The Captain’s Log – night’s slow poison & she commands and i obey (Ann Leckie) – Short Stories – It’s Sci-Fi Month!

Ahoy there me mateys!  It’s Sci-Fi Month!!  After rereading the Imperial Radch trilogy, I thought I would take some time to read the two short stories set in the world.  Click the titles to read the stories for free.  I do not however recommend that these stories by yer introduction to the world (personal opinion. others disagree).  Here be me thoughts.

night’s slow poison (Imperial Radch #0.5)

the blurb – “Night’s Slow Poison” is from the same setting as Ancillary Justice, and tells a rich, claustrophobic story of a galactic voyage that forces one guardsman to confront his uneasy family history through the lens of a passenger with his lost lover’s eyes.”

This story is about 20 pages long.  One of the best things about this story is that it showcases another system outside of Radchaai space.  I love getting outsiders perspectives on the Radch empire.  Book four of the Imperial Radch series was all about that.  I was engrossed in this story about a six month space journey but I have to admit that the ending was a tiny bit off for me.  And I can’t put me finger on why.  Still I am glad I have read this.  I really do love Leckie’s writing style.  I especially enjoyed the commentary about the passengers and their evolving feelings as the trip progresses.  And I am very glad that I never have to travel on the ship Jewel of Athat.

she commands me and i obey (Imperial Radch #0.6)

This be a short story set in the world of Ancillary Justice, published by Strange Horizons as part of their annual funding drive.  It was released in two parts.  Click the link above for part one.  Part two is linked at the bottom of part one and here just in case.  This story is around 25 pages long.

This lovely part of this story is that it be a sci-fi that contains references to sports.  I thought this was cool because Matey Kathy had an awesome post that discussed sports in world building.  I am not a sports player meself but do love watching baseball games of me team occasionally (not too often cause they rile me up).  Of course in this story the sports outcomes are related to life and death and politics.  I adored this tale.  I loved the character names, the sport, the world-building, the complexities of the politics, and above all the main character.  The sport reminded me a bit of the Aztec ball game Ullamaliztli.  This story gets five stars.  And answers questions from the Radch trilogy.  Or at least the theories be awesome.

I absolutely love Ann Leckie and cannot wait to see whatever it be that she writes next.  Arrrr!

Side note: Sci-Fi Month is hosted by Matey Lisa of Dear Geek Place and Matey Imyril of One More.  Check out their blog links for more info and join the fun!

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12 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – night’s slow poison & she commands and i obey (Ann Leckie) – Short Stories – It’s Sci-Fi Month!

  1. I read the first Imperial Radch book almost 5 years ago now. I never finished the series! I definitely need to re-read the first book and read the whole trilogy. I recall being mindblown at 50% when I realized the history of our protagonist.

    Why do you think other recommend reading these short stories before the trilogy?


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