The Captain’s Log – cursed luck duology (Kelley Armstrong) – A Series Finished!

Ahoy there me mateys!  I love Kelley Armstrong!  I discovered her through her young adult book, sea of shadows, and she became me most read author of 2016.  I have not read all her stuff because not all of it appeals to me.  This sounded interesting but it be urban fantasy which I don’t usually like.  However, Matey Nicole’s review convinced me to give it a whirl.  I did and then read book two.

I liked both and the duology is exactly as advertised.  There is magic, a tiny bit of romance, some action, and some snark.  I am not a romance book person but I really enjoyed Kennedy and Aidan’s slow-burn friendship.  The first book’s plot about a cursed necklace is a bit silly and fun.  I felt a bit like the magic world building didn’t always make a lot of sense but went with it.  The characters’ interactions are the focus of the series.  A there is a fun cat.

I must admit that I liked book one a bit better than book two which dealt with a series of cursed paintings.  Book two’s plot was a bit convoluted and the ending was silly.  This didn’t bother me too much because it was fun and the characters were me focus.  I loved the motel scene.  I got exactly what I wanted out of these books – hours of entertainment in another world.  Enjoyable fluff.  I am more than satisfied.  Arrr!

Side note:  The author wrote book one as an escape during Covid and posted it in installments online to help others have an escape.  Cool.

Goodreads has this to say about book one:

Kennedy Bennett comes from a long line of curse weavers. For centuries, her family has plied their trade in Unstable, Massachusetts, a quirky small town that’s welcomed paranormal practitioners since the dawn of spiritualism. Kennedy has recently struck out on her own, opening an antiques shop in Boston, where her speciality is uncursing and reselling hexed objects.

Then Aiden Connolly walks into her life with an offer she really should refuse. The scion of a wealthy family of luck workers, Aiden has a scheme to get his hands on the most famous cursed object of all: the mythical Necklace of Harmonia. He’s not the only one after the necklace, though. And he’s not the only one looking for a curse weaver to fix it. Kennedy’s sisters are kidnapped, she finds herself plunged into the underbelly of the magical world where even Aidan soon finds himself in over his head.

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cursed luck – Book 1

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5 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – cursed luck duology (Kelley Armstrong) – A Series Finished!

  1. Oooh, I’m glad you enjoyed this duology! (And thanks for the link!) I enjoyed the plot of book one better as well, though I did enjoy the character development in book two a lot (including getting to see more of the other characters). I think this works really well as a fun escape.

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