Shiver Me Timbers! NetGalley Rejections! Part Five

Ahoy there me mateys!  Me blog turned two years old as of January 2018.   It originally took several months for me to learn about NetGalley and then attempt to use it. In fact, my first review was submitted to NetGalley on April 3, 2016.  Weirdly, I didn’t post a review of that book on me blog at the time.  Now, of course, I am a NetGalley junkie and am continuously perusing the loot and raising a celebratory glass whenever I get approved.  It hasn’t gotten old.  But even this pirate Captain has been declined at times.  While trying to plan me eArc readin’, I was curious about how often I had been rejected so of course a tally was needed.  When I originally tallied that number was 44 but has since increased to 58.  Well me scalawags, here be Part Five of explorin’ the rejections and seeing what me thoughts be all these days later.  This post be surveying rejections 21 through 25.  Hope ye like it.  If not sod off cause I be enjoying meself . . .

Side note: all book titles link to Goodreads.

21.  flame in the mist (Renee Ahdieh) – Okay so I am pretty positive that the lovely cover is what originally led me to wanting this book.  I wanted to read this even more when I heard the rumor that it was a retelling of Mulan.  Apparently it isn’t.  Silly gossipmongers got that wrong.  I got rejected for this one and then apparently ejected this title out of me brain.  The reviews of me crew for this one tend to be mixed.  Since I forgot about this rejection, it couldn’t have stung that much initially.  I do believe I will throw this one back out of me noggin.  There are too many other more interesting books.

22.  the space between the stars (Ann Corlett) – Aye mateys.  I remember this beautiful cover.  It sounded like an awesome sci-fi tale.  I managed to get a hold of this one and then it made me angry and so it had to walk the plank!  To read the whole sad story, click here.



23.  skullsworn (Brian Staveley) – This be a prequel book written after the initial trilogy was completed.  It is the story of one of me favourite characters, Pyrre Lakatur.  After me rejection, I ended up getting this one from a local library.  Then I went back to read me old reviews for a refresher only to realize that a) I never wrote them; and b) I apparently never even read book three!  So I sadly gave this back to the library and got book three.  But when I started to read book three, I realized that I didn’t remember enough of the plot of the previous two.  So I gave that back to the library too.  The goal be to reread the first two books, actually read book three, and then go back to read this prequel.  Sheesh!  The good news is that I know I loved what I did read.  Arrr!

24. empress of a thousand skies (Rhoda Belleza) – This be a young adult sci-fi.  I did read this one and just found it to be an okay read.  The story was supposed to be about two teens thrown together to save the world.  Well they see each other across a room once.  That’s it.  The main gal Rhee was a most annoying protagonist.  If ye want to read more about it click here.  There is a second book in the series but I have no urge to pick it up.

25.  the ship beyond time (Heidi Heilig) – This the second book of a duology that features Nix on an awesome ship.  That ship can sail to any place or time, real or imaginary, as long as they have a map for it.  The first book be a 5 star read for me.  Unfortunately this book was just okay.  It had cool concepts and started out great but the last quarter of the book sunk it.  I am still glad that I finished this duology though.  To read me review of the second book click here.  This reminds me that I do want to read more of her work.  She had a new book called for a muse of fire that came out very recently.  Have any of ye scalawags read it?  If so, any good?

So out of the five rejections in this set we have:

1 still on the ports for plunder list, 1 okay port visited, and 3 ports quarantined and never to be visited again.

Keep a weathered-eye out for more rejections and always remember:

Q: When is the best time for a pirate to buy a new ship?

A: When it be on sail!

Hardy har har!

x The Captain

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31 thoughts on “Shiver Me Timbers! NetGalley Rejections! Part Five

  1. I’ll add to the chorus who say skip Flame in the Mist! I actually bought it because of the Mulan retelling rumors and didn’t like it much. The cover artist and publicist surely did their work well but the book was meh. I have the first Heilig book and still haven’t read it… but once I finally do I’ll be back to check out your review of the second.

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  2. “Silly gossipmongers got that wrong. ” AMEN! There are so many books I’ve been confused about when reading as my expectations were incorrect. Silly gossipmongers is 100% true. 100%!!!

    Anywho. Personally, I enjoyed Flame in the Mist, but I knew what I was getting into with this. I’ll definitely finish reading this series. I haven’t picked up The Ship Beyond Time thanks to your review– I want to remember Nix and her crew as they were at the end of The Girl from Everywhere. I love the wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff, but I know when to cut and run.

    I’m impressed that this series of posts keeps going! How many rejections are in your NetGalley profile?!

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    1. I don’t like when I am given false expectations. It’s like when book blurbs describe something as “ocean 8 meets the breakfast club.” I like each of those things but is the story really both of them combined? Makes me nervous.

      The first mate didn’t read the ship beyond time either because of me review. He also likes where the first book ended. I don’t blame ye.

      And aye, there be a lot more rejections. I just had a whole slew get rejected because time lapsed and the publisher never answered. These netgalley rejection posts are fun for me to write so I do one a month usually. I savour the comments they bring me. Like this one!
      x The Captain

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      1. I didn’t realize that time lapsed on publisher requests. Fascinating! Hm. I wonder why/how they let these things happen? You’d think a publisher would be really into keeping tabs on this. *shrug*

        I’m both sorry you have so many rejections and happy they are leading you to these posts. Keep them up! I enjoy hearing your book stories.

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  3. One, I loved the punny joke at the end (it was fantastic) and two, I totally feel you on your experience with Skullsworn. I can’t tell you how many series I’ve read where I’m totally excited for a new book to come out, only to either forget what happened since the first one and suddenly need to reread or realize I missed a book entirely and now *definitely* need to reread. So I was nodding my head throughout your entire tale of that one.

    Here’s to clearer skies and tamer waters in the future!

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    1. Well I love it. But many book bloggers felt that the arcs add stress to blogging because of the deadlines. So if that makes ye nervous then I would abstain. But personally I like finding new authors and books I have never heard of. So aye, I think ye could try it and see what ye think! Ye can always not use it or cancel yer account.
      x The Captain


    1. Oh I didn’t realize that the could just be pending until they expired. That makes sense. I had quite a few where that must have happened. At least I now know. And good to have Flame in the Mist seconded.
      x The Captain


  4. I think you made a wise choice with Flame in the Mist. The cover is beautiful, and some of the writing is pretty, but the story made me want to throw the book against the wall. And I had heard “Mulan retelling” too — but then there were enough people who had read it and complained, and now I’m seeing the “retelling” being walked back to “Mulan inspired” which is a very different thing.

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    1. Okay then extremely glad I didn’t bother with this one and that I was rejected. I don’t think inspired makes it any better. It’s like when they say inspired by a true story. Those are rarely close to the real thing.
      x The Captain


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