Map Legend By Category

Ahoy there me hearties, seadogs, and fellow explorers . . .

In order to help ye peruse me Captain’s Logbook, here is the legend to help ye chart these unfamiliar waters and find the yarns of yer heart desires.  May ye have fair winds in yer sails for all yer travels.  Arrrrr!

The Haul – A Running Tally of Plundered Contraband and Booty (by category then author’s last name):

The Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi

  • Ayliff, John – belt three (Sailing to the Stars)
  • Houghton, Jude – autonomy (On the Horizon – eArc)
  • Lafferty, Mur – six wakes (Sailing to the Stars)
  • Newitz, Annalee – autonomous (On the Horizon – eArc)
  • Rohn, Jennifer – cat zero (On the Horizon – eArc)
  • Sanford, John – saturn run (Sailing to the Stars)
  • Weir, Andy – artemis (On the Horizon – eArc)
  • Willis, Connie – crosstalk (On the Horizon – eArc)

The Captain’s Log – Fantasy

  • Beagle, Peter S. – in calabria (On the Horizon – eArc)
  • Caskabel, C.A. – the sieve (On the Horizon – eArc)
  • Francis, Diana Pharoah – path of fate (On the Horizon – eArc)
  • Parrish, Rhonda – equus (Abandon Ship / On the Horizon – short stories eArc)
  • Sullivan, Michael J. – age of myth (On the Horizon – Arc)
  • Sullivan, Michael J. – age of swords (On the Horizon – eArc)
  • Vaughn, Carrie – bannerless (On the Horizon – eArc)

The Captain’s Log – Young Adult

  • Anderson, Laurie Halse – fever 1793 – (Historical Fiction)
  • Charbonneau, Joelle – need (Thriller)
  • Clarke, Cassandra Rose – star’s end (Sailing to the Stars)
  • Connolly, Kate – no good deed (On the Horizon – Historical Fantasy eArc)
  • Cordova, Zoraida – labyrinth lost (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)
  • Durst, Sarah Beth – vessel (Fantasy)
  • Forde, Patricia – the list (On the Horizon – Dystopian eArc)
  • Kristoff, Jay – illuminae (Sailing to the Stars)
  • Lackey, Mercedes – hunter (Second Reflections – Fantasy)
  • Landers, Melissa – starflight (Sailing to the Stars)
  • Levithan, David – everyday (Literary)
  • Marsden, K.S. – the lost soul (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)
  • Morris, Jim – feel me fall (On the Horizon – Thriller eArc)
  • Pinborough, Sarah – 13 minutes (On  the Horizon – Thriller eArc)
  • Reintgen, Scott – nyxia (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)
  • Sachar, Louis – holes (Fantasy)
  • Shusterman, Neal – scythe (Fantasy)
  • Weisenberg, Marit – select (On the Horizon – Sci-Fi eArc)

There do be some more specialized categories in me log:

Curiosities of the Deep

books whose story of acquisition is unusual

Here Be Dragons

must have at least one dragon in it . . . preferably more

Dead Men Tell No Tales

stories containing the undead and other unsavories

  • Robinson, Jeremy – xom-b (Sci-Fi)
  • Tintera, Amy – reboot (Young Adult – Sci-Fi)

Dry Dock

westerns with a sci-fi or fantasy twist

Walk the Plank

yarns that made this Captain angry so overboard they go

  • Bobet, Leah – above (Young Adult)
  • Miller, Lindsey – mask of shadows (On the Horizon – Young Adult Fantasy eArc)

Abandon Ship

novels that I just could not finish

  • Chee, Traci – the reader (Young Adult Fantasy)
  • Clark, D. Nolan – forsaken skies (On The Horizon – Sailing to the Stars eArc)
  • Jae-Jones, S. – wintersong (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)
  • James, Vic – gilded cage (On the Horizon – Fantasy e-Arc)
  • Lee, Fonda – jade city (On the Horizon – Fantasy eArc)
  • Simmons, Kristen – metaltown (Young Adult Dystopian)
  • Valente, Catherynne M. – radiance (Sailing to the Stars)

3 Bells

3 days straight, 3 books in a row, showcasing a trilogy:


a highlight of a favorite specific author and their work

Parley with an Author

an author communique

Tidings from the Crew

reviews from yer Captain and one of her crew, usually the First Mate

Off the Charts

a non sci-fi, fantasy, or young adult novel

  • Crouch, Blake – run (Thriller)