On the Horizon – the legacy of molly southbourne (Tade Thompson) – A Finished Series!

Ahoy there me mateys!  I received an eArc of this sci-fi novella through NetGalley in exchange for me honest musings . . .

Title: the legacy of molly southbourne
Author: Tade Thompson
Publisher: Macmillian/Tor-Forge
Publication Date: TODAY!!! (paperback/e-book)
ISBN: 978-1250824707
Source:  NetGalley

The Legacy of Molly Southbourne

The first novella in the series is a perfect standalone that I still feel would make a fantastic, if bloody, movie.  I didn’t think I needed more Molly but I am still glad to have gotten two more.  The conclusion to this series was awesome.  This book had a perfect beginning and twist that made perfect sense but I didn’t see coming.  No plot information here because it is short and it is better to go in blind.  I skipped the blurb before reading and it increased me enjoyment.  The series is finished and ends well.  However, I still can’t help but wonder what Molly does next.  Arrrr!

Goodreads has this to say about the novel (minor spoilers for other books):

Whenever Molly Southbourne bled, a murderer was born. Deadly copies, drawn to destroy their creator, bound by a legacy of death. With the original Molly Southbourne gone, her remnants drew together, seeking safety and a chance for peace. The last Molly and her sisters built a home together, and thought they could escape the murder that marked their past.

But secrets squirm in Molly Southbourne’s blood–secrets born in a Soviet lab and carried back across the Iron Curtain to infiltrate the West. What remains of the Cold War spy machine wants those secrets back, and to get them they’re willing to unearth the dead and destroy the fragile peace surrounding the last copies of Molly Southbourne.

The Legacy of Molly Southbourne brings the story to a bloody end.

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the legacy of molly southbourne – Book 3

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3 thoughts on “On the Horizon – the legacy of molly southbourne (Tade Thompson) – A Finished Series!

  1. I’m still grumpy about this one, since I read book 2 thinking it was the end of a duology instead of book 2 of a trilogy. Im not sure I’m in the mood for more body horror, though, so I’ll likely skip this one and pretend it really was a duology. 😉


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