The Captain’s Log – a labyrinth of scions and sorcery AND the last uncharted sky (Curtis Craddock) – A Series Finished!

Ahoy there me mateys!  If ye haven’t read the first book in this series, an alchemy of masques and mirrors, then ye might want to skip this post and go read the first book.  Worth the read.  If ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril . . .

The first book in the series was a five star read for me so I was so excited to get additional insight into the characters and world.  Book two was almost as good and proved that ye cannot predict where the author will take the plot.  Seriously, I kept being surprised over and over again and loving it.  The expectations created by the end of the first book are turned upside down and be awesome.  It saddens me that I cannot tell ye more about the plot but it be too twisty.  I can say that I absolutely adored getting more of Isabelle, Jean-Claude, and Marie.  I also loved the new addition of Capitaine Bitterlich, a shapeshifter.  He quickly joined the list of favorites.  Poor Isabelle has it rough and cannot catch a break.  It was awesome.

Matey Tammy @ books,bones,andbuffy has this to say about book two:

The nitty-gritty: Book two in The Risen Kingdom series shines just as brightly as the first. If you love amazing world-building, daring adventure and sparkling, witty characters, you simply must read this series.  The second book in Curtis Craddock’s delightful fantasy series started slow for me, I have to admit. It took me a good 100 pages to become fully invested in the story, but once I was there, wow. Once again, Craddock blew me away with his writing skills and his ability to create one of the most intricately detailed worlds I’ve ever come across. This series deserves way more attention than it’s getting, and if you love immersive fantasy, you should definitely be reading this!

Book two was so much fun and I was thrilled to see how the story would end.  It was time for a treasure hunt!  Arrr!  This book ended up being me least favorite of the series but it comes down to personal preferences.  I expected that the author would throw in some plot hitches that I wasn’t expecting.  I just wanted something different.  I wanted more treasure hunt and less politics.  I wanted more Marie and didn’t get enough.  I didn’t love the direction that Isabelle took in this.  I surprisingly didn’t love how the romance played out.  I didn’t really love the ultimate conclusion thought it really does makes perfect sense for the book.  I did continue to adore Jean-Claude and Capitaine Bitterlich.  I really enjoyed the new character, Rebecca.  Objectively there is nothing wrong with the book.  Subjectively every time I was excited about a plot point, it didn’t happen even close to what I wanted.  Not the author’s fault.  None of the crew seems to have read this one.  I wonder what they will think of it.  Read it ye stragglers and tell me what ye think!

Me thoughts of book three aside, I am very happy to have picked up this series and will be reading whatever Craddock writes next.  Arrr!

I received a copy of book three from the publisher in exchange for me honest musings.

Normally I put a blurb for the books but I am not this time cause spoilers!

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4 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – a labyrinth of scions and sorcery AND the last uncharted sky (Curtis Craddock) – A Series Finished!

  1. Aww thanks for the snippet of my review, Captain😁 I am woefully behind and have not read the third book yet. Sorry it wasn’t as good, but I’m still anxious to cross this series off my list. I may try to read it this month!

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