On the Horizon – ballistic (Marko Kloos)

Ahoy there me mateys!  I received this sci-fi eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  While I try to post no spoilers, if ye haven’t read the first book then ye might want to skip this post. If ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril . . .

ballistic (Marko Kloos)

Title: ballistic

Author: Marko Kloos

Publisher: 47North (47North is the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror imprint of Amazon Publishing, the full-service publishing arm of Amazon)

Publication Date: TODAY!!! (hardback/e-book)

ISBN: 978-1542043557

Source: NetGalley

Aftershocks (The Palladium Wars, #1)

I really enjoyed book one of this series but was worried because a lot of of the details had faded by the time I picked up book two.  I gave meself a quick refresher by reading me review of aftershocks and jumped back in.  No worries, this was fun and engrossing.

While the blurb makes it seem that Aden is the only character, really this series has multiple points of view.  Ye follow four folks:

  1. Aden – a POW from the losing side of the battle who is released five years after defeat to start anew;
  2. Idina – a soldier from the winning side who holds a grudge, she is part of the occupying military force on the defeated planet;
  3. Dunstan – a member of the winning naval space fleet whose simple guard duty turns into a mess with epic ramifications; and
  4. Solvieg – a civilian who was a minor during the war now has to deal with the consequences of her planet’s loss and what it means for the family business.

Marko Kloos writes excellent popcorn sci-fi with characters that shine.  One of the best parts about this series is that the characters are from different planets and backgrounds.  In this installment ye get to see more of six worlds and other character perspectives and I loved feeling that the worldview has expanded.  There is enough action without sacrificing character development.  And I loved how the characters’ lives intersect without seeming forced.  They come together and then diverge again in fun ways.  I kept changing me mind about who me favorite character was (including minor characters).  I love that!

Again these books end on rather abrupt notes that still set up what’s to come.  Some readers might not enjoy that type of ending.  Just like with the first book, I ended this with a “Dang it!  I want more!”  I will avidly be waiting for the next installment and will pick it up as soon as it is released.  Arrrr!

So lastly . . .

Thank you 47 North!

Goodreads’ website has this to say about the novel:

There is a personal price to pay for having aligned with the wrong side in a reckless war. For Aden Jansen it’s the need to adopt a new identity while keeping his past hidden. Now he’s integrated himself aboard the Zephyr, a merchant ship smuggling critical goods through dangerous space. But danger is imminent on planet Gretia, as well. Under occupation, torn between postwar reformers and loyalists, it’s a polestar for civil unrest.

Meanwhile an occupation forces officer is pulled right back into the fray when the battle alarm is raised, an ambitious heiress is entangled in a subversive political conspiracy, and an Allied captain is about to meet the enemy head-on.

As Aden discovers, the insurgents on Gretia—and in space—are connected, organized, and ready to break into full-scale rebellion. History is threatening to repeat itself. It’s time that Aden rediscovers who he is, whom he can trust, and what he must fight for now.

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Marko Kloos – Author

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ballistic – Book

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6 thoughts on “On the Horizon – ballistic (Marko Kloos)

  1. I swear there is not enough popcorn sci-fi out in the world. I don’t want to read the philosophical or metaphysical treatises of authors most of the time, so I crave popcorn fiction. But I can never find it when I want to…

    Great review– I’ll definitely be checking out Kloos’s writing in the future. Are these characters new to book 2, or is this a clear continuation of book 1?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This light with just enough substance to keep it interesting. Book two is certainly a continuation of book one. And I am not sure if this is going to be a trilogy or what. So ye may need to wait a while for it to be completed 🙂
      x The Captain

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like a fun series! I enjoyed the popcorn sci-fi aspect of Kloos’ Frontlines series for the first few books, but then it felt like the characters weren’t well developed enough. It sounds like he’s fixed that aspect of his writing for this series. Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I gave up on Frontlines and was going to go back but I don’t think I am going to now. I like this new series much better. It’s still not completely memorable but was perfect for the kind of read I wanted.
      x The Captain


      1. It sounds like this is the more developed story and characters for sure! While I enjoyed the first couple (three?) Frontlines books, the MC got out of everything practically accidentally and that got on my nerves. I don’t plan to go back to them, but from the sound of your review of this series Kloos has grown as a writer and I might check out some of his newer stuff instead of going back to his debut series.


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