The Captain’s Log – three laws lethal (David Walton)

Ahoy there mateys.  As someone who very much wants a self-driving car, I was excited when I heard about this book from Matey Tammy @ books,bones,&buffy.  Then Matey Ashley @ sociallyawkwardbookworm did a giveaway for her fifth year anniversary and I won!!  Arrr!!!  So this be the book that she kindly gifted me.  It was a hoot.

Basically this thriller showcases what not to do in the self-driving car industry.  The three perspectives in this book belong to Tyler, Naomi, and Brandon.  They are part of a start-up in college involving self-driving cars that goes drastically wrong and sends the friends scattering in different directions.  But as each is still drawn to the auto industry the rival factions fight, hacking occurs, and profit is more important than personal safety.  I especially enjoyed the aspects dealing with the evolving laws and court cases.  There wasn’t a ton of it but what was showcased was fun.

Naomi was me favourite character.  She is shy, smart, and geeky.  Her programming and the intended consequences were super entertaining.  Brandon was great to dislike.  Tyler was good guy with a mission and I enjoying watching how much his path diverged from his original intentions.  My other favorite character was the angel investor.  I would like to have seen more of her.  Bonus about this book included all the references to geek culture.  The author even includes a list of them at the back of the book!

Basically the author did a great job and giving me lots of ramifications to ponder regarding self-driving cars.  As is the case with any major technology intervention, it be hard to understand or contemplate how society will change as things advance.  I have to hope that the author’s version of the story won’t be the one we actually get but it makes for a fun and dramatic story.

Side note: the AI in this was cool.

Goodreads has this to say about the novel:

The place, New York City; the time, the very near future. The streets of Gotham are swarming with self-driving cars, which are now a reality, and the competition between two entrepreneurs for this cutthroat futuristic business grows increasingly fierce. But when the escalating technological warfare produces superintelligent AI computers that use data to decide who should live and die, the results are explosive . . . and deadly.

It is left to young Naomi Sumner, inventor of the virtual world in which the AIs train, to recognize that the supercomputers are developing goals of their own—goals for which they are willing to kill. But can she stop these inhuman machines before it is too late? More importantly, will she stop them?

Three Laws Lethal takes the reader on a wild ride in a world that is still imaginary . . . for now . . .

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10 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – three laws lethal (David Walton)

  1. How topically appropriate! This is really what speculative fiction is for– for us to find the questions of the age, then follow them to a logical conclusion. I recently read The Circle and, honestly, it wasn’t for me — but it follows a similar path with the question of Privacy in the Digital Age.

    How is the writing? Is the writing itself strong enough without the plot to support it? I don’t know Walton’s works.

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    1. I have always been curious about the Circle but not enough to read it meself. I love books that explore legal and ethical questions about technology. I did like Walton’s other book that I read. I feel like sometimes his plots and ideas kinda fight for control and so the mix is a little off but still enjoyable. He wrote a book with physics that didn’t immediately make me feel stupid which be high praise from me.
      x The Captain

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      1. That is high praise! It’s not often that a book about physics really connects with me, so I can relate.

        My review of The Circle will be coming up soon. I cannot say I’d recommend it to most, but if you are into exploring ethical questions and internally debating how to combat these, then you’d probably enjoy Eggers’s book.


  2. Ooo… another one I need to track down! I’m also a huge fan of self-driving cars as I don’t enjoy driving very much and get very fed up with sitting in traffic jams… but maybe being in the hands of a lethal AI isn’t such a good thing, either:)). Thank you for another enjoyable, informative review, Cap:)


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