The Captain’s Log – exit strategy (Martha Wells)

Ahoy there me mateys!  This be the last book of a quartet.  While I try to post no spoilers, if ye haven’t read the previous three then ye might want to skip this post. If ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril . . .

I love the Murderbot!  Basically I have been avidly waiting for this book ever since I finished rogue protocol.  Hell, I wanted all four of them as soon as I had finished the first novella.  I read this wonderful conclusion and immediately wanted to reread them all.  Murderbot has captured me crabby ol’ heart.  Murderbot rocks!

In this installment Murderbot’s cover is truly blown and yet it makes a choice to go right into enemy territory.  Favourite characters return.  Snark ensues.  Murderbot continues to evolve and grow in wondrous ways.  Tropes are played with.  Episodes of Sanctuary Moon are consumed.  Murderbot interacts with a new and surprising robot in new and surprising ways.  Awesomeness abounds . . .

I don’t want to get into too many details because it is better for the reader to savour on their own.  Read about the Murderbot and fall in love.

Side note:  I want a full length novel of the further adventures of Murderbot!!  I need it now!!  And an “I love Murderbot!” teeshirt.  And a fancy edition of all four novellas in one stunning collection.  I would make them meself but a) I don’t own the copyright; and b) I have no artistic talent besides.  Arrr!

Check out me crew members reviews of this one:

Elise @ thebookishactress’ review – “I guess the biggest thing I have to say about this conclusion novella is that it sticks to everything it has already succeeded at. This series is… so much fun, and also one of my favorite examples of playing with tropes I’ve ever seen.”

Niki @ theobsessivebookseller’s review – “I entered into this final installment a little worried. For the character, for my emotions, for that heightened expectations that comes from reaching the end of something truly fantastic and hoping the quality holds up. I was not disappointed. Exit Strategy had the perfect balance of all the amazing elements that make this series so special. ”

Goodreads has this to say about the novella:

The fourth and final part of the Murderbot Diaries series that began with All Systems Red.

Murderbot wasn’t programmed to care. So, its decision to help the only human who ever showed it respect must be a system glitch, right?

Having traveled the width of the galaxy to unearth details of its own murderous transgressions, as well as those of the GrayCris Corporation, Murderbot is heading home to help Dr. Mensah—its former owner (protector? friend?)—submit evidence that could prevent GrayCris from destroying more colonists in its never-ending quest for profit.

But who’s going to believe a SecUnit gone rogue?

And what will become of it when it’s caught?

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14 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – exit strategy (Martha Wells)

    1. Catch up faster dang it! I want to read yer thoughts on all of them. I still need to peruse yer blog better. I finally figured out that I wasn’t getting notification when ye posted new things. I remedied that. But I do have a lot of catching up to do. Arrr!
      x The Captain

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    1. I know!! I cannot wait!! I seriously want it right this second. I don’t normally squee over things. But I certainly did last night. The first mate thought it was both silly and cute how much I was bouncing off the walls. Arrr!
      x The Captain


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