Off the Charts – why my cat is more impressive than your baby (Matthew Inman)

Ahoy there me mateys!  As some of the crew may know, I love me kittens and I think know they make the best ship friends.  I also don’t have kids and never plan to.  They get in the way of pillaging.  So this title intrigued me.  I have seen some of the author’s comics before and so borrowed a copy from a local library.

Sadly, the title was one of the better things about this collection.  This was a disjointed mix of one-track jokes.  Babies poop and puke.  Cats are jerks who begrudgingly deal with humans.  Both of those things are true.  But the included comics (with a couple exceptions) rarely made me smile at how they portrayed these facts.  Plus there seemed to be poor organization of what material was included.  Cats were only one topic.  Besides babies, there was also commentary about dogs and introverted humans and a few where I missed the point altogether.  Even the style of the comics jumped back and forth.  Maybe this would have been easier to read in a physical copy but sometimes I was confused if a comic had even ended.  Also way too many fart and poop jokes.  I guess I was expecting something a tiny bit more clever.  I feel these ideas about cats and babies have been dealt with by other illustrators with much better success.

This doesn’t walk the plank only because of the final section of outdoor cat safety and statistics.  Arrr!

Goodread’s has this to say about the book:

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Matthew Inman – Author

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why my cat is more impressive than your baby – Book

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8 thoughts on “Off the Charts – why my cat is more impressive than your baby (Matthew Inman)

  1. “Sadly, the title was one of the better things about this collection.” << Oh no! The title is so attention grabbing and made me curious to try it.


  2. Sadly I’ve never owned a cat because of family allergies – but I’ve been fortunate enough to have looked after a few babies in my time. And yes… there is quantities of poop. And a fair amount of farting. But I grew out of finding non-stop jokes about both subjects hilarious somewhere between the ages of 6-10 years old…


      1. Had one when I was little… I don’t know… they seem to only appear when they want something!
        I had a psychotherapy lecturer (who was obsessed with her pets) and she had a great analogy about cats, dogs and attachment theory – dogs are your ‘anxious attachment’. You leave them, they wait at the door for your return and then they’re all over you. Cats are your ‘avoidant attachments’. You leave, they wait at the door for your return, and when you come home they turn away and show you their bum 😂


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