The Captain’s Log – the last sun (K.D. Edwards)

Ahoy there me mateys!  I have been hearing about this series from the crew for quite some time.  I did end up enjoying it despite it being urban fantasy but I will not read the rest of the series.

The main problem is that this was read in early January and I did not write me review right away like I normally do and already the details of this read have faded immensely.  The plot is basically gone so I will not be able to give a recap here other then this was action packed.  Perhaps there was just too much going on.  The characters in this book did stand out a bit better.  I particularly liked the relationship between Brand and Rune.  They have a snarky friendship and the banter was lovely.  Though Rune is the main character, Brand was the favorite.

The world building was fun.  I remember more about that.  There is a magical island of New Atlantis which is like our world but also filled with magical people and creatures.  There is diversity in the world, though those looking for strong female protagonists will not find it here.  It is very much male dominated.  The relationships are mostly queer.  I particularly liked how the architecture of the city was done and how the magic operated.

The series is supposed to be nine books split into three arcs.  While I am done, I can see why others really enjoy this series.

Check out what the crew had to say about this one:

Matey Tammy – “along comes The Last Sun by debut author K.D. Edwards and once again I’m left in awe of how amazing a debut can be. I loved everything about this book: the characters, the relationships, the humor and snark (oh yes, some serious snark!), the magic system, the world-building, the pacing and the writing. The story may seem familiar but Edwards injects his own special touches into what could have been a “been there, done that” urban fantasy.”

Matey Lisa – “Do you like witty banter? Do you like liberal use of the word fuck? Do you like books with rag-tag groups working together to get shit done? Do you like mysteries and magic and all kinds of mayhem? Do you like Tarot cards and/or the legend of Atlantis? If you like any and / or all of the above, this may just be the book for you. 😀”

Goodreads website has this to say about the novel:

Rune Saint John, last child of the fallen Sun Court, is hired to search for Lady Judgment’s missing son, Addam, on New Atlantis, the island city where the Atlanteans moved after ordinary humans destroyed their original home.

With his companion and bodyguard, Brand, he questions Addam’s relatives and business contacts through the highest ranks of the nobles of New Atlantis. But as they investigate, they uncover more than a missing man: a legendary creature connected to the secret of the massacre of Rune’s Court.

In looking for Addam, can Rune find the truth behind his family’s death and the torments of his past?

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K.D. Edwards – Author

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the last sun – Book

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6 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – the last sun (K.D. Edwards)

  1. Yeah, I thought the worldbuilding in this book was very cool, but I got awfully frustrated with everyone being a dude. I believe the author has taken on this critique and said that subsequent books will not be so male-dominated, so I’m planning to wait and see reviews of later books in the series before I decide about continuing.

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    1. It would be nice to see some strong female characters. He does have them in the world building, so there is that. Like the one who tricked Rune in the beginning. Though does it count if she is evil?
      x The Captain


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