3 Bells – a trilogy showcase (No. 6)

Ahoy there me mateys!

I hereby announce the sixth installment in the 3 Bells category.  Arrrrrr!  Starting at 3 Bells tomorrow (or 9:30 a.m. for you landlubbers) for 3 days straight I will be reviewing 3 books in a row.  The catch is that the 3 books will showcase an entire trilogy.  So throw your 3 sheets to the wind and get ready to celebrate with me.  Grog optional.

Also as a special addition to this particular version, the third book is a new release set to publish on Tuesday, November 13, 2019.  Shiver me Timbers!

x The Captain

5 thoughts on “3 Bells – a trilogy showcase (No. 6)

    1. I do love reading trilogies like this but don’t often because of publishing time frames and the time crunch involved. I am so overbooked (Hardy har har!) this November that both the time frame and availability ended up working. It was fun and I succeeded (I just finished me review of book three) but I need a break before I do another one. I want to do one for matey, Sarah @ brainfluff’s sci-fi trilogy soon. That will be the next one. I just have to find the correct time to do it. Thanks for visiting!
      x The Captain

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      1. I can relate to being overbooked. My November is quite overwhelming and I feel like it’s only barely started! There are so many books and so little time to get them read, hm?

        I am looking forward to reading your reviews. I am curious to see how you write them and how they connect.

        !! It’s so fun to read and review a friend’s books. I hope you have a chance to do this soon. I’m sure she’d appreciate it! Have you done this before with other series?

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      2. I haven’t read any other bloggers’ series yet. Sarah will be the first. I do have other books from bloggers to read but they are not in genres that I tend to read so I have to be in the mood for them.
        x The Captain

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