Here Be Dragons – the keeley & associates series (Layla Lawlor) – an urban fantasy series I enjoyed!

Ahoy there me mateys!  I binged this series.  The four books are pretty short (80 to 172 pages).  The main character is detective James Keeley who doesn’t have a lot of money but does have a magical gun.

dragon & detective – In book one (the shortest) Keely is hired by a dragon to solve the mystery of who stole one of the items in his hoard (the item is funny!).  The confusion is how something that large was stolen out of a locked room.  I really enjoyed the characters in this.  James is a likeable guy.  The dragon, Oz, is enthusiastic and clueless about humans.  And then there be Dolly, the ghost of the 1920s flapper who inhabits the office building’s basement.  The world building was light but the story was fun.  There are plot holes in how the story resolves but it was entertaining enough for me to immediately read the next.

ghost & gumshow – Book two has Keely looking into Dolly’s past, her demise, and why she still is around.  Plus there is the delight of Oz being involved and his excitement for his new role.  Again, I didn’t necessary love how the plot or mystery resolved and the world building is very light but the characters were worth it.  And the gun continued to be great fun.

fae & fleetfoot – The third book has Keeley getting involved with the fae unwillingly.  This was me favorite of the four.  I was so excited to see that the fae in this were more of the old school kind.  The dragon, Oz, remains the highlight even if he didn’t get as much page time.  I enjoyed the introduction of Vic and his charge.  I didn’t love the battle so much but time spent with this series continued to be fun so I grabbed the next one.

dick & demon – The previous books led me to wondering how Keeley got his wonderful gun.  That is explained in this tale.  This was me least favorite of the series.  I did like the new character who is the demon of the title.  I did like getting an idea of how Keeley grew up and the crazy dude he worked with.  I loved how the bad guys from book one were used in this tale.  I did not really love the big battle and how anticlimactic the resolution of the problem was.

All things considered, I am glad to have read this series.  It was light and fun and just what I needed.  And the dragon made it all worth it.  I loved him.  Arrrr!

Goodreads has this to say about the first book in the series:

Hard boiled? More like hard luck.

It’s not easy being a human private detective in a city with dragons, shapeshifters, and fae.

James Keeley has a magic gun (that never does what he wants) and a 1920s flapper’s ghost haunting the basement of his office, and the first decent case he’s had in a long time is a dragon hiring him to solve a locked-room mystery. James never could resist a puzzle, but this one has a good shot at getting him killed…

To visit the author’s website go to:

Layla Lawlor – Author

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dragon & detective – Book 1

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Yer Ports for Plunder List

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