The Captain’s Log – command decision & victory conditions (Elizabeth Moon)

Ahoy there me mateys!  This here be a combined review of the fourth and fifth books of the Vatta’s War series. While I try to post no spoilers, if ye haven’t read books one through three and ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril . . .

Well book four started out in an odd fashion.  Book three ended suggesting a certain direction and then that didn’t happen.  I really wanted to visit a specific planet.  Alas.  I also know I said that book three felt like a placeholder but this one did too.  That said I actually enjoyed this one better.  This book follows primarily Rafe and Ky.  But the other favourites still make appearances.  I continue to adore Aunt Grace.  I love the flamboyant ship captain.  He makes me so happy.  Those who have read prior books will know exactly which one.  Ky of course remains the highlight even though she doesn’t get all the page time.  This book certainly picked up the pace!

As for the final book, I adored it and thought it be an excellent conclusion to the series.  Ky truly is a fantastic leader and I loved watching all of her experience and hardships come together and led to success.  Part of the fun of this installment was watching the author’s surprise resolutions for many of me favourite characters.  Three in particular made me incredibly happy.  Which three ye ask?  Spoilers matey, spoilers.

I did want to point out a specific aspect of these novels which is how post-traumatic stress gets dealt with.  First of all people actually have realistic issues after experiencing horrible things.  Secondly, suffering people are supported and get help to deal with their problems.  Characters actually take time to process their situations and talk about feelings and emotions.  The emotional toll doesn’t just disappear magically.  Now granted it is an advanced society where there is medical treatment that current science cannot provide.  But there are also meds, therapy sessions, and taking time to heal, reflect, and rest.  It was a refreshing viewpoint for military sci-fi.

I am so very glad to have read this series and highly recommend it to me crew.  I have already made plans to get the companion series, vatta’s peace, in me mitts.  Arrr!!!

Side note: Much thanks to me matey, Sarah @ brainfluff, for pointing me in the right direction in terms of the recommended readin’ sequence for these books!

Normally I would put blurbs here but they are too spoilery for me taste.  Arrr!

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6 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – command decision & victory conditions (Elizabeth Moon)

      1. I look forward to seeing what you make of them. I’m predicting you’ll burn through that first one as if it is a novella… I think it’s one of the best books she’s ever written.

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