jessica

Tregillis, Ian

Trueblood, Amy

Tucholke, April Genevieve

Tudor, C.J.

    • the chalk man (Off the Charts and on the Horizon – Thriller eArc)

Tung, Debbie

Turton, Stuart

U is for Under Sail!

Underdown, Beth

V is for Vessel!

Valente, Catherynne M.

Vaughn, Carrie

Vyleta, Dan

    • smoke (Walk the Plank – Sci-Fi Dystopian)

W is for Wench!

Walton, David

Watts, Peter

Weekes, Patrick

Weeks, Brett

Wells, Martha

Weir, Andy

    • artemis (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)
    • the egg (Captain’s Log – Fantasy)

Weisenberg, Marit

    • select (On the Horizon – YA Sci-Fi eArc)

Wheeler, Jeff

Whitesides, Tyler

Wilde, Fran

Wilkins, Kim

Williams, Drew

Williams, Jen

Willis, Connie

Wilson, Daniel H.

Wilson, G. Willow

Wirestone, Max

Wolf, Deborah A.

Wolk, Lauren

Wood, Maryrose

Wrede, Patricia C.

Wulf, Andrea

X is for X Marks the Spot!

Y is for Yardarm!

Yates, Jane

Yelchin, Eugene

Yolen, Jane

Z is for Zephyr!

Zahler, Diane

Zentner, Jeff

Zevin, Gabrielle