3 Bells – fleet of knives (Gareth L. Powell) – It’s Sci-Fi Month!

#SciFiMonth: 1-30 November 2020

Ahoy me mateys!  Grab your grog!  Here be book 2 of the 10th installment of the 3 Bells trilogy showcase where for 3 days straight I will be reviewing 3 books in a row.  The catch is that the 3 books will showcase an entire trilogy.  So throw your 3 sheets to the wind and get ready to celebrate with me.  Grog optional . . .

So yesterday I told ye about how much fun I had meeting the ship Trouble Dog.  I was very interested in hearing where her travels took her next.  I certainly loved hearing more about Sal and crew.  Ona Sudak is still a jerk.  I have to admit that I feel her motivations to be less than interesting.  Stupid in fact.

What was interesting was learning about the alien generation ship and the greater threat to the universe.  Think ye know about how scary parasites can be?  Think again.  And they are the lesser problem.  Sal and Trouble Dog are again trying to rescue others and get into more than they bargain for.

This second tale of adventure was not nearly as good as the first.  Solid.  I think part of it was that I didn’t love the new characters like I adore Trouble Dog’s bunch.  This middle yarn really did feel like second book that set up for the grand finale.  The ending however was excellent and bumped up the enjoyment a bit.

Stay tuned for the final book tomorrow.  Arrr!

Goodreads has this to say about the novel (shortened for spoilers):

The former warship Trouble Dog and her crew of misfits is called upon by the House of Reclamation to investigate a distress call from the human starship the Lucy’s Ghost. Her crew abandon their crippled ship and seek refuge aboard an abandoned, slower-than-light generation ship launched ten thousand years before by an alien race. However, the enormous ship contains deadly secrets of its own . . .

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2 thoughts on “3 Bells – fleet of knives (Gareth L. Powell) – It’s Sci-Fi Month!

  1. I share your hatred of Ona Sudak – what a horrible character!
    That said, the detour into horror in this second book was very adrenaline-infused and it helped mitigate the change of focus from Trouble Dog & Co. – Don’t worry they will be back in force in the next book 🙂


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