The Captain’s Log – the house in the cerulean sea (T.J. Klune) – a Wyrd and Wonder book!

Ahoy there me mateys!  I get why this book is hyped even if it ended up not being a favorite.  The main reason is the love story.  I liked it and thought it was sweet but would have preferred the book without it.

The main premise is that a world like ours has magical children in it.  Children with magic that they can’t always control.  So the government tracks these children and places the ones without families in orphanages.  The main character, Linus, is a middle-aged case worker who checks on the children and their living conditions and files reports.  Lots of them.  Until one day he is tasked to investigate an orphanage he didn’t know existed.

Linus himself rocked.  Seriously.  I loved the set up for his story, his life and job pre-island, and getting his observations.  I was always cheering for him.  His cat was also great.  The plot wasn’t stellar but the characters were key.  And the writing style itself was delightful.  I did not really like the love interest and thought he was boring and that his mysterious nature and secret was lame.  I also don’t like how the love story progresses so quickly.  But ultimately I just wanted the children to have more page time.  I adored them and just wanted to see more of their shenanigans and interactions with Linus.

The love story got in the way.  A fun read nonetheless and a standalone to boot.  Arrr!

Goodreads’ website has this to say about the novel (shortened by me):

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13 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – the house in the cerulean sea (T.J. Klune) – a Wyrd and Wonder book!

  1. Thanks for the review! I think this one will be right up my alley. It’s funny because we were talking about using this for our romantic fantasy book club for June (I think that’s still the plan) but then other readers told us the romance wasn’t that prevalent and now I’m wondering if it will be a good fit after all LOL. 😀 Sorry you didn’t enjoy this one quite as much but it looks like it still has other good qualities so I’m still very hopeful for it.

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    1. That makes me laugh! I am not a romance reader and tend to prefer no romance in me reading. I don’t always mind it as a side plot in things but not in this one. I think it be a great book to read for a romantic fantasy book club cause then ye can debate the issue. And I do really think it is an excellent book, just not a five star for me personally.
      x The Captain


  2. I’ve never read Klune’s work before, but I’ve heard so many amazing things about his writing. I have Bear, Otter, and the Kid on my TBR. Klune is known for writing M/M romances, though, right? Were you just not expecting romance to be included or was there something specific about how the romance was written that disrupted your enjoyment?

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    1. I just wasn’t expecting romance at all and had only heard the author’s name but wasn’t aware of his M/M writing background. The disruption was also that I just didn’t like the love interest. He was bland to me. The language and other characters are beautifully done. Just a personal preference for this one and I get why I am in the minority.
      x The Captain

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      1. Hey, that’s part of the fun of going in blind to a new author! If you don’t know what they are known for, you might be blown away. That’s how I felt reading Sanderson for the first time — I had never read anything of his before he finished The Wheel of Time. Then once I read The Gathering Storm I was in awe. Who is this man who writes like Jordan and yet has better pacing?! (Now, part of this is because Sanderson had too much to fill the pages with once Jordan died, but that’s mostly irrelevant here) — I knew I needed to find more of his writing. And I was impressed. Everyone else made fun of me for only learning of Sanderson in 2009…

        So, sometimes new authors go your way, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s just the risk we take when reading!


    1. I really am in love with Linus as a main character. He was so lovely and not a typical lead so I was just delighted by him. I am glad I picked up this book not knowing about the romance because I might not have read it.
      x The Captain


      1. I do think Linus was the best part about the book, and yet in the first several pages I wasn’t sure if I was going to like him at all. (I changed my mind as soon as I saw him with his cat, though.)


  3. Everyone is gushing about this and I’m very curious, even though you didn’t like the love story. I’d especially love to see what the children are all about😁

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    1. Aye, I think I would recommend this for all fantasy readers because it is lovely. I was very impressed with how well I related to the main character and cheered for him. It is also a book I continue to think about and I love that as well.
      x The Captain

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