On the Horizon – the silver bullets of annie oakley (Mercedes Lackey)

Ahoy there me mateys!  I received a copy of this fantasy novella eArc from NetGalley in exchange for me honest musings.  This be the sixteenth book in the series.  While I try to post no spoilers, if ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril . . .

Title: the silver bullets of annie oakley
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Publisher: DAW
Publication Date: TODAY!! (hardback/ebook)
ISBN: 978-0756412173
Source: NetGalley

This be the 16th book in the Elemental Masters series which retells fairy tales in an alternate magical universe.  I have only read one other book out of the series but from what I understand they can be read as standalones.  I loved Lackey’s work as a child and I love the Annie Oakley “myth” so I was excited to read this.

This ended up being okay.  Lackey often seems to write in a way where ye are not sure of the intended audience.  In this book Annie is a married woman who felt as though she was a young child at times in the tone of her thoughts and in the writing style itself.  I expected the character of Annie to be more headstrong, fierce, and independent.  She felt too much like a frail woman who was dependent on her husband. She also spent a lot of time focused on clothes and comfort.  This just wasn’t tied to the version I had of Annie Oakley growing up.  Other readers may have more success with the character than I did.

I also thought the plot was kinda boring overall.  So much of this novel was talking about the magic and not really using much.  And what was explained of how the magic worked didn’t seem very clear or detailed.  I wouldn’t usually expect a lot of explanation in a later book of a series except that Annie was learning about magic for the first time.  Her training seemed nonsensical and haphazard.  Not a lot seemed to happen while waiting for the final showdown that is blatantly going to happen.

And the final showdown was lame.  I mean seriously bad.  I did think I was going to abandon this book around the midway point.  Nostalgia for the author and Annie Oakley made me finish.  I can’t say that I would recommend this book to anyone but I am now more curious about other retellings in this series.  I will have to track some down to satiate me curiosity given how much I remember enjoying the other book of this series that I read.  Arrr!

Thank ye kindly DAW for the eArc!

Goodreads has this to say about the novel:

Annie Oakley has always suspected there is something “uncanny” about herself, but has never been able to put a name to it. But when Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show goes on tour through Germany, Bill temporarily hires a new sharpshooter to be part of his “World Wide Congress of Rough Riders”: a woman named Giselle, who also happens to be an Elemental Master of Air. Alongside this new performer, Annie discovers that she and her husband, Frank, are not simply master marksman, but also magicians of rare ability.

As they travel and perform, Annie must use her newfound knowledge and rare skill to combat creatures of the night scattered across the countryside, who threaten both the performers and the locals. Annie’s got her gun, and it’s filled with silver bullets.

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Mercedes Lackey – Author

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the silver bullets of annie oakley – Book 16

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3 thoughts on “On the Horizon – the silver bullets of annie oakley (Mercedes Lackey)

  1. I used to LOVE this series. The early books in it were some of my favorites, and are still on my Keeper Shelf. However, at some point in the middle, I feel the books took a turn for the worse. I still read a few of the new ones (when the retelling part appealed to me) but I got more and more disappointed by them. The last one I read was one of the Sherlock Holmes ones, and it made me decide to stop reading new books in this series for good. Which makes me sad, since I loved it so much at the start. Oh well… I know there are still people who enjoy them, so I hope they like this one! I won’t be reading it, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will still try and read some of the early ones cause I like the premise. But most people who reviewed the last several said they were getting worse and worse. I will have to reread the one I own (not sure what number) and see if it be worth keeping still. I am glad to have yer viewpoints on the series though.
      x The Captain


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