The Captain’s Log – why I hate zombie unicorns (Laura Pearlman) & and all the trees of the forest shall clap their hands (Sharon Hsu) – Short Stories

Ahoy there me mateys!  Recently Matey Jess posted her “five favorite SFF short stories.”  I was intrigued.  Would I recognize any of them?  Aye, as it turns out.  I have read the following:

However I had never read or heard of the other two. Zombie unicorn was a must and the other sounded rather interesting too.  Me reviews for both are below.  Click on the titles to read the stories themselves.

“Why I Hate Zombie Unicorns” (Laura Pearlman)

Matey Jess said, “You all know I’m a unicorn girl, so I couldn’t resist immediately giving this story a try and I love how uneasy the ending is. It’s such a simple story in so many ways, but it’s excellent.”

I too was a unicorn girl before the sea stole me heart and get nostalgic for such things.  I have heard of zombie vs. unicorns.  But zombie unicorns?  Somehow I had missed those.  And dang was this so great with a perfect ending.  I can’t really express much about this because it needs to be experienced oneself.  But here be the first lines . . .

The good news is, zombie unicorns almost never bite. The bad news is, even a tiny scratch from a zombie unicorn horn will turn you into a zombie. Mom discovered that by accident.

“And All the Trees of the Forest Shall Clap Their Hands” (Sharon Hsu)

Matey Jess says, “We always see portal fantasies through the eyes of a protagonist who travels through the portal, but this short story is told from the pov of someone on the other side of the portal. It explores colonialism in a way I’ve never seen any other fantasy story do, in many ways it feels like a response to The Chronicles of Narnia, and I loved it.”

Hmm the comment about Narnia was intriguing as was the odd title.  I also wasn’t sure if I had read anything by the author.  Well dang this was excellent and surprising and lovely and sad.  This made me think.  I won’t get into this much either except to say that knowing Narnia as well as I do made this story better.  Here be the first line:

Well, Your Honours, it is true that I killed your child king, indeed it is true.

Thank ye kindly Matey Jess for two stories that I loved and that I shall be pondering for a while.  Arrr!

4 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – why I hate zombie unicorns (Laura Pearlman) & and all the trees of the forest shall clap their hands (Sharon Hsu) – Short Stories

  1. Thanks so much for linking to my post! 😀 I’m so pleased you enjoyed both of the stories you hadn’t read. I’ll be very sad if Sharon Hsu’s story isn’t nominated for a Hugo this year, but I’ll be looking forward to the shortlist when it’s announced.

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    1. I am so glad ye wrote that post. I sent the zombie unicorn story to me best friend and it completely freaked her out. I thought the ending was perfect if a bit unsavoury. I am also looking forward to the Hugo shortlist. I am going to try and read some of the Nebula ones as well.
      x The Captain


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