Shiver me Timbers! – An e-Arrrrc Extravaganza Challenge Begins!

Ahoy there me mateys!  As much as I sometimes lament me NetGalley rejections, there be no doubt that the publishers be good to me.  In fact I was granted four e-Arcs that are all being released on July 17, 2018!  Oops!!

I normally try to space me e-Arcs out and not request more than one being released on a particular day.  But apparently I was so excited to get me grubby mitts on these titles that I didn’t take the publication dates into account.

So now I be on an e-Arc Extravaganza Challenge.  The goal be to review all of these books in the next week on, or before, their publication date (click on the book covers to go to Goodreads):

Wednesday, 7/11/18 – mystic – book one – by Jason Denzel

published by Macmillian-Tor/Forge

Thursday, 7/12/18 – mystic dragon – book two – Jason Denzel

published by Macmillian-Tor/Forge

Friday, 7/13/18 – kill the farm boy – by Delilah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne

published by Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine Del Ray

Monday, 7/16/18 – nyxia unleashed – book two – Scott Reintgen

published by Crown Books for Young Readers

Tuesday, 7/17/18 – the wild dead – book two – by Carrie Vaughn

published by John Joseph Adams / Mariner Books

Well me hearties.  Check in on those dates to see the results of me e-Arc Extravaganza Challenge.  Arrrr!

Always remember:

Q: What did the pirate say when his wooden leg got stuck in the freezer?

A: Shiver me Timbers!

Hardy har har!!

x The Captain

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