The Captain’s Log – the silent corner (Dean Koontz)

Ahoy there me mateys!  This be me read for the July BookBum Club Challenge where the theme be “that is so last year – a book ye meant to read in 2017.”  Well Dean Koontz is one of me favourite authors and was featured in Broadside No. 9 but I hadn’t read a book by him since 2011!  This book marks me 60th Dean Koontz book.  Arrrr!  It was about time I got to it because books two and three are already out.  Plus book four is coming soon.  I have been wanting to read this ever since I read crew member, Kim @ byhookorbybook’s review back in 2017!  Now be the time.

The very basic premise is that the suicide rate in the United States has been higher than average and seems to be steadily increasing.  One of the victims is Nick Hawk, a husband, father, and highly decorated marine.  Everyone believes that he committed suicide except for his wife, Jane.  Jane Hawk, FBI agent, knows that her husband would never have killed himself.  His odd “suicide” note is proof of that.  So she starts digging determined to uncover the truth behind Nick’s death.  But the answers are even stranger then she thought.  Can she take the evil doers down before they get to her first?

Of course it is so much more complicated and cooler than that.  What I love about Dean Koontz is that he can write a fantastic thriller with sci-fi bits.  And the sci-fi is plausible in our not too distant future.  I can’t go into more than that because it is part of the fun of readin’ this one.  The science of it is both scary and fascinating.  This book also deals with the silent corner – i.e. people who try to stay completely off the grid.  In the modern era of Big Brother, it does seem like this will be impossible in the future.  Watching Jane try to stay off the grid while needing the internet for research is interesting.  And darn near impossible.

This book had a fantastically quick pace and I read it in one sitting.  I was completely rooting for Jane.  She is smart, clever, and fierce.  The bad guys were a bit one dimensional and the final showdown was silly but that didn’t lessen me enjoyment.  I certainly got what I wanted out of this book and will not be waiting another seven years to pick up another Dean Koontz book.  I need more Jane Hawk!

Much thanks to the BookBum Club for giving me the incentive to read this “so last year” novel.

Goodreads has this to say about the novel:

I very much need to be dead. 

These are the chilling words left behind by a man who had everything to live for but took his own life. In the aftermath, his widow, Jane Hawk, does what all her grief, fear, and fury demands: find the truth, no matter what.

People of talent and accomplishment, people admired and happy and sound of mind, have been committing suicide in surprising numbers. When Jane seeks to learn why, she becomes the most-wanted fugitive in America. Her powerful enemies are protecting a secret so important so terrifying that they will exterminate anyone in their way.

But all their power and viciousness may not be enough to stop a woman as clever as they are cold-blooded, as relentless as they are ruthless and who is driven by a righteous rage they can never comprehend. Because it is born of love.

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Dean Koontz – Author

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the silent corner – Book

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19 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – the silent corner (Dean Koontz)

  1. This is a bit embarrassing, but I had to look up who Dean Koontz is when I read your first paragraph. I don’t read a lot of thrillers, so I’m not surprised, but for an author so prolific…?! How did I miss this man’s writing?

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this book. The best part about having waited is that you don’t have to wait for the next books to come out! XD XD XD Get reading, Captain!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That makes me laugh! Koontz is such a strong part of me early reading in middle and high school. But it proves that that there are just so many books out there! I wouldn’t know most romance writers because I don’t really read the genre. Today I be listening to a western which I never do. But it has a horse race. I need more time!
      x The Captain

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well this western had horse racing and was odd but enjoyable. That review will be up tomorrow. If ye were going to start reading Koontz, me three favourites are Watchers, Lightning, and Mr. Murder. Watchers has an awesome dog, Lightning deals with time travel, and Mr. Murder is, well, quirky. Though Odd Thomas is one of his most popular.
        x The Captain


  2. Sounds interesting! I’ve never read a Dean Koontz book, but Mr. Wyrm has read lots. You have him beat, though — 60 books? Wow! It’s amazing that you’ve read that many of them and yet THERE ARE STILL MORE YOU HAVEN’T READ. Wow.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I want to read Odd Thomas, but after that we’ll see what I think of his writing style. I haven’t picked his work up before now because it’s always been put in the horror section when I’ve seen it and that’s not usually my genre.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I don’t classify his work as horror at all. Odd Thomas is a good one. I didn’t finish the whole series though because I thought it went on for too long and I (dare I say it) got bored with the direction of the plot.
        x The Captain


      3. Yeah, I’ve since heard that Koontz is more thriller than horror, but that shelving turned me away from his work for a while. I saw the movie version of Odd Thomas, and that’s what got me interested in the book.

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      4. I really enjoyed it! Mr. Wyrm watched the movie with me and had previously liked the book. He also liked the movie, so it was at least semi-close to the original plot. I didn’t ask for details on how/where/if they diverge, though, because I wanted to read the book for myself by that point.

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  3. I LOVE Dean Koontz! I haven’t read any of his books since I started blogging, so I hate to say I’m not even familiar with this book. Watchers is still one of my favorite books ever😁

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