Shiver me Timbers! Guess what today is . . .

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Avast me beauties!  Grab yer grog, yer wenches, yer parrots an’ yerselfs an’ celebrate with yer Captain.  From the lowliest bilge rat to the scurviest dog in the crow’s nest, indulge yer inner pirate.  It’s a day where even ye landlubbers can develop sea legs and participate in the gloriousness that be the high seas.

In honor of the fine day here be some shanties to help prepare to wet yer whistle:

A traditional version:

A silly version:

A more modern pirate remix version:

So wave yer Jolly Roger an’ spend those pieces of eight ye scalawags, seadogs, and fellow explorers.  Always remember:

Q: What did the ocean say to the pirate?

A: Nothing, it just waved.

x The Captain

4 thoughts on “Shiver me Timbers! Guess what today is . . .

  1. Was that second clip from the 10000 leauges under the sea movie? Loved the vids cap? Sorry I am a day late. Arrrgh. If you want or are in the mood for some tunes pirate tunes I suggest looking up the assissins creed black flag OST. Some bangers on there when it comes to a full crew. Old billy riley was one of my favorites while playing.


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