On the Horizon – the perfect assassin (K.A. Doore)

Ahoy there me mateys!  I received this fantasy eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  So here be me honest musings . . .

the perfect assassin (K.A. Doore)

Title: the perfect assassin

Author: K.A. Doore

Publisher: Macmillian-Tor/Forge

Publication Date: TODAY!! (paperback/e-book)

ISBN: 978-0765398550

Source: NetGalley

Now obviously the title and cover are what grabbed me attention for this one.  I love me some assassins so I had to read this author’s debut novel.  This story follows Amastan who is training to be an assassin.  However, he is unsure if he will be able to kill when the time comes.  Life becomes difficult when he stumbles across the body of a clan leader that has been murdered.  Then other assassins start being murdered.  The uneasy spirits of the dead begin to gather in the city and are intent on harm.  Amastan has to find the murderer before the fabric holding the city together breaks.

I thought overall that this was a solid book.  It did feel like a YA title even though it doesn’t seem to be marketed as such.  I felt that the world building was the best part of the book.  The city is set on a platform above a desert and water is scarce.  I enjoyed the currency set around water.  I enjoyed that women hold high positions in society.  I liked the LGBTQ relationships.  I thought the set-up of the murders was rather nice and intriguing.  I also liked the jaani who are malevolent spirits of the dead.

In the end however, I did not like many of the plot points.  Most of this stems from the identity of the killer which I saw from far away while hoping that I was wrong.  I wasn’t.  So very sad and rather cliche.  The murder mystery plot ended up being shoddy in terms of how it was solved.  I also wished that the jaani played a more awesome role.  How that problem was wrapped up was also lackluster.

I am glad I finished the book and I did enjoy it.  Apparently there is a second book in the series even though this book reads as a standalone.  The next book may be from a different point of view.  I am not sure if the world building is strong enough for me to want to read it.  That said, I am interested in the author’s future work based on the solid foundation of this tale.  Arrr!

So lastly . . .

Thank you Macmillian-Tor/Forge!

Goodreads has this to say about the novel:

Divine justice is written in blood.

Or so Amastan has been taught. As a new assassin in the Basbowen family, he’s already having second thoughts about taking a life. A scarcity of contracts ends up being just what he needs.

Until, unexpectedly, Amastan finds the body of a very important drum chief. Until, impossibly, Basbowen’s finest start showing up dead, with their murderous jaan running wild in the dusty streets of Ghadid. Until, inevitably, Amastan is ordered to solve these murders, before the family gets blamed.

Every life has its price, but when the tables are turned, Amastan must find this perfect assassin or be their next target.

To visit the author’s website go to:

K.A. Doore – Author

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the perfect assassin – Book

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15 thoughts on “On the Horizon – the perfect assassin (K.A. Doore)

    1. I think that with most debut authors, the plots tend to be the weakest part. But I also give them the benefit of the doubt and will try their future works to see how they have progressed. I still think it be amazing that they can come up with cool ideas. I have no such talent. Another lovely comment.
      x The Captain


  1. We’re on the same page with this one. I liked the characters and the whole premise, but when it came to the plotting… I think I wrote something in my review like not so much aha moments, but yep moments…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t mind guessing the who-dun-it. But this one could have been so much better and the set-up was wonderful so I wanted more. I was more disappointed by how the author chose to solve the mystery then by the murderer. I mean not that I wouldn’t have wanted something more interesting. That would have been me first choice. Thanks for visiting!
      x The Captain


    1. The solution was completely cliched and then dealt with in an even more ridiculous manner. But there were lots of things in the book that I did like so it wasn’t all bad. A decent debut. A lot of readers aren’t as picky as I am so I can see this book doing well for the younger set in particular. Thansk for the comment.
      x The Captain


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