Shiver me Timbers! An Anniversary!

Ahoy there me mateys!  Guess what day it be?

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So to celebrate me 5 year (b)log anniversary, I break it down . . .

2020 Books By the Numbers:

Number of Posts: 156

Books Read: 122

Books Reviewed: 134 (12 by the First Mate)

Number of Pages Read: 38,365 (average 314; median 336)

Books that Walked the Plank: 6

Books that Forced an Abandoned Ship: 7

Books Off the Charts: 4

Books with Second Reflections: 7

Authors Profiled in Broadsides: 0

Parley with an Author: 0

Most Books Read by a Single Author: 4 (Helen Harper & T. Kingfisher)

Books by Gender (to the best of me knowledge): F (80 / 66%) M (37 / 30%)  N – multiple/LGBTQIA/unknown (5 / 4%)

Books by Genre: Fantasy (59 / 48.36%), Sci-Fi (32 / 26.23%), YA-Fantasy (17 / 13.93%), YA-Sci-Fi (2 / 1.64%), YA-Contemporary (4 / 3.28%),  Horror (2 / 1.64%), Thriller (2 / 1.64%), Historical (0 / 0%), Classic (0 / 0%), Romance (1 / .82%), Literary (2 / 1.64%), Non-Fiction (0 / 0%), Mystery (0 / 0%), Comic-Graphic Novels (1 / .82%), Western (0 / 0%)

ARCS (thank ye kindly NetGalley, Edelweiss, Authors, & Publishers!!) (45 / 36.89%)

Novellas (19 / 15.57%)

Audiobooks (6 / 4.92%)

Books Read by Country (to the best of me knowledge): Australia – 2, Canada – 6, China – 0, Cyprus – 0, England – 15, Finland – 0, Germany – 1, Ireland – 2, Japan – 0, Malaysia – 0,  Mexico – 3, Multiple – 2, Netherlands – 2, Nigeria – 0, Scotland – 4, South Africa – 2, South Korea – 0, Switzerland – 0, Taiwan – 0, New Zealand – 1, US – 81

Top Five Books Read in 2020 (excluding re-reads):

with some cheatin’ because I’m a pirate!  Arrrrr!

I started with a list of 21 amazing reads and had to have the First Mate help me narrow it down.  He talked me through the list and based on that and his recollections of which books I chattered about most:

5. prime merdian (Silvia Moreno-Garcia) – I read three books by this author last year and three this year.  All have been five stars.  I adored this novella the best of the three but mexican gothic and untamed shore were also excellent.

4. slouch witch (Helen Harper) – An urban fantasy series where the first book completely and utterly matched me mood and was frickin’ delightful.  And then I binged the next three.  Seriously urban fantasy be one of me dreaded enemies and I couldn’t get enough.  I love Brutus.  I will reread this series.

3. a deadly education (Naomi Novik) – I adored this one and thought that El was so wonderful.  Sure she be snarky and obnoxious to others.  But it is because no one likes her and she is always trying not to destroy the world.  I love that she choses to fight her destiny.  Seriously I loved her.  She cracks me up.  Hardy har har!

2. network effect (Martha Wells) – This book came from Matey Tammy @books,bones,andbuffy (thanks again!) and I LOVE MUDERBOT!!!!!  This book was so much fun that I read it twice.  I will read it and all the other Murderbot books over and over and over again.  I can’t wait for the next book.  Arrr!

1. ring shout (P. Djèlí Clark) – This book did not give me fuzzy warm feelings but was one of the most important books of the year for me.  In the time of #blacklivesmatter, I have been learning a lot more of the whitewashed history of the United States.  This book is a fantastically written story in and of itself with powerful female characters and a tense good and evil story.  But this book led me down a rabbit hole of historical facts that I didn’t know or was taught inaccurately.  The book was fascinating and frustrating in equal parts but the author did such a great job of tackling sociopolitical issues in a time where more insight is needed.  I know I learned so much.

Top Five Popular Reviews of 2020:

dry (Walk the Plank – YA Sci-Fi)

untamed shore (On the Horizon Off the Charts – Historical Fiction eArc)

the sword of kaigan (Captain’s Log – Fantasy)

mexican gothic (On the Horizon – Fantasy Horror eArc)

network effect (Captain’s Log – Sci-Fi) – I LOVE MURDERBOT!!!!

Top Five Popular Non-Reviews of 2020:

Shiver me Timbers! Words readers have read but have no idea how to say!

Shiver me Timbers! An Anniversary!

Ports for Plunder – 20 Books in 2020!

Shiver Me Timbers!  NetGalley Rejections!  Part Eleven

Shiver Me Timbers!  Books in Five Words – Twice Over for Wyrd and Wonder

20 Books in 2020!

Big Failure.  I said “come hell or high water I shall visit these ports in 2020.”  Well this year had hell, high water, whirlpools, intense storms, and other unsavory things.  I managed to read 4.  While I loved the first one, the westing game, the other three were abandon ships.  I officially gave up in June.  I be okay with this cause 2020 was special.

Series Shakedown 2020:

I continue to track the progress on me series.  Ye can click on the links for more specifics:

Series Completed in 2020: 12

Fully Written Series – Must Finish: 24 Series with 69 Books Including Re-Reads

Series Waiting on the Author: 32 Series with So Many Books

Unfinished Series but Must Catch Up!: 6 Series with 8 Books Out

Series Officially Tossed Overboard: 15 Bringing the New Total to 238

Fully Written Series I Haven’t Started: 68

Unfinished Series I Haven’t Started: 29

So the total ACTIVE series on me list: 62.  That’s down from 79 at the end of last year.  I am still trying to limit the number of new series that I begin until I finish some.  Well, hopefully.

Wayfare Wednesdays

This be a series of posts that shares some of the places I have traveled to.  In 2020 there weren’t many and those I did do were not really documented.  Hell and highwater, mateys!

Shiver Me Timbers! NetGalley Rejections!

I added 25 rejections in 2020 to bring the total to 120.  I love doing posts about all of the rejections I get from NetGalley and updates on a) if I ever read them; b) if I am still gonna read them; and c) links to me reviews if I have.  I did 5 of these posts in 2018 and 5 in 2019 and 4 in 2020.  I have looked at the first 70 rejections so far.  I have a page discussing all 70 with thoughts on each.  The stats on these 70:

18 ports visited and loved
9 ports visited and unloved
16 ports to still plunder
27 ports quarantined never to be visited

There will definitely be more of these posts in 2021!

Hugo Awards 2020

I had so much fun doing these four posts about the awards this year.  I would like to continue the tradition in 2021.

The 2020 Hugo Finalists – Part One
The 2020 Hugo Finalists – Part Two – Novelettes
The 2020 Hugo Finalists – Part Three – Best Short Story
The 2020 Hugo Winners – The Conclusion!

Other Random Blog Stats:

First Book Review of 2020: anyone (Walk the Plank – Sci-Fi)

Last Book Review of 2020: the kalbrant institute archive series (Captain’s Log – Fantasy)

Most Commented Post of 2020: 46 – Shiver Me Timbers! An Anniversary! #4

Comments in 2020: 2,036 total

Likes in 2020: 5,302 total

Top 3 Commenters:
Mateys Nicole @ bookwrymknits, Jackie @ deathbytsunduko, and Lisa @ waytoofantasy

Books on me Ports for Plunder List (i.e. TBR to ye Landlubbers):
491 fiction / 110 non-fiction and counting

Current Blog Crew Members (i.e. Followers to ye Landlubbers):
1,181 and counting

Current Goodreads Crew Members (i.e. Followers to ye Landlubbers):
711 friends and 241 followers and counting

So welcome to me crew ye scalawags, seadogs, and fellow explorers!  Let’s drink some grog to another year of sailing, plunderin’, and adventurin’ on the high seas!

Always remember:

Q: Why did the pirates join a gym?

A:  To improve their booty!

Hardy har har!

x The Captain

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18 thoughts on “Shiver me Timbers! An Anniversary!

  1. Happy blogiversary! It’s been great fun following your posts this year, and I enjoy seeing all your stats at the end of it. 🙂 Your enthusiasm for Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s work was part of the reason I picked up Mexican Gothic this year, and part of the reason I’m eager to continue with her backlist. Your blog also helped motivate me to pick up the first Murderbot novella, which I enjoyed immensely (and I need to get back to the series ASAP). Looking forward to another great year of posts ahead, Captain! Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on the five years! And awesome stats, that was cool to read! Also, “Well this year had hell, high water, whirlpools, intense storms, and other unsavory things.” I felt that one. I felt that one in my bones.


  3. Happy birthday! (Side note, I think I like blog birthday better than blogiversary, which just sounds awkward… Anyway, moving on) I also read the most in the fantasy genre in 2020 (are we surprised?), and agree that “A Deadly Education” was awesome and I really loved El. Will definitely be pre-ordering the sequel later this year. 🙂


  4. I‘m glad to have found your blog this year. But I still need google translate (Arrrr -> German) to understand what you’re trying to tell us 😁🤪 You can consider me a landlubber 🤬


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