Shiver Me Timbers! A Series Shake-Down – Six & Final – the series being tossed overboard . . . dun dun dun!

Shiver Me Timbers mateys!  It be here!  Me birthday!!  Arrrr!!  Oh ye were here for the last post and final tally in me Series Shakedown series?  Well today be an excellent day to give meself the gift of the final numbers of the Shakedown. What!?!  Some of ye don’t even know what I be talkin’ about.  Ye blasted scalawags!  Ye addle-pated buffoons!  Here are the posts ye missed:

I started these posts back in March 2019!  This last installment will focus on series that I am gonna toss overboard for a myriad of reasons (Dun Dun Dun!) followed by an overall tally of the sad state of affairs of how fares the Series Shakedown.

This list is in alphabetical order by author’s first name and then the series name.  Clicking on the series titles will lead ye to the series’ Goodreads page.  Clicking on the crew members names will lead ye to their reviews.  This will seriously be a LONG list so continue at yer own peril . . .

Scroll to the bottom if ye just be here for the final reckoning.

  1. Alethea Kontis – Woodcutter Sisters – I really enjoyed the first book and liked the second book.  Tried to pick up the third several times and just gave up on the series overall.
  2. Alexandra Bracken – The Darkest Minds – I read book one and only sorta liked it.  So I am not reading the rest.
  3. Alwyn Hamilton – Rebel of the Sands – I thought the first book was just okay and wasn’t sure if I was going to read the rest.  I’m not.
  4. Amie Kaufman et al. – The Illuminae Files – While I liked the first book, I never had the urge to pick up the others.
  5. Amy Tintera – Reboot – I loved the premise of this dystopian tale where people come back to life in the Republic of Texas.  The love story of the first book made me not want to read the second.
  6. Ann Brashares – Sisterhood – I loved the first one and liked the second.  Never read more of them.  Liked the first movie, too.  Just never wanted to read more.
  7. Ann Rice – The Vampire Chronicles – I loved books one through three when I was 11.  I tried to read four back in the day and hated it.  I had no idea that the series now has 13 books.  No thanks.
  8. Anne McCaffrey – Acorna – Wow I thought I had read all of these.  Didn’t know there was a four to ten.  I have no interest.
  9. Anthony Ryan – Raven’s Shadow – I liked the first book but not enough to pick up the rest of the series.
  10. Anthony Ryan – The Draconis Memoria – I know, dragons!  But the first book was very uneven.  This author’s work might just not be for me.
  11. Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Homes – I liked the Hound story and I know I read one other.  They were enjoyable but not enough to read more.  The First Mate is a big fan of these and lots of the retellings.
  12. Ashley Poston – Once Upon a Con – I enjoyed the first book but don’t think I need the second.  I like Dahlia Moss better and would rather reread that.
  13. Becky Wallace – The Keeper’s Chronicles – I remember liking the first book.  That’s it.  No details whatsoever and no review to refresh me memory.  So off this goes.
  14. Betsy Cornwell – Mechanica – I liked the first book and thought I would read the second.  I have lost interest.
  15. Blake Charlton – Spellwright – The first book seriously has one of the best magic systems I have read about.  The plot just didn’t wow me.  So I be done.
  16. Brandon Mull – Fablehaven – I know I read the first book and liked it.  Nothing else sticks.  Off it goes.
  17. Brandon Sanderson – Alcatraz – I know.  I am surprised to put this name on me list too.  I adored all the other books I have read by him.  But I just couldn’t get into this series at all.  In fact, I had forgotten all about it.
  18. C.J. Redwine – Defiance – I do remember some of the plot of this one but only thought it was okay.  I don’t feel the need to finish.
  19. Carlos Ruiz Zafón – The Cemetery of Forgotten Books – The first book had a fascinating concept and some truly lovely writing but was too darn long and rambling.  I never finished the first book.  I always hoped to, but I give up.
  20. Cassandra Rose Clarke – The Assassin’s Curse – Book one had pirates and fun.  I enjoyed it.  But book two was hard to find at the time and I didn’t want to spend me loot.  I am okay not reading it.
  21. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse – I only read the first book because it was sitting in the ship’s galley one day and I was bored.  It was okay but I don’t want more.
  22. Charlaine Harris – Gunnie Rose – Cool concept but abandoned first book.
  23. Chuck Wendig – Miriam Black – I can’t say that I didn’t find some enjoyment in the blackbirds book.  But it had some real problems.  Matey Carol’s review explains why I will not be reading more.  Super damn cool covers though.
  24. Cornelia Funke – Inkworld – I really liked the first book but the second was kinda blah.  Not reading the third.
  25. Cory Doctorow – Little Brother – I abandoned the first book.  Writing wasn’t for me.
  26. Cynthia Hand et al. – The Lady Janies – I thought the first book was silly and fun and okay.  But I didn’t want to read a butchering of Jane Eyre cause that be one of me favourites.  So I didn’t continue.
  27. D. Nolan Clark – The Silence – I abandoned the first book.
  28. Dan Brown – Robert Langdon – I read the first two books.  Done.
  29. Daniel H. Wilson – Robopocalypse – I love robots but didn’t love this nearly enough to read the sequel.
  30. Daniel Quinn – Ishmael – I loved book one back in the day but never wanted to read the other two.  And book one’s details are hazy at best.
  31. David Keck – Tales of Durand – The first book was just so very bland.  I don’t get the love.
  32. David Levithan – Every Day – Book one was a five star read and I adored it.  But I am satisfied with how the story ended and so won’t read the sequel.  Hmmm didn’t know there was a prequel or book three either.  Nope.
  33. David Walton – Superposition – I adored book one.  I should read book two.  But I won’t.
  34. Dean Koontz – Odd Thomas – Loved the first book and thought the series got progressively worse.  I read books one to four and an interlude (have no idea which one).  Hated book four.  Stopped there.
  35. Delilah S. Dawson – The Tales of Pell – The humor in book one was not for me and so I abandoned it.
  36. Den Patrick – Erebus Sequence – Getting the first book of this series was full of peril and mishap.  Too bad I didn’t love it enough to continue.
  37. Dennis E. Taylor – Bobiverse – The First Mate warned me that there was a 50/50 shot I wouldn’t like this.  I didn’t.
  38. Derek Landy – Skulduggery Pleasant – I really like the characters in the two books I read.  The talking skeleton rocks.  But the books are too formulaic for me to keep reading.  Would have adored this series as a kid though!
  39. E.C. Meyers – Coin – I thought the first book was okay but have no urge to read the sequel.
  40. E.L. James – Fifty Shades – The office I was working in was filled with people reading these stupid books.  My boss said something along the lines of “ye read fast” and wanted me to read them to join in with the office gossip.  She lent me the series.  I read two of them.  I think Grey is a psycho and stalker.  My opinion was unpopular.  But I know many of the crew stands behind me in solidarity.
  41. Elie Wiesel – The Night Trilogy – I think the book Night is one everyone should read and is rightly a classic.  But reviews for the other two books showed that I don’t want to read the others.
  42. Emily R. King – The Hundredth Queen – The first book was so problematic that I should have stopped way earlier than I did.  In fact rereading me review of the book solidifies that.
  43. Emma McLaughlin – Nanny – One was enough.
  44. Erika Gardner – The Watcher Rising – I requested this because of the dragon.  But it was urban fantasy so it didn’t float me boat.  So I gave up.
  45. Erika Johansen – The Queen of the Tearling – To quote me Goodreads review “It has been a long while since I read the series and the initial thoughts on it are hazy. I did like the second book. But when I went to read the third one, I just kept putting it down and not wanting to pick it back up. I must have restarted it half a dozen times. As a side note, I currently be going through the list of series that I haven’t finished and taking out the ones I won’t finish because I am working on the Series Shakedown Part 6 post on me blog. I read the reviews and spoilers for the third book and realized I don’t want to read the third book. So it gets one star because I lost interest and never finished it. And I don’t think I ever will try it again hence why I finally rated it and put it on me abandoned ship shelf.”
  46. Erin Lindsey – Bloodbound – Lots of people like this one but the first book pissed me off.  It walked the plank.
  47. Ezekiel Boone – The Hatching – I learned about this sci-fi series with man-eating spiders from Drew @ thetattooedbookgeek.  I loved the first two books and read half of the third one before deciding that I had enough of spiders.  The plot got a little too boring by then.
  48. Fonda Lee – The Green Bone Saga – I wanted to love the first book so bad.  It had great parts but was just too darn long.  I didn’t finish it.  I got bored.
  49. Gail Carson Levine – Ella Enchanted – While I love the first book, I have no need to read the prequel.
  50. Gail Carson Levine – The Two Princesses of Bamarre – See the other entry above.
  51. Gayle Greeno – Ghatti’s Tale – The first book features a telepathic bond with humans and cats.  Obviously I had to read it.  I don’t remember a lot of the plot and wish I could reread this.  The libraries don’t have a copy.  The reviews of the next two books don’t appeal though.
  52. Gregory Maguire – The Wicked Years – I didn’t finish the first book.  Too long and I didn’t like the politics and philosophy junk.  Cool concepts but wished it was better.  I still cannot believe this became a musical.
  53. Guy Gavriel Kay – The Fionavar Tapestry – I may have read the whole series but I no longer remember.  I feel that the author writes well but I do not really like his style.
  54. Harper Lee – To Kill A Mockingbird – The second book shouldn’t exist.  Period.
  55. Helen Fielding – Bridget Jones – I loved book one.  Book two was okay.  Not reading three or four.
  56. Helen Wecker – The Golem and the Jinni – Don’t remember anything about the first book and the second book isn’t even out yet over six years later.
  57. Holly Black – Curse Workers – I enjoyed the first book but not enough to read the rest.  Usually this author’s work just isn’t me type of thing.
  58. Ian Tregillis – The Alchemy Wars – I have read book one of the series a couple of times and love it.  Book two was just decent.  Not going to read the third.  But I adore Jax the robot . . . I mean Mechanical.
  59. Ian Tregillis – Milkweed Triptych – This has WWII with warlocks and engineered super soldiers.  I liked the first book but it had too much of a feel of a comic book movie for me to read further.
  60. Ilana C. Myer – The Harp and Ring Sequence – I abandoned the first book but this series has love from lots of the crew. Had I known people compared the writing style to Patricia McKillip and Guy Gavriel Kay (I have read their novels but not particularly loved them) then I probably would have forgone this novel in the first place.
  61. Ilona Andrews – Kate Daniels – I don’t really enjoy much urban fantasy but people rave about this series.  Loved Kate and the world building but not enough to read more of the series.
  62. Indu Sundaresan – Taj Mahal Trilogy – I adored the first book in this historical fiction trilogy but don’t need to read the others.
  63. James R. Hannibal – Section 13 – Loved the concept but abandoned the first book.
  64. James S.A. Corey – The Expanse – No I haven’t seen the tv series.  I have no interest.  I read five books though I don’t remember the plots for any of them (even though one and two are marked as five stars).  When it came time to read the sixth, I didn’t want to reread to refresh me memory.  So bye bye.
  65. Jane Lindskold – Firekeeper Saga– This has wolf shape-shifters and I remember liking it back in the day.  I think I read multiple books in the series.  But I know I didn’t read all six.  That’s okay.
  66. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – I read book twelve because it was free.  It was okay.  Twenty-six books in the series!
  67. Jay Kristoff – The Lotus Wars – I remember getting this one for the cool cover.  I remember really liking it.  But I don’t remember any of it and don’t want to reread the first book in order to read the next two.
  68. Jeff Wheeler – Kingfountain – I loved the first book and thought the next two books weren’t as good.  Then I found out there was three more books and stopped.  This would have been better as a trilogy.
  69. Jennifer Weiner – Cannie Shapiro – I remember liking the first book and nothing else about it.  Didn’t know it was a series.
  70. Jenny Lundquist – The Opal Mask – I thought the first book in this YA fantasy was fun and read it in one sitting.  But it had major problems.  I then forgot about it until making this list.  I be okay with letting this go.
  71. Jim C. Hines – Princess – Loved the concept of the first book but never really got into the rest of the series.
  72. Jim C. Hines – Magic Ex Libris – See above.
  73. Joanna Harris – Chocolat – Apparently there are four books in the series.  I just read the first and enjoyed it.
  74. Joel Rosenberg – Guardians of the Flame – The first book of this series sucked.  No way am I reading nine more of these.  But it was fun to discuss with the First Mate and to write a ranty post about it.  I liked the dragon.
  75. John Flanagan – Ranger’s Apprentice – I read at least two of these with me nephew.  Maybe more.  But I know I didn’t read all twelve.
  76. John Grisham – Jake Brigance – There should not be a sequel to a time to kill.
  77. John Gwynne – The Faithful and the Fallen – I know I read the first book in the series because me Kindle told me so.  Absolutely NO memory of it even after reading the blurb again.  So I will not be reading the rest.
  78. John Hornor Jacobs – The Twelve-Fingered Boy – I remember liking the first book but all the details are gone so I will let this series go.
  79. Josh Malerman – Bird Box – I loved book one but there does not need to be a sequel.
  80. Julia Ember – Ashes of Gold – The first book had lovely diversity and a human-animal bond.  Loved that.  Didn’t like the plot as much so I won’t continue.
  81. Julia Gray – The Guardian Cycle – These were cover buys.  I remember liking the first three books for the world building in particular.  I do know the third book’s plot was too similar to the second book.  But of course now the plot has faded out of me noggin.  I will not be rereading any of this or finishing the last two books.
  82. Julianna Baggott – Pure – I read the first and second books.  I loved the world building in the first book but didn’t really like the plot of the second.  So I won’t finish the trilogy.
  83. Julie E. Czerneda – Night’s Edge – The first book was such an odd read for me.  I loved the writing, characters, and most of the plot.  But it was 864 pages long and didn’t need to be.  The second book is over 600 pages.  I would have to reread the first book to read the second.  No.
  84. Julie Kagawa – Talon – It has dragons.  I should have loved this.  I thought the first book was just okay and the second I abandoned.  Didn’t like the love-triangle ramifications.  Ugh.
  85. Juliet Marillier – Sevenwaters – While I really liked the author’s Wildwood series, the first book just didn’t do it for me.  Too drawn out.  And there be five more books.
  86. Justin Cronin – The Passage – One of the most boring vampire books I have ever read.  Ugh.
  87. Justina Ireland – Dread Nation – Zombies.  Book one was fun but had problems.  I don’t really care to read more.
  88. K.A. Doore – Chronicles of Ghadid – The first book had some cool world building but a super problematic plot.  Won’t be reading more.
  89. K.M. Peyton – Flambards – This quartet is considered a classic in the horse book world.  I didn’t even really like the first book that much.
  90. K.S. Marsden – Enchena – Book one has one of me harsher reviews because boring unicorns.  Ugh.
  91. Kage Baker – Lord Ermenwyr – I did not like the writing style of book one.
  92. Kai Meyer – Merle-Trilogie – This series is popular in Germany.  Cool world building but major plot and character problems.  I am not reading books two or three.
  93. Kameron Hurley – The Worldbreaker Saga – I read about half the first book.  Cool concepts.  Execution not for me.
  94. Karin Slaughter – Will Trent – I have only read book eight.  I really enjoyed it but thrillers aren’t really me thing.  The sister lent me this one.
  95. Kate Constable – The Chanters of Tremaris – I always wanted to read this series when I was younger but didn’t.  I read the first book as an adult to satisfy me curiosity.  Plot problems galore.  Don’t need to read more.
  96. Kate Elliott – Court of Fives – When I initially started this series shakedown, I was under the impression that I would finish this series.  I have since decided to not do so after returning the book two ebook to the library multiple times unread.
  97. Kate M. Colby – Desertera – Cool steampunk world but bad plot and characters.  I was amused by book one but not enough to read the rest of the trilogy.
  98. Kenneth Oppel – Matt Cruse – I liked but didn’t love the first book despite the dragon creatures.  But the dragon creatures aren’t in the second book so I didn’t bother.
  99. Kim Wilkins – Blood and Gold – The first book was okay but not enough to read further.
  100. Kristen Britain – Green Rider – The first book of the series is one of me favourites ever.  It is a major comfort read for me to this day.  Sadly the books continued to get worse as the series progressed.  Plot points kept repeating.  I made it partway through book five before quitting and then gave books two through five away.  Sad.
  101. Kristin Hannah – Firefly Lane – Not me usual genre but I liked the first book.  Don’t need to read more.
  102. Laini Taylor – Faeries of Dreamdark – I really liked the first book but couldn’t get through the second despite many attempts.  Not sure why.
  103. Laini Taylor – Daughter of Smoke and Bone – I liked the first in terms of characters and some of the writing but didn’t always love the plot.  I could not finish book two.  I think the author’s writing can be beautiful but I don’t think we mesh.  Don’t know if I will try any more of her writing.
  104. Laura Ann Gilman – The Devil’s West – I should have loved this book.  I liked the main character and thought the writing was great.  But it didn’t work for me overall and so I will not be reading more of this series.
  105. Lauraine Snelling – Golden Filly – This was from me horse obsession days and was a Christian horse racing book.  I have no idea where I got book one but could never find the rest of the series in the days of no internet.  This series can stay confined to me past.
  106. Lauren Weisberger – The Devil Wears Prada – I liked the movie and the first book.  Didn’t know this was a series.  Don’t need the rest.
  107. Laurie J. Marks – Elemental Logic – I really enjoyed the first book of this fantasy series but it felt like a stand-alone.  I am good leaving it at that.
  108. Lemony Snicket – A Series of Unfortunate Events – I read the first one out of curiosity and that was enough.  Clever concept.  Would have likely enjoyed it when I was little.
  109. Leo Carew – Under the Northern Sky – I thought the first book was okay but didn’t love it enough to continue with the series.
  110. Lev Grossman – The Magicians – I didn’t like the first book enough to continue.  And I don’t know why it was made into a tv series.
  111. Liane Merciel – Ithelas – I liked the first book and actually do remember some of the plot but have no need to pick up the sequel.
  112. Lila Bowen – The Shadow – I gave books one and two five stars.  But I have not been able to get into the third book despite multiple attempts.  I don’t know why.
  113. Linsey Miller – Mask of Shadows – I thought the hype for book one was blown way out of the water.  I didn’t abandon this one but maybe I should have.
  114. Lisa See – Shanghai Girls – I read the first book and really liked it but have no need for the sequel.
  115. Lois Lowry – The Giver – Read three of them.  Don’t want to read the new one.  The first is still the best.
  116. Louis Sachar – Holes – I like to think of this better as a fantastic standalone and a pretty good movie.
  117. Louisa May Alcott – Little Women -While I adore the first book (and some of the movies) I have never wanted to read more in the series.
  118. M.A. Larson – Pennyroyal Academy – Meh.  Read Millebot’s review for why I won’t be reading past book one.
  119. M.K. Hobson – Veneficas Americana – The first western fantasy book was weird but I liked it despite the many flaws.  I don’t like it enough to read more.
  120. Mackenzi Lee – The Montague Siblings – Monty sucks.  The first book walked the plank.  No more.
  121. Madeline Ashby – The Machine Dynasty – This series is weird.  I enjoyed both books so far.  However book two was written in 2013 and the last book isn’t scheduled until 2020.  I have no interest in rereading and then finishing.
  122. Marc Secchia – Shapeshifter Dragon Legends – It had dragons.  I abandoned it.  Sad.
  123. Marcus Sakey – The Brillance Saga – I gave the first book four stars (partly because of discussions with the first mate) but weirdly don’t want to continue the trilogy.
  124. Margaret Atwood – MaddAddam – I liked the first book but don’t need any more of this.
  125. Maria V. Snyder – Poison Study – I loved the first book but each one got worse and worse.  Stopped after the third.
  126. Maria V. Snyder – Glass – The first book was just okay and the memories of it are really non-existent at this point.  Done.
  127. Marie Lu – The Young Elites – I liked both the first and second book but was slightly bored by the second.  Never could get into the third.
  128. Marie Lu – Warcross – This book walked the plank and proves that the author’s work and I don’t get along.  Great concepts but bad plots.
  129. Marion Zimmer Bradley – Avalon – Fricken hated book one.
  130. Marit Wiesenberg – Select – I really didn’t like the problematic first book so off this goes.
  131. Marko Kloos – Frontlines – When I began the series shakedown the whole series was on the list to finish.  But then I read aftershocks and would rather focus on that series first and then see if I want to come back to this one.
  132. Mary E. Pearson – Jenna Fox Chronicles – I remember only sorta liking book one but I have forgotten the entire plot and had to look up a plot summary.  That still didn’t really bring any real details back.  So no more of this for me.
  133. Mary O’Hara – Flicka – I remember loving the first book but no longer really remember the plot.  I didn’t know there were two more.
  134. Mary Stuart – Arthurian Saga – I used to love Arthurian retellings and enjoyed books one and two.  I no longer like these types of retellings and will not be reading books three to five.
  135. Mary Weber – Storm Siren – Just okay first book where I don’t remember what really happened.  Won’t finish the series.
  136. Matthew Woodring Stover – The Acts of Caine – I should have loved this but just found the first book to be okay.
  137. Meg Elison – The Road to Nowhere – I thought the first book was just okay.  The first part of the dystopian was wonderful but it had issues.  Over time I realized I didn’t want to continue this one.  No regrets.
  138. Melissa Albert – The Hazel Wood – The first book got mixed reviews but I liked it.  I just don’t think it needs a sequel.
  139. Melissa Landers – Starflight – The first book was light fluffy fun but had a dumb ending.  I was gonna read the sequel but nah.
  140. Merecedes Lackey – Five Hundred Kingdoms – I read the first two books of this series and I really liked them.  But I don’t feel a major urge to read the other four.
  141. Merecedes Lackey – Elemental Masters – I have read one of these.  I didn’t know it was a series.  There are fourteen other books.  With so many other series I just feel that this one has to go.
  142. Merecedes Lackey – Obsidian Mountain – Read the first book and it seemed too derivative.
  143. Michael Grant – Front Lines – This series is about WWII with women soldiers.  I actually really liked the first book but then forgot about this series.  I am okay giving it up.
  144. Miles Cameron – The Traitor Son Cycle – So very sad about disliking this one.  To quote meself “Okay so I give up. While I am capable of fighting to the bitter end, I just couldn’t do it. This novel was so darn slow to read. I made it to page 366 out of 648 . . .I can see how some readers of epic fantasy would like this work. However, not only did I abandon this book but shall abandon the rest of the series too.”
  145. Mindee Arnett – Rime Chronicles – Ah yes.  The first book had dragons and too many plotlines and too much angst.  Cool concepts but execution was not to me taste.  Will be skipping the rest.
  146. Mindy Klasky – Glasswright – I don’t really remember this series at all.  The reviews say the protagonist is a moron and there is rape as a plot point.  I am okay with having completely forgotten the first book.
  147. Mira Grant – Parasitology – Liked book one.  Book two wasn’t so good.  Didn’t read three.
  148. Mirah Bolender – Chronicles of Amicae – The first book walked the plank.
  149. Miriam Forster – Bhinian Empire – Okay I know why I read the first book – talking cats and shapeshifters.  While younger me liked it, a reread many years later made me realize its many flaws in plot and coincidence.  I don’t need to read anymore.
  150. Morgan Llywelyn – Step by Step – Book one had a super cool premise but the rest of the series seems like more of the same.
  151. Naomi Novik – Temeraire – Blasphemy!  But I can’t help it.  I read and loved the first four books but couldn’t get into the fifth.  Awesome characters and lovely writing but I got tired of the war.  And there be five more books.  No.
  152. Nicholas Sparks – The Notebook – The book made me cry.  The movie was bad.  I don’t want to read anymore of this series.
  153. Orson Scott Card – Ender’s Saga – I knew nothing about the book when I picked it up and I think that helped.  I liked the classic, ender’s game, but have absolutely no urge to read anymore of these.  Then there is Milou @ simplyabookdrunkard’s review which points out tons of problems with book one.
  154. P.L. Travers – Mary Poppins – I didn’t know there were eight books.  I am okay with just the one and the lovely Julie Andrews movie.  No I am not watching the new movie.  Ever.
  155. Patricia C. Wrede – Lyra– This author has written marvelous things like the enchanted forest chronicles and sorcery and cecelia. I had always wanted to read this series.  I was expecting great things.  Basically, I found book one to be immensely cliché and boring and abandoned it.  I will stick to rereadin’ me favourites by the author instead.
  156. Peter Newman – The Vagrant – I have no regrets because of the goat but don’t need to read the others.
  157. Peter V. Brett – Demon Cycle – Why would I not read the last book?  Because despite cool characters and world building, each book’s plot got worse for me.  Then I read Matey Mogsy’s review of the last book and just couldn’t bear reading it.  So I be done.
  158. Paolo Bacigalupi – Ship Breaker – I have loved six of this author’s books including the first two book of this trilogy.  The last book involves one of me favourite characters and so I should have loved it.  I have tried to read it five times in paper, ebook, and audiobook formats and can’t seem to get into the story.  A fluke for me but I give up.
  159. R.S. Belcher – Brotherhood of the Wheel – I loved the first book but am okay with it being a standalone in me noggin.
  160. R.S. Belcher – Golgotha – I loved parts of book one but ultimately abandoned ship.
  161. Rachel Hartman – Seraphina – I actually liked book one.  I tried to read book two and didn’t like it.  And I likely will never reread book one either.
  162. Rae Carson – The Gold Seer Trilogy – I enjoyed book one of this YA fantasy trilogy when I read it but have never been able to get into book two despite multiple attempts.  But I enjoy the Gold Rush setting.
  163. Ransom Riggs – Miss Peregrine’s Particular Children – Book one was less than I expected so I don’t want to read more.
  164. Rebecca Wells – Ya Yas – I remember enjoying both the first book and the movie.  I don’t know how either would hold up now.  I be okay with that.
  165. Rhoda Belleza – Empress of a Thousand Skies – The first book had a very misleading blurb and wasn’t that great.  No thanks.
  166. Rick Riordan – The Heroes of Olympus – I read the first Percy Jackson series with me nephew and enjoyed it.  He liked this series but I was bored.  I stopped after the second.
  167. Rick Yancey – The 5th Wave – I liked the first book.  I think I read but can’t remember book two.  Done with this.
  168. Rin Chupeco – The Bone Witch – I really enjoyed book one and just never seemed to make it to later books.
  169. Robert Beatty – Serafina – I liked the idea of the first book and it took place in Biltmore Estates but it had major issues.  It walked the plank.  Won’t read the rest of them.
  170. Robert C. O’Brien – Rats of NIMH – I adore both the book and the animated film about Mrs. Frisby.  I had no idea that there were more in this series.  I think I am okay with forgetting that fact.
  171. Robert Silverberg – Lord Valentine – This was recommended by some of the crew when I expressed interest in reading one of his novels.  I enjoyed it but don’t need more of this series.
  172. Robin LaFevers – His Fair Assassin – I kept thinking I would read the other two books in the series as I own them.  I haven’t and likely won’t.
  173. Robin McKinley – Pegasus – I should have loved the first book about flying ponies.  But it was just okay and I don’t want more.  Well I want different.  And the author hasn’t written book two in nine years.
  174. Roger Zelazny – The Chronicles of Amber – I had an omnibus of this at some point.  I liked a lot of the imagery but felt there was no real plot.  I don’t know how many of the ten books I got through (3?) but then I gave up.  Too convoluted for me.
  175. Roshani Chokshi – Guilded Wolves – I abandoned the first book.
  176. Rowenna Miller – The Unraveled Kingdom – Lots of the crew like this series.  I abandoned the first book.
  177. S. Jae Jones – Wintersong – I was excited about this book about the goblin market.  It sucked.
  178. Saladin Ahmed – The Crescent Moon Kingdoms – I wanted to love the first book but I didn’t.
  179. Sam Sykes – The Graves of Empires – I actually liked the first book.  I did not like the atrocious cover.  But I don’t want to read any more of these.
  180. Sara B. Larson – Defy – The first book was okay.  Not going to read the rest.
  181. Sara Gran – Claire DeWitt Mysteries – Started with book three.  I loved it.  Don’t feel the need to go back to the beginning.  I got the gist.
  182. Sarah Fine – Of Metal and Wishes – I liked the first book but not enough to read the sequel.
  183. Sarah Fine – Reliquary – Okay the first book was a train wreck and yet I wanted to read book two.  What?  But I was denied an ARC and rightly so.  Which knocked some sense back into me.  This series should have walked the plank.  Live and learn.
  184. Sarah J. Maas – Throne of Glass – Crap.  Absolute crap.  The first book sucked and I will not read anything else by this author.  Though for kicks check out Matey Liam’s snarky read-along.
  185. Scott Reintgen – The Nyxia Triad – I really liked the first book and thought the second book was okay.  The third book came out with no fanfare and time has passed and I don’t want to read the finale anymore.
  186. Scott Westerfield – Zeros – I liked the Uglies trilogy by this author.  This one not so much.  I loved the character Anonymous in the first book but that’s about it.  The rest was blah.
  187. Scott Westerfield – Leviathan – With its steampunk premise, I thought I would love this series.  I didn’t.  I abandoned ship after reading the first third of book one.  Sad.
  188. Scott Westerfield – Afterworlds – I liked the first book but I don’t remember any of it now.  Given how there are already two other series on this list being tossed overboard, I will let this one join it.  I am now done with this author even if I have nostalgia for his Uglies series.  Oh and I won’t reread that series either.  Let it keep its patina intact.
  189. Seth Dickinson – The Masquerade – I very much enjoyed the first book with an accountant as a fantasy hero.  I was planning on reading the second until I saw this review by Mogsy @ thebibliosanctum.
  190. Sherwood Smith – Inda – I read the first book a billion years ago and remember really liking it.  And yet I haven’t picked up the other three in over 15 years.  Time to give up on it as I don’t even really remember the plot at this point.
  191. Simon R. Green – Nightside – I have read some of the author’s other works and liked them so I randomly picked this one up.  Fun but have no urge to read the others.
  192. Stephen Deas – The Memory of Flames – Okay so this has dragons and I liked the dragon part but did not like the human politics part.  The first book was just okay and I don’t really want to read the other six books.
  193. Stephen King – The Shining – There be a second book?  Whatha?  No.
  194. Stephen King – The Dark Tower – I read the first book and didn’t get it.  Then much, much later the First Mate described the major trajectory of the series for me.  Hell no.
  195. Stephenie Meyer – Twilight – I didn’t get through much of the first book before flinging it far overboard.  Edward is a creepy stalker.
  196. Steve Alten – Meg – This book about giant killer sharks was ridiculous but fun and yet it still walked the plank.  There shouldn’t be a movie much less seven other books in the series!
  197. Steven Gould – Jumper – The First Mate and I love the first book in the series.  He told me not to bother with book two.  We didn’t know there was a three, four, or novellas!  Not reading those either.
  198. Susan Dennard – The Witchlands – Book one was fun but book two switched perspectives and I was bored and never read more than half of it.
  199. Susanna Kearsley – Slains – I read book two not knowing it was part of a series.  I don’t feel the need for the first book.
  200. T.H. White – The Once and Future King – I read about half the sword and the stone and only liked parts of it.  I put it down over two decades ago and never picked it back up.  Also didn’t know there were five books total.  I will stick with the Disney film.
  201. T.L. Shreffler – The Cat’s Eye Chronicles – Lots of other people liked book one.  I so didn’t.
  202. Tade Thompson – The Wormwood Trilogy – I really loved rosewater but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read the whole trilogy.  Then the excellent reviews of book two started coming in.  I tried it twice and just can’t get into it.
  203. Tessa Elwood – Inherit the Stars – I don’t regret reading the first book but wouldn’t recommend it.  No plans to read the sequel.
  204. Tomi Adeyemi – Legacy of Orïsha – I don’t get the hype for this series.  Book one walked the plank.
  205. Tonke Dragt – The Letter for the King – I read this because it be a translated fairytale.  I don’t get it.
  206. Traci Chee – The Reader – I abandoned the first book.
  207. Tracy M. Joyce – The Chronicles of Altaica – Abandoned the first book.
  208. Vic James – Dark Gifts – This series does not deserve the hype.  Book one was bad.
  209. Wilbur Smith – Ancient Egypt – I adored the first book of this historical fiction series when I was little.  Never read the other five books.  Never will.  Don’t think I will reread the first either.  Don’t know how it would hold up.
  210. William Nicholson – Wind on Fire – I always meant to go back and finish the other two books of the trilogy.  I don’t remember book one and so be letting this series go.

Now what ye all have been waiting for –


37 Completed Series / Haven’t Finished: 98 Books Left (Including Re-Reads)

33 Unfinished Series / Not All Books Published: 37 + ? Books Left

11 Unfinished Series / Not Caught Up With Releases: 17 (Released) Books Left

66 Completed Series I Haven’t Started: ? Books Left

41 Unfinished Series I Haven’t Started: ? Books Left

210 Abandoned Series: Lots of Books Dropped Overboard


3 Series Be Done!!

81 Active Series – 152 + ? Books

107 Series I Haven’t Even Started

Hooray for the completion of this task!  Now I just have to complete all those series!!  Also check out me new “Series Shakedown” page with lovely sub-menus!


x The Captain

30 thoughts on “Shiver Me Timbers! A Series Shake-Down – Six & Final – the series being tossed overboard . . . dun dun dun!

  1. Oh wow, you weren’t kidding about it being long! Now I have this mental image of books (with tiny legs and arms and all) flailing and silently screaming as they’re shoved off the plank. Fifty shades can be the last to go. 😀

    Also, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that there’s going to be a sequel to Bird Box. Just…why??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hardy har har!!! Me sides hurt from chortling so much. I enjoy that mental image. I will have to share it with the first mate. And Aye, I delightedly flung off fifty shades. Blech! Also glad to know someone else thinks the bird box sequel is nuts. Money grab or publisher demand? Or both?
      x The Captain

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wowza that’s a lot of series you are abandoning lol

    I read and LOVED The Shadow of the Wind, BUT have yet to pick up any of the other books in the series… I plan on it though.

    Fifty Shades – I wish I could erase these books from existence. They are poorly written books about a sadomasochist… I just don’t get their appeal? Terrible.

    I thought the first Queen of the Tearling book was super boring.

    I read The Hatching. I’m terrified of spiders…. Nope!

    Don’t bother with the prequel to Ella Enchanted. It was disappointing.

    I also read Little Women – heartwarming & nostalgic for me – but have yet to continue on.

    I love Monty from A Gentleman’s Guide… totally a guilty pleasure book. Wasn’t as impressed with the second book.

    I thought The Bone Witch was okay, but thought the second book was much better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was disappointed in not liking Shadow of the Wind but me copy was delivered to a local library sale so that be gone for good.

      I remember ye reading the hatching! I thought yer story on how ye got it was entertaining. I also be impressed that ye finished it. And yer comments about the writing style and portrayal of women was right on.

      I am glad to hear that I made the right choice in skipping the ella enchanted prequel.

      Hmmm the bone witch could go back on the list. I was sad to throw it off. But it would have to be a backburner series for sure.

      I think the length of yer comment means that ye actually read through the whole list. Now that shows some adventurous attitude! Thanks for the lovely thoughts.
      x The Captain


    1. Eeeek! I don’t know if I can. I know a bit too much about the issues with the publication and the fact that she wasn’t satisfied with the end result. Did ye review it when ye read it?
      x The Captain


  3. Man, I really should make a list like this one of these days, just to clear out my TBR and make it more manageable. I’m sure there are a ton of series I would have no interest in continuing anymore, or some where I won’t remember anything from the previous book anyway. And yeah, do yourself a favor and skip The Monster Baru Cormorant. Talk about a book that didn’t need a sequel!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy birthday! I hope it’s a wonderful one with lots of good books!

    I am with you on The Sookie Stackhouse and Dan Langdon books. I read one and two books in those series respectively, and that was plenty. I’m also with you on several of the ones you see no need to read more than the first book. (Ender’s Game, To Kill a Mockingbird, & Rats of NIMH stand out for those.)

    Hey, I forgot all about Acorna. I think I read all of those. I could easily have stopped at one for all that I remember what happens in the books. Oh! And I think I read that first Ghatti’s Tale book, too! But… I don’t remember anything about it, either.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I adore it! Though me theme only allows two nested pages. I don’t know why. I was experimenting with changing the theme but then realized how that would change other settings and links and gave up!
        x The Captain


      2. I started playing with nested headers recently too, it does make things neater and (hopefully) easier to find in the long run. I liked that solution better than deleting old pages when I was ready to archive them!

        Changing blog themes is always tricky. It can be a lot of fun to play with, but I agree that I don’t always like how it changes various settings.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the bday wishes. I didn’t have internet for the last three days due to the storms (fried some wires apparently) and so I spent the day quietly reading. I did get a book from me bestie that she wrote. That made me day. And giftcards. I have some book hunting to do.

      Glad to hear that ye agree with lots of the tossed series. I managed to finish another yesterday which pleased me greatly. I am about 12 reviews behind. I will get caught up at some point!
      x The Captain


      1. A nice day of quiet reading sounds like a wonderful way to spend a birthday! Hopefully all is back to normal now.

        And hooray for finished series! That’s such a great feeling (even if I do sometimes miss the characters after their stories are done).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aye, the internet be working again! Arrrr! I have actually read less since it came back on because I have so much to catch up on. Like comments! And I do miss characters often. But that be what rereading be for! Besides better just enough books with a good ending than a bloated mess.
        x The Captaini


  5. Happy Birhday! Wow that’s a lot of series! I’m cracking up that your boss gave you 50 shades to read. You should get bonus points on your performance review just for attempting book two (or finishing book one).

    And I adored Kingfountain! Books 4-6 are actually about Owen’s daughter Trynne (who dual wields swords- which I loved), but if you didn’t like the first trilogy that much they are probably safe to skip.

    Liked by 1 person

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