The Captain’s Log – driving the deep (Suzanne Palmer) – It’s Sci-Fi Month!

#SciFiMonth: 1-30 November 2020

Ahoy there me mateys!  When I read the book, finder, I didn’t know that this was the first book in a series.  It was a five star read and I adored Fergus Ferguson so much that I had to follow his next adventure.  Now I didn’t bother with reading the blurb because I wanted to be surprised.  And I am so glad I didn’t.  Cause the author took me expectations and quickly flipped them upside down.

The fast and zany action of the first book is very toned down here but Fergus Ferguson is still a joy to be with.  In this book we get a new character, Zacker, who annoyed me at the beginning and slowly grew on me until I enjoyed him.  We also get several new settings that I won’t talk about because of spoilers.  However, the environment that Fergus finds himself in is an unusual one.  He spends a lot of his time alone.  This book deals a lot more with Fergus’ inner psychology.  The small downside is a lot of the witty banter of the first book is lacking here.  The plus side is that I love Fergus and don’t mind spending more time with him and inside his head.  Plus there is a cat.  I love the cat.

There is a mystery in this book that really didn’t surprise me but a couple of issues unrelated to the mystery that did.  Fergus Ferguson is just a delightful character.  I be so excited for book three.  What trouble will he get into next?  Arrrr!

Goodreads has this to say about the novel (edited because of spoilers galore):

As a professional finder, Fergus Ferguson is hired to locate missing objects and steal them back. But it is rarely so simple, especially after his latest job in Cernee. He’s been recovering from that experience in the company of friends  . . . [and they] have convinced Fergus to finally deal with unfinished business he’s been avoiding for half his life: Earth . . . Many years and many jobs later, Fergus reluctantly agrees that now is the time to . . . face his family . . . [but] getting out again is going to be a lot more complicated than he bargained for.

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