The Captain’s Log – hotshot (Peter Watts)

Ahoy there me mateys!  So last week I reviewed a novella by Peter Watts called the freeze frame revolution which I highly enjoyed.  While writing that review, I learned that the novella was part of a series – the Sunflower series.  There are three other stories and all are available for free on the author’s website.  So I decided to read this one – the second published but the first by chronology.

This story also deals with Sunday Ahzmundin, the protagonist from the freeze frame revolution.  At 23 pages it is a short foray into the circumstances of the Spores.  I won’t even touch on the plot because I can’t explain it well and since it’s so short I don’t want to give spoilers.  Just know that I did love this brief excursion.  The physics of it all went above me head as usual but I did get the gist.

Personally I be glad to have read them in the order I did.  I got a longer story in the freeze frame revolution and truly grew to love Sunday  So then going back in time while knowing some of her future was fun.

I will certainly be readin’ the island next.  Keep a weathered eye out!  Arrr!

Side note: Claudia @ goodreads’ review (which is excellent) is what told me about the publication of the Sunflower series.  As she says:

. . . it’s part of a series of stories, entitled the Sunflowercycle, which includes three more short ones (so far).*

Publication order is: The Island (2009) – Winner of Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 2010, Hotshot (2014), Giants (2014) and The Freeze-Frame Revolution (June 2018).

Now, after reading all, my advice is they are to be read in this order: Hotshot, The Freeze-Frame Revolution, The Island, Giants . . .

* all three available on the author’[s] site:

Normally I put a blurb here but since this story be so short I be skippin’ it!

To visit the author’s website go to:

Peter Watts – Author

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hotshot – Book

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7 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – hotshot (Peter Watts)

  1. So many amazing novellas lately, Captain! I love seeing this. How do you find all these novellas? I rarely find them show up in my line of sight. But you’re really helping build my novella TBR. Keep it going!

    I hope you review the rest of these and share your own thoughts on recommended reading order. I’m super curious.


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