Shiver Me Timbers! A Series Shake-Down – Update One

Shiver Me Timbers mateys!  This week was supposed to continue the Series Shakedown with post #4 about completed series that I haven’t even started yet.  Alas I am not finished sorting for the second week in a row.  The spreadsheet continues and I am just about half-way there.  But since I was organizing, I thought I would give an update on me series shakedown reading progress.

In case ye be new the six (!) categories thus far are:

So here be the update:

  1. I have finished two series:
  2. I got caught up on two series:
  3. Had an author publish a book to complete a series:

So the tally of series to finish as of this week:

  • Completed Series to Finish: from 38 to 36 to 37
  • Waiting on the Author: from 30 to 31
  • Unfinished Series to Catch Up On: from 12 to 10

TOTAL: from 80 to 78 . . .

I also have created the Series Shakedown master page with publication dates and such.  Check it out!

Keep a weathered-eye out for more lamentations about the series I want to read but haven’t started yet and always remember:

Q: Why don’t pirates go to strip clubs?

A: Because they already have all the booty!

Hardy har har!

x The Captain

7 thoughts on “Shiver Me Timbers! A Series Shake-Down – Update One

    1. The non-readers in me life (everyone but the first mate) think this pastime of organizing series is insane and don’t get it. I could be more organized and have finished this project sooner if I didn’t read so much! Thanks for visiting.
      x The Captain


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