Abandoned Ship On the Horizon – caroline eversole and the gilded gauntlet (B.B. Morgan)

Ahoy there me mateys!  I received this fantasy eARC from Goodreads Giveaways.  Arrrrr!  In return I will write an honest review.  So here are me honest musings . . .

caroline eversole and the gilded gauntlet (B.B. Morgan)

Title: caroline eversole and the gilded gauntlet

Author: B.B. Morgan

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: Available Now!

ISBN: 978-1542931489

Source: Goodreads Giveaways

The gorgeous cover and the mention of pirates is what made me click this cover and enter the giveaway.  And then I won!  Unfortunately this book did not float me boat and it’s not just because the pirates were the bad guys.  I only made it to 45%.  This will have a couple of minor spoilers so be forewarned.

This book started out promising.  It follows Caroline Eversole, the 25 year-old daughter of a shipping merchant.  She and her family have returned home after four months at sea.  The story details their return into the upper echelons of the Larkin society.  The city is tiered and has a lot of steampunk elements like mechanical horses.  Ye get to follow Caroline’s adjustment back to corsets and societal norms after her having the relative freedom of shipboard life.

At first it felt like Caroline was me type of girl.  She be smart, a bit sassy, and forward-thinking.  She loves to read.  She doesn’t want to live a frivolous existence.  Her friends back home are Phineas and Heather.  Phineas is a prince but is happier to be in the forge making things then dealing with politics.  Heather is the daughter of a mystic but with skills that don’t quite match her mother’s.  Phineas is kinda adorkable and spends a lot of time blushing.  Heather speaks her mind.  I loved them.

Of course Caroline is in a bit of a love-triangle.  There is handsome Bruce the first mate from the ship.  Caroline had a fun time dallying with Bruce while at sea.  Despite being a sailor, he respected Caroline’s wishes to not have sex with him when she said no.  That was excellent.  And then there is Phineas who she has been friends with forever.  Though time apart and growing older has made their relationship a bit uneasy.  It was obvious that Phineas is the better man from the get-go.

The problem arises when there is suddenly a missing artifact and she finds out that her father is a pirate.  Suddenly this 25 year-old starts acting like an immature idiot and the plot goes off the rails.  There is a horrible section where Caroline (who is now secretly engaged to Bruce) goes off to seduce Phineas to learn the whereabouts to the missing artifact.  Phineas is high off of medicine and ill and she takes advantage of him and tries to have sex with him.  Phineas turns her down because he doesn’t feel the circumstances are right.  Good for him!  But seriously, Caroline.  Taking advantage of yer best friend is just plain disgusting.

So basically Caroline, turns against her best friends and all sense because her father and Bruce want her to !?!  That is insane.  I should have stopped reading then.  The plot had already gotten immature and shoddy.  But I kept reading because I wanted to know more about the pirates and the artifact.  Silly me.  The descriptions of the evil pirate and what the artifact did were laughable.  The poorly written battle ended and Caroline is like “Woe is me.  I suck. I have to save the world and Phineas.”  And I just couldn’t take it anymore.  So I stopped right then and there.

The potentially wonderful Caroline from the beginning turned out to be a whiny, stupid, brat with no boundaries concerning consent.  Phineas and the reader deserve better.  And with that I quickly abandoned ship and left it to a watery doom.

So lastly . . .

Thank you Goodreads Giveaways!

Goodreads had this to say about the novel:

Caroline is no ordinary peacock, and she’ll prove it.

Caroline lives a life of luxury in the Fourth Terrace, made possible by her father’s prosperous shipping company, but she daydreams about pirates, mermaids, and a life of freedom on the high seas, away from her overbearing mother and her high-society demands. But everything is not as it seems; her father is not the gentleman he pretends to be. He is a pirate, and he needs Caroline’s help to retrieve the Gilded Gauntlet before its owner, Talbot Ghost, comes looking for it.

Caroline will be put to the test; help her father and the pirates, or do what she feels it right? Either will have ghostly consequences.

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B.B. Morgan – Author

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caroline eversole and the gilded gauntlet – Book

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    1. Ahoy there newcomer. Glad to meet the newest addition to the crew. I always am honest because these posts are for me. That others read and enjoy them is a bonus. Glad that ye approve. Arrr!
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