3 Bells – breach of containment (Elizabeth Bonesteel) Book 3

Ahoy me mateys!  Grab your grog!  Here be book 3 of the ninth installment of the 3 Bells trilogy showcase with a minor spoiler about the end of book two.  Arrrr!!!

breach of containment (Elizabeth Bonesteel)

This be an impromptu 3 Bells Showcase.  I have been meaning to read the Central Corps trilogy ever since Matey Sarah brought it to me attention.  So not too long ago I checked out the entire series from the library via interlibrary loan.  Then it sat and waited patiently for me to get to it.  Time passed and on Sunday I realized the books are due back at the end of the week.  Crunch time!

In book two, Greg, Elena, and the crew of Galileo accomplished the mission given to them by Central.  However, Central did not approve of exactly how the crew decided to execute orders.  Part of the “punishment” at the end of book two was to transfer Elena off the ship she considers home.  This makes everyone unhappy.

In this book, the crew of the Galileo are sent on a diplomatic mission to broker peace on the planet of Yakutsk which be experiencing civil war.  Of course there be complications.  One is that hated Admiral Herrod is chief diplomat and is now living on the Galileo.  Two is that the PSI are sending their own task force to Yakutsk.  Three is that a mysterious artifact has been discovered on Yakutsk and people will kill to get it.  Four is that Ellis Systems still seems to be playing power games.  It be a delightful mess.

I actually loved how much time has passed between books two and three and the consequences of that.  I loved getting more insight into Admiral Herrod and why he be such a jerk.  I actually felt sympathy for his bad choices even if I still kinda hate him.  I liked where Elena has ended up and how the switch off the Galileo has impacted her life choices.  She is still her lovely sometimes silly self.  I continued to enjoy getting Jessica’s point of view.  I loved the cat.  And I really adored the new character, the scavenger Dallas.

But the best part of this book by far was Captain Bayandi.  I absolutely loved everything surrounding the PSI ship and its captain.  I even cried about part of this story.  That does NOT happen to me often.  I can’t get into it because of spoilers.  In fact, I can’t really get into any more of this story because of spoilers.  The pieces tie together in interesting ways and I do think each book in the series was subsequently better.  The ending of the trilogy was just awesome and I wasn’t expecting any of it.

I hope that the author writes more in this world and be sad that this adventure is over.  But a new adventure can’t start until the last one ends.  I do encourage the crew to take a journey to read these fun novels and share ye tales of the experience with yer Captain . . .

Though I normally list blurbs here, this be another horrible spoilery blurb for this series.  Don’t read them!  I am not listing this one!

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4 thoughts on “3 Bells – breach of containment (Elizabeth Bonesteel) Book 3

    1. There are still a few where I cry like a nut every time I read them. Mostly when the main character dies whether that be a person or an animal. I don’t reread them often but when I do . . . waterworks.
      x The Captain


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