Shiver Me Timbers! A Series Shake-Down – Part Five – With a Call to Arms for the Crew to Help Subdue the List

Shiver Me Timbers mateys!  Me Series be spiraling out of control!  Many of me crew lament and wail about how series never seem to be finished and are hard to keep track of.  That got me to thinking about what series still be languishing in the hold hoping for love and completion.  Now here be the thing, when I started the official tally, I realized that subcategories would be needed due to the sheer volume or me noggin would self-destruct.  So I will be splitting this up into multiple posts.  The six (!) categories thus far are:

This fifth installment will focus on series that are not finished that I haven’t started yet (Sigh!).  This list is in alphabetical order by author’s first name and then the series name.  Clicking on the series titles will lead ye to the series’ Goodreads page.  Clicking on the crew members names will lead ye to their reviews.  All release dates comes from Goodreads and are subject to change.  This will seriously be a long list so continue at yer own peril . . .

All authors whose works I have never read are marked with a *

  1. Adrian Tchaikovsky – Children of Time – this sci-fi series only has two books out.  I am not sure if there are going to be more or not which is why it be on this list.  I have read two of his standalones and be ready to try a series.
  2. Alex White – The Salvagers * – Treasure hunters in space.  This sci-fi trilogy has two books out so far.  The third book is scheduled for 2020.
  3. Aliette de Bodard – Dominion of the Fallen – I have read several of this author’s novellas and loved them.  I do want to try this trilogy.  Book three is scheduled to come out later this month.  Paris in ruins and a murder mystery and a war in heaven.  Talk about problems.
  4. Amy Stewart – Kopp Sisters * – This is not me typical genre here on the blog but the premise of historical female deputy sheriffs was too good to pass up.  I own the first two books.  Book five comes out September 2019.  Plus the first mate loved the audiobook of book one.
  5. Anna Smith Spark – Empires of Dust * – The third book of this grimdark fantasy series comes out in August 2019.  I don’t know much about this series to be honest except the author’s debut got good reviews from mateys Mogsy, Drew, and Lisa.
  6. Anna Stephens – Godblind * – These books have pretty covers which is how I first noticed them.  This is supposed to be a gritty epic fantasy trilogy.  The third book is slated for August 2019.
  7. Barbara Kloss – The Gods of Men * – This was one of the 10 finalists in the SPFBO 2018 contest.  The second book isn’t out yet.  I am on the fence about this fantasy series.
  8. Ben Aaronovitch – Peter Grant * – This fantasy series sounds good but it is so darn long.  Book eight is scheduled for November 2019.  Plus there are tons of novellas.  And it be urban fantasy which I have problems with.  Conflicted.
  9. Bradley P. Beaulieu – The Song of the Shattered Sands * – This is another long fantasy series with novellas.  Book five is scheduled for 2020 with the last book coming out in 2021.  Unsure of this one.
  10. Brian Lee Durfee – The Five Warrior Angels * – There are currently two books in the five book series.  The first book was the author’s debut.  It apparently involves the “Gladiator. Assassin. Thief. Princess. And the Slave.”  Assassin is likely what put this series on me list.
  11. Clare Legrand – Foxheart * – This is a cute sounding middle-grade series involving a orphan/thief/witch.  The companion book is scheduled for sometime this year.
  12. Damien Black – Devil’s Night Dawning * – This is a five book fantasy series.  Only books one and two are out.  I picked it because of the dragon on the cover.  I know nothing else about it.
  13. Daniel Cole – Fawkes and Baxter * – This is another genre change for me and is a murder mystery series.  All three books in this series are apparently now out.  I wasn’t paying attention and so it will stay on this list for the purposes of this post.
  14. David Mealing – The Ascension Cycle * – The first two book of this epic fantasy series are out.  There is no date for the last.
  15. Devin Madson – The Reborn Empire * – The cover of book one led me to this fantasy series debut.  Only two books of the quartet are out yet.  No word on the rest of the books.
  16. Django Wexler – The Wells of Sorcery * – I can’t read this fantasy series until I read the other one on me list.  Book two comes out in 2020 and book three has no date.  I have time.  Ghost ships in this one.  Arrrr!
  17. Duncan M. Hamilton – Dragonslayer * – Dragons!  Book one of the trilogy just came out earlier this month.  The other two books have no set date.
  18. Emily Devenport – The Medusa Cycle * – This is a sci-fi series about AI.  I don’t know how many books will eventually be in this series but book two is scheduled for later this month.
  19. Gareth L. Powell – Embers of War * – A sci-fi series where the warship Trouble Dog seems to be the main character.  How cool is that?  Books one and two are out but no date for the third yet.
  20. Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan – The Black Iron Legacy * – I own book one of this fantasy trilogy about thieves but I haven’t read it yet.  Book two comes out in 2020.  I have time.
  21. J. Zachary Pike – The Dark Profit Saga * – This series is a fantasy satire.  I have heard good things about the first book but am not sure if I want to read it or not.  Two books are out.  There might be a third.  Thoughts?
  22. Jacqueline Koyanagi – Tangled Axon * – This is a f/f sci-fi romance series.  I don’t normally like the books that lean more towards the romance side but this sounds kinda fun.  But only book one is out.
  23. Janet Edwards – Scavenger Alliance * – Guess what?  A Sarah @ brainfluff recommendation.  Of course her name had to pop up on this list.  Books one and two of this trilogy are out.  No word on the third.
  24. Jeff Minerd – Sky Riders of Etherium * – This is a steampunk fantasy with airships.  I own the first book.  The second book is out.  No word on the third.
  25. Jonathan French – The Lot Lands * – Two books are out in this fantasy series.  I don’t know if there will be more.
  26. Josh Rhoades – Skysail Saga * – Me notes say that I own the first book of this series.  I don’t know where it be.  But steampunk fantasy can be fun.  Only thing is none of the other books are out yet.
  27. K.S. Villoso – Annals of the Bitch Queen * – This series has beautiful covers and sounds like fun.  The author even gave me a copy of the first book.  I just have to read it!  Apparently book two is already out so I should try and get to this soon.
  28. Kim Smejkal – Ink in the Blood * – This YA fantasy series deals with tattoo magic.  But the first book doesn’t even come out until 2020.
  29. Kristi Charish – Kincaid Strange * – I won the first book of this urban fantasy series from Matey Tammy.@ books,bones,&buffy.  I have to read this one too!  Book two is out but no word on book three.
  30. Maria Turtschaninoff – The Red Abbey Chronicles * – This is a YA fantasy series by a Finnish author.  I have wanted to read it since I first saw the glorious hardback covers.  The third book comes out in English in 2020.  Hooray for books from non-American writers (no offense!).
  31. Mark Lawrence – Impossible Times – I don’t know anything about D&D.  But I do know that Lawrence is a good author.  So I want to give this series a try.  And all three books of the trilogy should be out by the end of this year.
  32. Mark Gelineau – Echoes of the Ascended * – This is a series of eight fantasy novellas.  I own the first book.  How this goes will determine if I spend money on the rest of the series.
  33. Rachel Caine – The Honors * – Books one and two of this YA sci-fi are out.  The third book comes out in 2020.
  34. Rebecca Roanhorse – The Sixth World * – I have heard mixed things about this YA fantasy series but still want to try it for the worldbuilding.  Books one and two are out.  No date on three.
  35. Robert V.S. Redick – The Fire Sacraments * – Mistaken assassins and a giant cat on the cover.  Sign me up.  But only the first book is out so far but I have another quartet by this author to read first.
  36. S.J. Pajonas – Hikoboshi * – Yet another Sarah @ brainfluff book!  I can’t keep up with her.  But this sci-fi series sounds great.  All three books may be out by now.
  37. Sean Danker – Evagardian * – Sci-fi series with cool premise.  Not sure if all the books are out yet.
  38. Somaiya Daud – Mirage * – I am not sure yet if I want to read this YA sci-fi series.  Only book one is out so far.  Book two is in 2020 and no date for book three.  I have time to make up me mind.  Will likely wait until the rest of the series be out to do so.
  39. Susan Kaye Quinn – Debt Collector Season One * – I have no idea if this series is complete.  It is a future noir where I downloaded the first season for free.  So I will explore this series further at some point.
  40. Suzanne Young – Girls with Sharp Sticks * – This YA dystopian sounds cool.  Book one is out and book two is due in 2020.
  41. Todd Lockwood – The Evertide * – Dragons!  Only the first book is out so far with no word on the rest.

So ye dastardly scalawags, out of these series are there any that ye believe should be purged?  Have ye explored these ports only to find insipid characters, messy plots, and wasted time?  Yer Captain wants to know all about it.  Save yer Captain and fellow crewmates from shores that should have remained unexplored.  Arrrrr!

In the meantime, keep a weathered-eye out for more lamentations about the uncompleted series I haven’t started yet and always remember:

Q: How much did the pirate pay to have her ears pierced?

A: A buck an ear!

Hardy har har!

x The Captain

28 thoughts on “Shiver Me Timbers! A Series Shake-Down – Part Five – With a Call to Arms for the Crew to Help Subdue the List

  1. Do you actually OWN all of those books or are they on your wishlist? 😀

    Did you try reading samples before you decide whether you want to keep them or not? Not sure how much it would help as sometimes you need more time in a story to make up your mind.. But for me personally it helps to ‘weed out’ some, as you mostly get a pretty good idea whether you will like the style of writing and the direction of the story.

    …I have ‘The Summer Dragon; by Todd Lockwood waiting on my shelf ❤ been waiting to read it for a long time so I hope it's good!

    I've been looking at 'The Song of the Shattered Sands' for a while but haven't got a sample yet.. It IS so long.. not sure haha. maybe I get back to it after I finished some longer series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hardy har har!! I do not own all of those books. Me ship would sink. I think I own about 400 unread books total between series and standalones. I have been trying to save space by using the library and also buying ebooks.

      I have only tried samples for one book but then immediately had to buy it. Though I have thought about doiing that in the future when attempting to start a new series I don’t know much about. But I am afraid it would lead to me spending too much loot.

      Also length of series sometimes stops me from getting started because I be such a dang mood reader. But if it has dragons I usually give it a shot 🙂

      The Shattered Sands series has five books and some novellas so I will be waiting to start that until I get some of the other outstanding series completed. It does sound good though. Thanks for the lovely comment.
      x The Captain


  2. Oh gosh, I don’t know which books you should cull OFF your list, but I do have a couple I hope you keep and decide to try out: I LOVED Barbara Kloss’s GODS OF MEN (and she’s writing the sequel now, so you have some time to read it before that comes out), David Mealings’ Ascension series is DRASTICALLY underrated (granted, I’ve only read the first book, but I positively loved it and cannot wait to read the second one). I haven’t read K.S. Villoso and I’ve only read one book of Devin Madson, but they are both such wonderful people and I’ve heard such good things.

    I hope you have some good reading ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think a single crew member has been able to cull any off the list! I will keep yer suggestions on there. Though I am trying not to start any more new series until I finish some of the outstanding ones. Though the Mealng one is so temptiing. Glad to hear that ye think Villoso and Madson are nice. Villoso seemed very nice but our exchange though it was brief. I certainly have plenty of books to choose for the good reading ahead. It will be interesting to see what the end tally of series ends up being. Thanks for the input. Arrrrr!
      x The Captain

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sorry I didn’t help at all! But there weren’t any on there which I read that I *didn’t* like, so I didn’t want to try and cull books I had no opinion about one way or the other! You’re right, you have plenty to choose from! I’m excited to see your tally update, whenever it arises! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I haven’t read the Rebecca Roanhorse series yet either, but it’s on my TBR too.

    For the Mark Lawrence Impossible Times series, I read book one (One Word Kill) and was completely happy stopping at one. So if you want, you don’t have to consider it to be a series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear that impossible times can be shortened. I keep telling meself that I can stop a series if I want to. Or a book for that matter. I just rated book three of the Tearling series on Goodreads and the last astronaut and seem to be getting some pushback on those one star decisions. Can’t please everyone!
      x The Captain


      1. I know. They also get made that I get arcs. I have never experienced this before but for some reason now Goodreads folks be fighting with me. I usually write back something about how wonderful I find contrary opinions.
        x The Captain


      2. I have seen the case of fans getting mad when ARCs are given to reviewers instead of fans. I mean, early reviews are the whole *point* of ARCs! But some fans just feel entitled to more I guess. Oh well.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm lots of them come from NetGalley or Fantastic Fiction. Also browsing bookstores sometimes and taking pictures of potential new series. The first mate has ideas on streamlining the process. I don’t quite understand how yet though.
      x The Captain


      1. OH! I just learned about Fantastic Fiction when I started working at the library in May! I had never heard of it and was blown away when I started looking authors up. I find Mercedes Lackey’s work to be way more organized on there than on random threads I found online that argue in which order the books should be read.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The part I get stuck on all the time is the lists of books coming out. I am a wee bit fanatical. It’s a great resource for fact checking when I write blog posts.
        x The Captain


  4. That’s a lot of books and series!😂📚 Thanks for the mention. The second book in The Empires of Dust trilogy is far better than the first.👍 Daniel Cole is great too, Fawkes and Baxter though the third and final book in the trilogy isn’t out until a bit later in the year.

    Liked by 1 person

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