Shiver me Timbers! Books in Five Words – Twice Over for Wyrd and Wonder

Ahoy there me mateys!  Matey Sarah @ brainfluff’s post convinced me to join this game.  The aim of this one is to select five of your all-time favourite books and sum each one up in five words as part of this year’s Wyrd and Wonder challenges.  I decided to order the First Mate to participate.  While Matey Sarah and Matey Himself each picked their own books, I decided that me list had to be fantasy books that both the First Mate and I have read.  No easy task.

Side note: click book titles to go to our reviews

The Palace Job (Rogues of the Republic, #1)

the palace job by Patrick Weekes

The Captain says “super crazy fun silly series”

The First Mate says “Ocean’s 11 in high fantasy” or “never-ending your mama jokes”

Neverworld Wake

neverworld wake by Marisha Pessl

The Captain says “teen Groundhog’s Day with murder”

The First Mate says “Möbius rashomon with teen angst”

The Queen's Poisoner (Kingfountain, #1)

the queen’s poisoner by Jeff Wheeler

The Captain says “king, hostage, assassin, magic, hooray!”

The First Mate says “assassin on staff plots revolution”

Holes (Holes, #1)

holes by Louis Sachar

The Captain says “steal shoes, dig holes, treasure?”

The First Mate says “karmic loopholes and manual labor”

The Shining Girls

the shining girls by Lauren Beukes

The Captain says “man, house, murderer, time traveler”

The First Mate says “the end is the beginning”

BONUS: Sci-Fi just because I wuva Murderbot:

All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries, #1)

all systems red by Martha Wells

The Captain says “robot hates humans loves tv”

The First Mate says “grumpy android saves the day”


x The Captain

30 thoughts on “Shiver me Timbers! Books in Five Words – Twice Over for Wyrd and Wonder

  1. HAHAHAHA — oh my gosh, these are amazing. I love it. Also, your First Mate is well-read! He’s been contributing so much lately and I love it. My husband doesn’t read as much as he plays video games. Though, he does have The Way of Kings on his nightstand… To each their own.

    These are incredible. I had 110% added The Palace Job to my TBR based solely on your 5 words. Are all 5, uh 6, of these books ones y’all enjoyed? I’m curious about your ratings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad ye have been enjoying the First Mate’s stuff. He is currently reading way more than me and so I am making him write things to make up for me blogging slack. I am the video gamer on the ship but haven’t had time for that either. This long weekend is catch up on jackie comments weekend! And aye, we enjoyed all of these books. Ratings ye ask? Hmmmm . . . got to get the First Mate. brb.

      The Palace Job – me (5) FM (5)
      Neverworld Wake – me (5) FM (5)
      The Queen’s Poisoner – me (4) FM (3.5)
      Holes – me (5) FM (5)
      The Shining Girls – me (5) FM (5)
      Murderbot – me (5 Arrr!) FM (4) – I almost made him walk the plank! But then who would cook?

      x The Captain

      Liked by 1 person

      1. WOAH WOAH WOAH — The First Mate only gave Murderbot 4 stars?! I demand to understand his criticism. But I get why you’d keep him… someones *does* need to cook.

        I’m glad you’re finding that the First Mate can help out with the blogging. I’ve just taken to blogging less, personally. We’re all just trying to make due!

        Wow! There are fairly well-loved books! Okay. Good to know — I’ll add the ones I haven’t read to my TBR then. Thanks, Cap’n!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! Thank you so much for the shoutout:)). I’m glad you jumped aboard the fun to be had with this lovely meme, Cap. AND for the recommendation of The Palace Job, which sounds right up my alley right now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The palace job is perfect for yer mood! I am thinking on reread this one in audio book meself. Cause it be light and fluffy. Actually now that I thought about it, it be perfect for me mood right now too. Arrrr!
      x The Captain


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