Shiver me Timbers! The 2020 Nebula Finalists – Part Two Point Five – Best Short Story Update

Ahoy there me mateys!  A short while back, I wrote a post discussing me initial thoughts on the 2020 Nebula award nominees for Best Short Story.  One of the stories was:

I wrote some thoughts about this story that I know ye scurvy dogs are too lazy to look up.  But ye need context for the rest of me tale!  Fine . . .

Me Initial Thoughts:  Though this was a quick story, I cannot say that I got much out of it.  The main character wants out of her life and so she looks for portals to another world.  The writing style of this story didn’t appeal to me.  And I didn’t get the math references.

Well today, I found out that me ideas have ranged afar.  I enjoyed that the experts (as far as I be concerned) discussed the ideas behind the math.  Here be what they had to say:

Blue Ribbons . . .

A short story, Advanced Word Problems in Portal Math, is a finalist in the Nebula Best Short Story Contest. The reviewer didn’t care for the story because the math references were hard to understand. Let me tell you a little secret: I think that’s the way it was meant to be because I didn’t get the math references either! The story was just a fun way to make math.

So there ye have it.  Someone who understands math comments on the math in this story.  Don’t y’all think it would be better if the math jokes had deeper inside meaning to math aficionados?  I do.  (Though the math site is a fun rabbit hole to explore).  I will keep y’all posted as I continue readin’ through the Nebula nominees before the winners be revealed on 5/30/2021.  In the meantime:

Always remember:

Q: What did the grandpa pirate say on his birthday?

A: Aye matey!

Hardy har har!

x The Captain

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