3 Bells On the Horizon- terran tomorrow (Nancy Kress) Book 3

Ahoy me mateys!  Grab your grog!  On Wednesday, I reviewed book one.  Yesterday, I reviewed book two.  Here be book 3, the conclusion, of the sixth installment of the 3 Bells trilogy showcase!  Also, I received this sci-fi eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  So here be me honest musings . . .

terran tomorrow (Nancy Kress)

Title: terran tomorrow

Author: Nancy Kress

Publisher: Macmillian-Tor/Forge

Publication Date: November 13, 2018! (hardcover/e-book)

ISBN: 978-0765390356

Source: NetGalley

While book two remains me favourite, I had to admit that this was a satisfying ending to the trilogy.  Marianne and gang are back on Earth.  However, the Earth they come back to doesn’t resemble the one that they left behind all those years ago.  I have to admit that it was quite a jolt for me as much as it was for the characters.  A believable change even if drastic.  I mean look at what happened to the ecology of Earth in book one.  If that could reasonably happen then so could the beginning of this book.  But it did take some getting used to.

In this story, the story focuses mostly on Marianne’s grandson Jason, an alien named Jane who is serving as a translator, and on a researcher named Zack.  Other perspectives are sprinkled in.  While I love Jane, I wasn’t as drawn into Jason or Zack’s stories.  That could be because so much of the inner dialogue of those two seemed to be directed by indecision, fear, or angst.  It was interesting that the women seemed to be driving force behind the scenes even if they weren’t the center of the plot.  I would have liked more of their perspectives.  Personal preference.

It took me a while to get into this book because there wasn’t a ton of action.  And a lot of the science was repetitive.  I bought the circumstances for books one and two but would have preferred a different tack in this one.  It seemed like some of the same elements of the previous books were recycled into this one.  But eventually I was drawn into the narrative.

The ideas about the conflicts between the civilians and military are what eventually took center stage for me.  I also enjoyed the conflict between those who didn’t want technology and those who needed it.  With everyone confined in a tight space, I felt that these struggles for balance between the groups are where the true action lay.  Add in a sickness in tight quarters and the whole situation was a mess.  I needed to know how it was resolved.

And like I said, the ending satisfied.  I particularly enjoyed the ramifications of the illness.  So thanks to the publisher for giving me the third book in the trilogy so I would have to read the first two first!  Arrr!

Normally I would post the blurb here . . . but not this time because of spoilers!

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