Second Reflections – the goblin emperor (Katherine Addison) & the sieve (C.A. Caskabel)

Ahoy there mateys!  I tend to get focused on the new shiny treasure.  But part of what I love about readin’ is re-visitin’ old friends.  So I created me new category where I take a second look at a previously enjoyed novel and give me crew me second reflections, as it were, upon visitin’ it again . . .

This time there be two old fantasy haunts to visit:

the goblin emperor (Katherine Addision)

Apparently me original musings on this novel have been washed away by the tide.  All I can say is that it be even better than I remembered.  It is a feel good novel of hope that still contains harsh moments of truth.  Maia is the last surviving son of the Emperor who was never expected to take the throne.  He is thrown in over his head and ye follow his journey routing for him the entire time.  I love the world building, the characters, the politics, and well everything.  I am so excited that there be another book set in this world coming out on 06/22/2021.  Arrrr!

“The memories of a thousand separate cruelties mocked him, but no one save Maia himself had ever counted those as wrongs, and it was unjust to have them declared wrongs now, merely because he could.”
― Katherine Addison, The Goblin Emperor

the sieve (C.A. Caskabel)

I read an eArc of this book back in the day and enjoyed it enough to want to continue the series.  I tried to start book two a couple of times and couldn’t get into it.  I thought I would go back and reread this first book to see if it was just a lack of remembering the finer details.  I still really enjoyed book one the second time around.  I found the world building to be brutal and interesting.  The main character, Da-Ren, still intrigued me.  I cannot seem to get into book two even so.  The concept is still interesting but I am not sure what the hang up is.  I have set the series aside for now and don’t see meself trying again any time soon.  Arrr!

“I cannot defeat their stories, the legends, the prophecies… they have endured for countless winters now.”
“You can, Da-Ren. But not with blades. Only with other stories. Better ones.”
― C.A. Caskabel, The Sieve

7 thoughts on “Second Reflections – the goblin emperor (Katherine Addison) & the sieve (C.A. Caskabel)

  1. „Sudden Emperor“ would be a good title for this. I‘ve read it some five years ago and really liked it. Looking forward reading the second part coming up next year. Maybe I‘ll do a reread then.


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